Wheels interchangeable with Model S?

Wheels interchangeable with Model S?

I'm thinking of getting a 5th wheel for my MS as a spare, and have a MX reservation. Any guesses on whether that wheel will likely be usable on the MX?

rlwrw | 2015年7月27日

If you have the same wheels on both vehicles, they should be interchangeable.
Both vehicles supposedly share the same chassis skateboard.

ian | 2015年7月27日

As rlwrw stated, it's highly likely they will be able to use the same wheels. I can't imagine they would use different bolt spacing unless they need to beef up the hub structure to accomodate the extra strain of being able to tow.

vandacca | 2015年7月27日

In summary, the wheels will likely be compatible (and use the same bolt spacing), unless Tesla has a need to change it. Perfectly clear? :)

jjs | 2015年7月27日

So maybe, and you will know "soon".
Welcome to Telsa communication.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年7月27日

Wouldn't it need Class IV towing capability for a fifth wheel assembly?



~*runs away*~

jjs | 2015年7月27日

Red - I was going to go there too. But I left it to the master. ;)

Tâm | 2015年7月27日

I don't know whether this information would help:

Model X mockup that I saw in Hawthorne's lobby had:

Continental CrossContact UHP 265/40 R21 105 Y

While 85kWh standard Model S has:

Michelin Primacy MXM4 245/45 R19

So can bigger Model X tires fit the same wheels as Model S's?

Red Sage ca us | 2015年7月27日

I would expect the Model X to be able to accommodate 24" wheels... Just, like, because, and stuff...

ian | 2015年7月28日

Spinners! Oh hell yes! ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 2015年7月28日

The Model X is going to be very popular at The Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmy Awards, ESPYs, Grammy Awards, BET Music Awards, MTV VMAs, et al... So, yeah... You know someone is gonna do 24" DUB spinners. It's just a matter of time.

jjs | 2015年7月28日

I may have to cancel my order!

jjs | 2015年7月28日

At least vperl will be happy.

carlk | 2015年7月29日

@RS That absolutely will happen. And diplomates and officials too. Pity the Escalades. And no self respecting, figuratively speaking, Chinese tycons would want to come out of a chauffeur driven car from anything but an open falcon wing door.

vandacca | 2015年7月29日

I wonder if there will be an option to have flashes installed around the edges of the falcon doors, so that when they open, random flash bulbs will go off (for those of us not driving them to the Oscars).

Red Sage ca us | 2015年7月29日

vandacca: I'm sure TeslaTap will get right on it if that feature isn't offered by Tesla Motors!

rlwrw | 2015年7月29日

When mixing and matching wheels/tires, make sure you have the same circumference tires on the front or the rear, unless you are in a NASCAR race where you want the larger circumference tires on the outside.
Of course, if you put smaller diameter tires on the front, and larger diameter tires on the rear, then your car will always be going downhill, and you can constantly regenerate ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 2015年7月29日

rlwrw: +1!


jjs | 2015年7月30日

rlwrw - Finally, someone with a practical perpetual motion machine. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

But how do you back out of your garage?

rlwrw | 2015年7月30日

That's when you actually have to USE power in the battery pack ;-P