What's the point?

What's the point?

The Tesla Model S offers more storage space than many SUVs. Is anyone going to pay another 70,000 dollars for a third row?

I love Tesla Motors, but I don't think this will sell well.

AlMc | 2013年8月25日

Opinions vary and everyone has one.

My opinion; Yes it will sell well

1. AWD

2. Third row seat

3. Tow hitch/capability

4. transport skis (probably on top w/carrier)

Also, it will not be $70K more than an S. By TM's own admission it will be priced similarly to equally equipped s.

ian | 2013年8月25日

Another $70,000? Where do you get that number? Are you thinking the X is going to cost that muck more than the S? I find that highly unlikely. It'll probably be more like $10k to $20k more.

You don't think it will sell well but there are already over 6000 reservations and we haven't even seen the final specs or pricing.

Not to mention that this segment of vehicles is one of the most popular and quite profitable.


ian | 2013年8月25日

D'oh admjr beat me to a response. I agree with his points.

AlMc | 2013年8月25日

goneskiian: Smart people think alike.

cloroxbb | 2013年8月25日

Well, I am interested in it. When I finally move back to my home state, I am going to need the room.

the bonnie | 2013年8月26日

I can't fit my three labs comfortably in the S (nor in my Roadster). X for me.

bent | 2013年8月27日

I can't fit my Roadster in my Roadster. And I don't think it will fit in the Model S either (if it did they would have said something by now).

Model X on the other hand can be anything for anyone as its final design is not yet known.

I am getting it for the optional internal Roadster bay.

GuyDormehl | 2013年8月28日

Although I like the looks of the Model X as much as the MS, I can't help thinking that if it is going to be a SUV it really needs a square/station wagon rear-end.
Currently it looks a bit too BMW GT style.
A more 'boxy' back may not look as sexy, but it would increase versatility enormously.
Perhaps Tesla could offer two versions - practical or sleek!
Model XS or Model XP............

ian | 2013年8月28日

It's not about looking sexy, it's about aerodynamics and maximizing range. Square backs are not friendly to the wind and will reduce the range.


zhengst0905 | 2013年8月29日

I think the original poster meant that for those who already owns an S, why would they pay $70k for another "X". Obviously that is a topic for those really rich people.

If the question is why get an "X" instead of (not in additional to) an "S", then my answer is that I want it for my growing family. Today for the first time after I got my new born baby delivered, I drove the family in my Leaf for grocery shopping. After packing in the wife, the in-laws, baby in car seat, stroller, and leaving some room for groceries from two stores, we had to leave the dog (albeit a small one) home.

So, yeah, can't wait to get my "X".

bens-tech-toys | 2013年8月29日

I'm looking forward to the X since I have 3 kids in car seats, 1 black lab (another is on the way), and a wife (& myself). The S isn't large enough.... that's why!


Dwdnjck@ca | 2013年8月30日

Cayenne represents one half of Porcshe' sales. Model X, with it's extremely low center of gravity and superior performance, will be much more compelling. IMHO.

NumberOne | 2013年9月10日

I cannot see why not to get the Model X even at 70k or more. I just put in gas today and was thinking about the less than $1 a day energy cost the Model X will have. I need the third row, so I did not order the Model S, but it is also a great car. In the mean time I have already gotten my HPWC installed so at least I have that ready. Another year of waiting, but I am sure it will be worth it.