Why no pics of the Model X front?

Why no pics of the Model X front?

None of the photos from the configuration appear to reveal the car's front. Does anyone know where to go to get a look at the front?

vandacca | 2015年9月2日

The front of the car has some big surprises, so it can't be seen anywhere yet. You'll have to wait until September 29th.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月2日

Tesla Motors is only selling half of the car right now. The rest will follow... soon.

;-) | 2015年9月2日

They're still working on it.:-)) But not to worry, the forum is loaded with clever reconnaissance experts who will soon post as much as you want to know.

MrBuffer | 2015年9月2日

@RedSage Yes the front will just be a plate that says "Coming Late 2016"

CalabasasKid | 2015年9月2日

I thought I notice a slight bulge in the front apron just below the nose cone on one of the earlier spy pics. It looked really sharp. I hope this is indeed how they finish off the front

Madatgascar | 2015年9月2日

There are some views out there and it's pretty cool... I won't be a spoiler though

vandacca | 2015年9月3日

Spoiler on the front? Must be very aerodynamic! ;-)

Ankit Mishra | 2015年9月3日

LED lights or some other surprises.

jordanrichard | 2015年9月3日

He didn't say there was a spoiler on the front, tbouquet was saying he/she wasn't going to be a spoiler about what was seen of the front end.

carolinagobo | 2015年9月3日

Because still the same fugly nosecone, so why bother with photos, let's focus in what is beautiful.

vandacca | 2015年9月3日

Ohhhhh, now I understand about front spoiler. ;-) Thanks @jordanrichard. [/sarcasm]

Son of a Gunn | 2015年9月3日

I'm guessing twin radars, binocular optical camera, laser headlights.

jk | 2015年9月3日

that jordanrichard is a sharp cookie huh. Showed you up good and proper there vandacca.

vandacca | 2015年9月3日

Well, to be fair, puns are a difficult form of humour when crossing culture/language boundaries and don't usually translate well. This forum has members across the globe and there is always bound to be misunderstandings.

ernie | 2015年9月3日

Due to censorship rules...the front appeared to be naked. They are working on it so as to not offend. I am getting slightly more entheused daily, but trying to be realistic as to possible March delivery. Love the fact I can configure and not be stuck with Signature...which I am sure most who have the Sigs will like. I will be more picky.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月3日

Here ya go:


jordanrichard | 2015年9月3日

vandacca, sorry I didn't get the joke. I thought perhaps you misunderstood when in fact it was me that missed it. Too often in the past, threads get taken in a different direction because someone miss read or didn't read the complete thread before posting a remark.

So again I apologize and I tip my hat to your pun, good sir.

vandacca | 2015年9月3日

No need to apologize @jordanrichard, no harm done! Misunderstandings happen all the time and it was an obvious misunderstanding.

In other news, Elon Musk reportedly indicated that there are still 2 secret/hidden features that hasn't been revealed yet. It is expected to be revealed on September 29th. This likely ties in with the fact that there are no images of the Model-X front fascia. I suspect that one of those two features has to do with the front. Maybe the headlights and/or nose cone.

jordanrichard | 2015年9月3日

Nosecone flips down and rockets come out. A true 007

vandacca | 2015年9月3日

Personally, I'm putting my money on a small arm with a wiper that will extend from the lower vents to clean the bugs from the nose cone. I think they will call it the Nose Picker. ;-)

But seriously, due to the fact that the headlights have been camouflaged on all mule photos, I think something is going to happen with them. Maybe adaptive headlights that turn to light up the corners in a turn and/or additional cameras for 360 degree view. The nose cone might also change somewhat and be replaced by a more elegant design.

Less than 4 weeks to find out!

mclary | 2015年9月3日

It looks like the rear so it really doesn't matter!

sbeggs | 2015年9月3日

Are you getting a Model X? We are not, because the T fits our needs, just two retired people, and no family to haul around.

clublon | 2015年9月3日

"Headlights that turn to light up the corners". The 1948 Tucker had a center headlamp that turned to light up the corners. Tucker was the Elon Musk of my parents' generation. (My uncle ordered and put money down on a Tucker. They went out of business before he got his car. He kept the paperwork for many years.) Perhaps it is a Tucker 3rd headlight.

carlgo | 2015年9月3日

Third headlight = third eye. Very esoteric indeed. Woo, woo.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月4日


Ankit Mishra | 2015年9月4日

They would also want the reveal event to have some suspense. If they revealed everything prior to it, the event will loose its importance and the publicity effect will fizzle out. Tesla would want to create a bang that would be heard as far as it can with the X reveal.

Ross1 | 2015年9月4日

The front actually has a bull bar like the big rigs.
When it is lowered to the layflat position it looks and acts like a cargo pallet.
This is where you put the 2nd and 3rd row seats when carrying big stuff in the back.
Also negates the use for a roof rack , which you can't have with the FW doors.
So put the kayak on there too, we are used to pallets on the front in Aus, remember the song:Tie me kangaroo down sport. Tie them on the front.
That big layflat pallet is also where you sit when out hunting game with the spotlights, do you do that in US? After all, why have a big quiet 4WD if you cant go after the roos, bears, elephants, what have you.
Perhaps its Elon's African roots coming out, this is a machine for big game hunting.
And of course you are sitting on those sculptured seats out front, stacking the beasts in the back.
So, no pictures yet. Still being approved by Obama, but should get through because of his roots too.
It would be the quietest game truck in the world. Sorry, will be.

Franmferreira | 2015年9月4日

You can see the front on this video:

eric.zucker | 2015年9月4日

We determined in a different thread there would be a robotic arm with a hook/claw to grab any SUV or truck in front of you on the highway. Regen charges you up, Autopilot means you can even take a nap. When full release the claw and smoke him in the dust.

Never stop to charge. Coast-to coast and back, nonstop. Make that Alaska to Patagonia and back.

jordanrichard | 2015年9月4日

That video was posted previously in one of these many X threads and it was noted that these appear to be test mules. Notice that the Falcon wing doors on both Xes don't fit properly.

EternalChampion | 2015年9月4日

There are 3 options for the front fascia for Model X.

1. Steampunk
2. Goth
3. Engineer

evbuyer | 2015年9月4日

Maybe the Model X has a 360 degree top-view camera system, similar to and

Typically, in a 360 degree top-view camera system, there are cameras in the back, under the side-view mirrors, and in the front. The camera in the back may be seen in photos and be simply mistaken as a backup camera. The cameras under the side-view mirrors would not be visible in typical photos of a car. But the camera in the front would be obvious and give away the feature.

Then again, Teslas will eventually be self-parking (and, arguably, do not need a 360 degree top-view camera system).

Iowa92x | 2015年9月4日

A $22,500 Nissan LEAF has a 360 view camera, so not really a big deal that needs hidden.

Someone mentioned a possible front kneel feature, doesn't seem likely and nothing to hide there. Most likely, Tesla is hiding the LED headlights (which again are not a big deal, my mountain bike has LED lights).

rossRallen | 2015年9月4日

The nose is the weakest part of the Model S design. I'm hoping for an innovation. I saw some really beautiful versions on one of the Tesla enthusiasts' web pages. Potentially offered as after-market options.

Being a purist, I'd prefer stock equipment even though I'll put blue LEDs under the car and hack the air suspension software to make my X hop.

But, a nose job doesn't qualify as a "secret feature" alluded to by Elon Musk and by both Reps I spoke with.

Kimscar | 2015年9月4日

@cbearman. The nosecone is great looking. Beauty in eye of beholder.

Linus | 2015年9月5日

>>> Maybe adaptive headlights that turn to light up the corners in a turn ...

It would not make sense to turn the headlights. Turn lights are pretty much standard on a number of cars (including MS) and they are separate LEDs which are turned on at low speed when the indicator is on. I work for a company who supplies lights for Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Rolls-Royce.

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月5日

If you don't mind turning your head 90° while watching, this is neat:

WattsThatGrin | 2015年9月6日

Turn my head 90°? I'd stand on my head to view this if I had to! One sexy car, including the nose cone.

rossRallen | 2015年9月6日

That's a nice looking nose! Very stylish and balanced.

Note: the rear spoiler is partially-deployed at 0 mph.

I'll bet electrochromic windows are one of Elon's secret X features revealed on Sept 29. On the splash page for X reservation holders, the windows are dark. Is that a hidden clue?

Red Sage ca us | 2015年9月6日

I'm pretty sure that since a high brake light is Federally mandated, the rear spoiler is always deployed once the Model X is turned on.

FelixMendeldog | 2015年9月7日

To lower the coefficient of aerodynamic drag to levels unprecedented for terrestrial vehicles, Model X has no front end.

Juggernaut | 2015年9月8日

I see a picture of the front of the Model X on the X page where you can play with the falcon doors making them go up and down. I feel silly pointing this out because it's so obvious that it must not be the "real front" or I'm completely misunderstanding something...

vandacca | 2015年9月8日

@Juggernaut, that is the old prototype front. The production version has not been fully shown yet, although there are many photos of the front of test "mules".

TaxDocMT | 2015年9月8日

Front of the X is a portal. Draw your own conclusions.

Dr. Toonhattan | 2015年9月8日

My bet is it's something to do with autopilot hardware. Elon said once that the Model S autopilot equipment would need updating to make it 100% autonomous. Maybe this is what the X will have. Obviously the software will be coming in an update 'soon'.

ian | 2015年9月10日

@jordanrichard - While these videos were posted in the "mule" thread, these vehicles are most definitely NOT simply test mules. They are likely what are called release candidates and as such are all but complete. With the way the bumper fits tight to the lights and hood I would wager we are seeing the final bumper design.

No, they haven't quite got the falcon wing doors to close completely flush yet but, well, that's not the bumper. ;-)


R.EV.olution.Qc | 2015年9月11日


R.EV.olution.Qc | 2015年9月11日
Gwgan | 2015年9月11日

"Voilà" what? Removed or upload error?

gfb107 | 2015年9月11日

Incorrect img tag, left the leading http: off the link Here's the correct link: