When do we get a general configurator???

When do we get a general configurator???

I know new Xs won't be available any time soon, but when will the Model X page receive its own design studio?? I would absolutely love to see one soon and have been looking forward to one appearing online ever since I knew about the car... I hope we get a configurator soon!!

Tâm | 2015年10月15日


You said it! The crystal ball says "SOON!"

Roamer@AZ USA | 2015年10月15日


timf2001 | 2015年10月16日

I don't expect a public configuration tool until all reservation holders have been contacted to configure.

AlMc | 2015年10月16日

I have A Production reservation and was invited to configure today.

geemoney3135 | 2015年10月16日

AIMc, about what was your reservation number before they disappeared from the homepage?

pvetesla | 2015年10月16日

My guess is after the Sig reservations have all been given ample time to configure and lock it.

They don't want the Sig's to drop out when they see the options and prices available for non-sig purchases.

ken | 2015年10月16日

@AIMc, glad to hear that non-sigs are getting to configure, you may just make it in 2015. You may have said this before but, do you mind sharing your production number? Good luck.

Big Ern | 2015年10月16日

@AIMc can you comment on non P price?

aljjr2 | 2015年10月16日

The Sign-in Page now Indicates your reservation date and says: You will be invited based on your reservation date. The RNxxxxxx Number is still there, but the sequence number is gone.

paradis | 2015年10月16日

@AIMc - Yes, please share your Res# and possibly some screen shots of your configuration. I am Res# 37XX and am trying to make a decision on whether to extend my current lease which expires on 1/1/16. I'm guessing it will probably be Feb or March before I get my MX. Thanks

tomgibson9 | 2015年10月16日

AIMc. Let the group know whether the only battery option was 90 kWh. I am not holding my breath, but I hope they offer lower price battery options. Also, what was the base price? Was third row seating an option or included in base price?

timf2001 | 2015年10月16日

AlMc, I thought you had a Signature reservation that you cancelled? Seems strange that I don't recall any mention of a second reservation and haven't heard of any other production reservations being invited to configure.

Tedsla | 2015年10月16日

All - Your Reservation Sequence number is still buried in the HTML of your MYTESLA page. Just select "view Source" or "Ctrl U" in your Browser to see the Res # on line 254.

AlMc | 2015年10月16日

I sincerely apologize...I read the change in my page incorrectly. It indicated the date I put down my deposit and that I would be able to configure according to the date my deposit was received....August 2013.

I would have answered and corrected sooner but I was traveling off the grid all day.

Again...I apologize for getting everyone's hopes up...entirely my fault

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月16日
Tâm | 2015年10月17日

I think we need to be patient with Tesla even when it gives you a very precise date or just a loosely approximation.

It's understandable that people need to plan in advance such as ICE lease expiration, vacations, New year...

However, it's better to get a finished product than a rushed product.

So here is where we are:

1) Founders received their cars.

2) All Signatures got access to order page.

3) No Signature Deliveries were reported. Verbal goal is to be all delivered by end of year.

4) Current General Production Reservation Holders got notice that the goal is to get your orders configured by end of year.

5) There's no report accessing General Production Order Page so far.

Once you get the rhythm of ramping up, then at that time, may be you can calculate your delivery time frame.

gerardP | 2015年10月17日

"All Signatures got access to order page."
All US signatures got access, we, signature holders in Europe, are still waiting for a sign from Tesla.
All we know is that there are transformations occurring in the Dutch plant that should be completed by January, hopefully...

Tâm | 2015年10月17日


My apology for being incomplete.

I do thank you for the correction.

adamgreen | 2015年10月17日

I have a Feb 2012 date, which I thought my be an "low number at the deli counter" but seeing the post in this thread indicating Euro orders for the Signature editions don't yet have the configurator, they're still the "canary in the coalmine" (yes, I'm like a donkey with a spinning wheel when it comes to similes ...)

It occurs to me the X will really need another launch event when it goes into actual production. This would give Tesla the opportunity to hire a competent event company and conduct a better introduction.

ian | 2015年10月18日

I know Tesla isn't a "legacy" Auto company, but I would like just a little of the "legacy" way of doing things. Here's a great example. I was just made aware of the new Jaguar SUV/CUV that is coming next year. That's right, NEXT YEAR. As a 2017 model it will go on sale in spring of 2016. Check out how much information we already have access to:

Full specs, all models with pricing, videos (could care less but are nice to have). The only thing we DON'T have is EPA mileage numbers. Oh well.

finman100 | 2015年10月19日

hmm, does this Jag run on ions or...same ol' same ol'? just askin'.

Can u purchase without a 'protect-the-consumer' dealer? okay, strike 2.

Like the rest of gas car mfgs, they are behind in the count. But hey, they sure can churn out "new" outdated models.

TonyInNH | 2015年10月21日

Legacy or not there is no reason Tesla should have all specs, options, and pricing available for everyone at this point.

Brian Vicars | 2015年10月21日

I doubt that US production vehicles will be given access to the Design Studio before all Sig vehicle registration holders, both US & International, have been invited to configure. The date one has access to configure has no correlation to date of delivery. For example, EU sig reservation holders will likely configure in November, but will not get delivery until well into 2016. US production reservation holders, on the other hand, will have configurator access before the end of the year, but with have delivery 6 to 8 weeks later.

ian | 2015年10月21日

Tony, I think you meant to have a "NOT" in there somewhere. Glad there's some agreement on this from us Tesla fans and X reservation holders. ;-)

TonyInNH | 2015年10月21日

Yup, wish this forum had an 'edit' button :) | 2015年10月21日

At my age buying green bananas is risky. I must not have been thinking straight when I reserved the someday soon to be delivered MX. Fortunately, some wise counsel from forum members convinced me to buy an S to enjoy and then trade for the X. I am eternally grateful. The car, Whitey, has been perfect in a every way. It's more fun than an old man deserves to have other than sex. :-))

NumberOne | 2015年10月21日

At this point, I am sorry to say that I have given up hope to get my car by the end of the year. I simply do not see it happening. Perhaps early next year, but net by the end of 2015. At this point I am not even sure all the signature reservation holders will have their cars by the end of the year, and at least all of the US signature reservation holders should get their cars before any US production X deliveries can begin. 0 delivered, 1200 to go, give or take. Only 9 days until November, since today is over already.

I am not sure how they plan on rolling out the design studio, but that is of little importance to me if I do not know when I will get the car.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年10月21日

ian t: The Jaguar F-PACE seems to be placed against the BMW X3, just as the XE is marketed against 3-Series. So, it won't be a competitor to Model X so much as the Model ≡ Crossover (or a Model Y, if it is an SUV).

ian | 2015年10月21日

Good point Red. It is 10 inches shorter than a Model S. Looking at the pictures of the rear cargo space though, it looks pretty competitive.

I know you're not a fan of the aesthetics of these vehicles but it's pretty sharp looking to my eyes!

Agree with all those point about it being just the same old lipstick on the ICE pig though.

Looking forward to more pictures, info, and maybe some further personal contact with an X before we decide.


Brian Vicars | 2015年10月22日 I am almost 68 years old. I have bought 4 vehicles, all brand new, in my lifetime. A 1970 Toyota Sprinter which lasted 9 years before it was totalled. A 1975 Corvette which lasted 26 years before it was written off. A 1978 Chevy Impala which I currently driving until my MX arrives and lastly a 1993 Crown Victoria which I recently gave to my grandson. My MX will probably the last vehicle I will ever purchase. When I receive my Tesla X in 2016, I expect it to last for at least the 22 years I will have my license.

ken | 2015年10月22日

brianvicars1 , and for the following 20 years after that, it will drive itself and you can simply ride along in your wheelchair. You young guys have got to get with the creative thinking program.