White Preproduction Test Model X Sighting Friday May 22, 2015 at Fremont Service Center

White Preproduction Test Model X Sighting Friday May 22, 2015 at Fremont Service Center

Wow there I was picking up my p85d after having a rim repaired and rear rocket seats installed, a service person nudges me and says, "look there is a model x pulling in." He goes on to tell me, "I have only seen it twice and never with flacon wing doors opened."

I can see White model x on this overcast Friday driving towards me as it enters the service center area. I am struggling to capture every detail I can. First I can see the fog lights as they were not too desguised, the side is pretty much production ready, the rear taillights covered. I wanted to take a picture or capture a video but no go with the service rep next to me. I was amazed at how quiet it was for such a larger footprint than the model s. I my stomach did butterflies as it drove by. I realize how much this vehicle is going to revolutionize the market. A cross between porche caman, mini van and pregnant model s will definitely captivate all three audiences.

I am 6 feet from it had it drives past me, past all of the new Teslas ready for delivery, past the service bays and comes to a stop. It is now 50-75 yards in front of me. Two men exit the from toe seats then the falcon wings ones. First left them right, two more men exit the vehicle. Next thing I know is everyone is I standing in front of it. Then it happens,they pop the front trunk, the entire front end tilts. A few minutes later it drives to the rear of the plant.

It looks good. I could not tell a lot of changes since prototype release but eveynodys says there have been. I am really pumped up to get mine!

It was amazing to see a preproduction vehicle from tesla.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年5月24日

The Model X is going to sell like mad.

Ankit Mishra | 2015年5月24日

When ever Model X owners are going to open those Falcon Wing Doors, people nearby are going to hound the owner with questions. Get ready for some limelight folks. | 2015年5月24日

@nelson: thanks for the encouraging post for us waiting waiters. Here's a tip for the next time (you could complain about something and bring your car in again). Ask the service rep. if you could take their picture and have them stand where the X is behind them. :-))

I conclude from your keen observations that there may be a new feature coming for vehicles with smart air suspension. Kind of like the kneeling bus, when you open the frunk, the front end tilts downward for easy access. What next? A car that rocks your baby to sleep while you are plugging in the supercharger cable?

ken | 2015年5月24日

I assume it had side mirrors? Could you tell about the roof-line?

ernie | 2015年5月24日

Good idea @george.etc. However, I recommend a pair of glasses with a mini camera in least it works with Mystery Diners!

vperl | 2015年5月24日

You can only venture out at night, unless you get swamped by lookie looies

Lucythesplainer | 2015年5月24日

NelsonC, you are the bomb!
Thanks for the play-by-play.
so excited!

ian | 2015年5月24日

Very cool report indeed!

Although I'm going to have to add the requisite internet heckle, POIDH! ;-)


EternalChampion | 2015年5月25日

An elaborate hoax. Everyone knows that Fremont is never overcast. Also, you didn't mention the feeling of utter calm and peace that the X in stills in everyone it encounters.

You probably saw a Pontiac Aztek with front suspension issues. ;)

pvetesla | 2015年5月25日

I plan on getting attention driving down the hi-way with the flacon wings in "takeoff position".

Hey. They have insane mode why not that?!?!

EternalChampion | 2015年5月25日

Position settings could include:

Attack (for performance version only)

ernie | 2015年5月25日

@pvesta...with a peregrine clocked at 242 mph... and with you at the helm of the MX...we might have to rename them seagull wings.

Ankit Mishra | 2015年5月26日

One of hidden features might be flapping mode. Model X will flap its doors to fly over traffic emitting a majestic cry helping to save time for its owners.

Brian H | 2015年5月27日


carlgo2 | 2015年5月27日

Just know that if anyone names their X "Jonathon" or "JLS", and that especially covers vanity plates, the DMV will call you in for "further testing", tests that cannot be passed.

Gert van Veen | 2015年5月27日
ken | 2015年5月27日

You are right, the door handles don't line up.

Lubdub | 2015年5月27日

I love this thread

ian | 2015年5月27日

Thanks Gert!

ian | 2015年5月27日

Hmmm, not sure why the first 2 didn't size themselves properly. Sorry!

EternalChampion | 2015年5月27日


Autocorrect. Moron.

Brian H | 2015年5月28日

Do you accept all the moronic autocorrects? Maroon.

james.nicklin | 2015年5月29日

my autocorrect autocorrects autocorrect to incorrect.

jordanrichard | 2015年5月31日

The handles don't line up because the rear door isn't closed all the way. Look at the aft roof line of the door, it's sticking up a bit.

PhillyGal | 2015年5月31日

@EternalChampion - Impossible, since every Pontiac Aztec ever sold lives in Pennsylvania.

At least I feel that way considering how many of those messes I see... vs. how few were ever sold.

EternalChampion | 2015年5月31日

How Pontiac unloaded any more than a hundred of those things should be the stuff of retail legend.

grant10k | 2015年5月31日

I do not understand the hate on the Aztek. I've seen way worse looking cars, yet the Aztek always makes the top of the "Top ## worst cars ever" lists, half the time with the subheading "It's actually a fine car".

I think it looks kind of future utilitarian. Transport Vehicle 1 or something. I wouldn't go out and buy one, but if someone offered it as an even trade for my car, I'd take it.

While I wouldn't buy one, I'm glad it exists. It's better than having nothing but car-shaped cars everywhere. We need a few PT Cruisers, DeLorians, Azteks, Hummers, Smarts, and Cubes.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月1日

Some more of the AZTEK hate is a carryover from the Vanagon...

Most of it, though, is because the original concept car version was much better styled than the production version and that doesn't seem to have been changed for any good reason at all.

Apparently the Buick Encore and Chevrolet Traverse were based on the same platform, were styled better in production, and were better received overall than AZTEK.

grant10k | 2015年6月1日

Yeah I can see it. That concept looks better in a ton of ways, keeps the wow factor, and it still looks like a 'real' car. If both were on sale, I think most everyone would prefer the concept.

I said I'd take an Aztek as a trade, but that concept has every Honda Element-y feature my Element has but with a normal SUV shape (comparatively). The production Aztek looks like someone added a bunch of city-car features first and replaced all the plastic paneling with carpet and fabric, thus removing the point. Now I'm picturing my car with carpet and I get how disappointing the production Aztek is.

Alright, I'm with you guys. The Aztek sucks. I've seen what could have been.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年6月1日

Oh, that was the Buick Rendezvous... I remember commercials by Tiger Woods way back when.

nelsonc | 2015年6月5日

Sorry for all of the typo's in the original post.

Great pics!

The white one in the picture looks very close to what drove by me. It may be the same vehicle.

I thought the front fog lights were more exposed.

I will take mine now and retro fit it when it is ready for production.

It was really cool to see up close and in person.

NumberOne | 2015年6月5日

nelson, I have good news for you. You can edit your original post by clicking edit in the top left hand corner, and fix any typos you want to fix. For a short while this feature was not available, but it was when I last used it.