Wish list for my model X

Wish list for my model X

It would be nice to have Tesla ask those of us who have put down deposits, especially those that put down Signature deposits, what they would like to see in the Model-X, some of those i personally would like, paint such as platinum white, or a liquid silver, special wheel designs that differ from the norm, and although the roof glass blocks most of the heat and sun, a shade on the top wouldn't hurt.
Special badging would set it apart from the rest, and most of all, a little more battery power to give us at least the range of the model s, since my wife's greatest fear is running out of power since she is used to 600 mile range of our Audi Q7 diesel.

It would be nice to give us a checklist of desired features!

USCRXDR | 2014年8月11日

OOPS-was in a hurry-what i meant to say, it would be nice to have a shade over the glass in the roof to have extra protection from the heat- sorry !

Red Sage ca us | 2014年8月11日

USCRXDR: You may edit your original post. In the upper left corner, just to one side of the TESLA logo, there should be an EDIT option.

rapnjoe | 2014年8月11日

2 request for X

1) beefed up sun visors with extension slide out for when using it on the side window

2) on the fly shifter lever for shifting between highest regen to lowest regen

when I drive I want the ability to coast sometimes with lowest regen and when i need extra braking to be able to shift the lever into highest regen .

example the Toyota RAV 4 EV

Boukman | 2014年8月14日

Wish list for the MX? Hmmm

How about Bose electromagnetic shocks? Specially designed for the MX, they would be able to raise the car a good ft or ft and half for off road and deep snow driving and water crossing. Also like the Citroen, be able to raise just one wheel, no jack needed.( No need to be able to make the car jump)

Also since all the systems of the MS/MX are computer controlled, how about being able to choose your Honking sound like ring tones on the iPhone?

I also would like to have the capability of running the MX in different configs. Front, rear wheel and all wheel drive.

While they're at it, how about adding torque vectoring to make cornering better.

After all it's all in the software...

TonyInNH | 2014年8月14日

I'd like to see the touch screen adjustable so that it can come out a bit and tilt towards the driver. | 2014年8月15日

Wish list for Model X.
I wish I had one right now!

runonmd1 | 2014年8月15日

Dynamic lines on the back-up camera...come on, costing a fraction of that of a Tesla have that feature.

Better quality leather seats and interior finishing are sorely needed.

A wider paint and interior leather color selection, perhaps?

Ventilated front seats would be really terrific, as long as I'm free to dream.

I agree with the need for mirror extensions for the side windows and an inside screen for the glass roof.

While by no means a necessity, a power rear window shade would be nice.


SamO | 2014年8月16日

Noise cancelling inside the cabin.

wmg | 2014年8月17日

Smart glass. Electronic tinting windows

Lubdub | 2014年8月17日

Storage in the console above between sunshades. ie sunglasses etc

Lubdub | 2014年8月17日

Wallet sized key fob. Just for entry and driving. Keep as a reserve in case lose the BIG FOB

milesbb | 2014年8月18日

adaptive cruse control, blind spot warning, lane departure warning, pre-collision breaking, driver drowsiness detection and adjustable volume turn signals for those that need a little more volume to know it is still on. In my early 60's I want features that will assist me for the next 10 years as my driving skills degrade. | 2014年8月19日

Autopilot (requires detectors for all of the above)
Whatever driving skills are left by the time I get the MX will surely be diminished ::-))

gordonbremer | 2014年8月19日

See my related new thread "WHEN WILL MODEL X DESIGN STUDIO BE UNVEILED?" | 2014年8月20日

Autopilot + espresso maker + big screen TV

Check this out:

AlexM | 2014年9月3日

My wishes...

1. Improved HVAC, especially in the rear and back area. My kids and dogs do no get enough air flow in the rear of the Model S.

2. Auto close for the frunk. On pickup of our Model S, the factory put the fear into my wife and I about how carefully you need to close it. My wife won't use it now, and I hate having hand prints on the front.

3. Ability to use other internet radio providers. Spotify is so much better than Slacker!

4. Front and side cameras

5. Just a little bit more range.

Looking forward to S276

USCRXDR | 2014年9月3日

I have heard that signature buyers would sometime be invited to special viewings of the new X-Model, is this true as it was with the Model S?

babstude | 2014年9月4日

You guys will laugh but i would like the option of vinyl seats and rubber flooring. Easy to clean after road trips with the family on whatever adventure we just had.

bevguy | 2014年9月7日

What is interesting to me is that most of these "I Want" items would be very simple and inexpensive for Tesla to ad to present cars. I know Tesla employees read some of these threads (actually listens to customers, unlike Big Auto) but I wonder if the ideas percolate up to the top levels.

I would like active noise control via speakers. It should be cheap because it's mostly tire noise. I like to show off quietness

And I would like a 360 degree camera for security

All of these should apply to model S too.

Gert van Veen | 2014年9月7日

After many years of driving in numerous cars, the only options use are:
- Airco
- Cruise control
- Towbar
And it's useful to be able to adjust the right outside mirror easy.
The other functions are obliged or used rarely.
Al those options, it’s too much work to find out how they work. Maybe that’s the main issue on my wishlist; easy to understand.

Brian H | 2014年9月7日

Noise cancellation is effective for people wearing headsets or at a specific point in a cabin.

fcwilt | 2014年9月21日

I am hoping to see an increase in range I drive 500 miles Trips weekly all year long Also electronic window shade would be great ,special for the glass roof. I also wish that Tesla makes the Signature Red Paint available for the Model X Signature series

bill49er | 2014年9月21日

Would love to have blind spot mirror warning. How about a simple clothes hook in the back seat? The cup holders in the S are not in a good spot, hope Tesla can reposition in the X

proven | 2014年9月22日

More range, faster charging, more cup holders!

rn | 2014年10月13日

same range as model 85D :)

295 miles! I know you can't do it due to higher drag, but please!

Or is the Modelx X doomed to be < Model "D" forever? :)

Brian H | 2014年10月14日

'Fraid so.

Remnant | 2014年10月24日

IMO, the current Tesla implementation of AWD (in MSD and probably in MX) is not optimal, because slippage control with open differentials + traction control can cause excessive tire wear and is less than ideal handling and energy consumption (because "riding the brakes").

The ideal arrangement would be with Quad Motors (one per semi-axle) and fully Electronic Torque Vectoring, because it would reduce weight, save energy and tires, and further optimize handling on both slippery road surfaces and true all-terrain conditions.

Steinarhovd | 2014年10月24日

We could all try to grab the moon, but what we eventually will get in our MX is better than fosil 4wd.

Remnant | 2014年10月24日

@ steinarhovd | October 24, 2014

<< ... what we eventually will get in our MX is better than fosil 4wd. >>

Tesla uses a blend of mechanical torque distribution and electronically controlled braking in order to achieve the necessary differential traction and slippage control of the wheels.

However, it is possible to control the torque itself electronically, separately for each of the four wheels, which would be a faster, more efficient, lighter, and potentially more economical procedure, by using one smaller motor on each semi-axle.

Here is how Mercedes does this in its AMG-SLS electric coupe:

vperl | 2014年10月24日

Mercedes, yep Tesla needs to follow their engineering, they have had great success and produced ten of thousands of all electric vehicles and know the way..


colleenlatham | 2014年10月25日

Very good seat design--especially for the driver. Correct padding and adjustments for lumbar and length of femur, test drove the S and the seats were hard, uncomfortable and not sufficiently adjustable.

TonyInNH | 2014年10月25日

My wish would be to see one before I die :)

Brian H | 2014年10月25日

"Bucket list - see a real Model X". Good luck!

vperl | 2014年10月26日

My bucket sprung a leak ... Whoops

Remnant | 2014年11月1日

@ Boukman (August 14, 2014)

<< ... how about being able to choose your Honking sound like ring tones on the iPhone? >>

Excellent idea.

<< ... how about adding torque vectoring to make cornering better? >>

A brake-based torque vectoring system is already in place in the MS and is likely to show in the MX as well. As you know, MS corners exceptionally well, even on snow and ice.

An electric torque vectoring system (ETV) is unlikely in the MX, because it would require four independent motors, one on each of the four semi-axles (or wheels), an expensive drive train.

We might have to wait for the Q (Quad) versions of MS, MX, or MΞ, to get ETV. I have no evidence that Tesla has considered such a pricey development.

emoryak | 2014年11月13日

I am a recent bilateral above the knee amputee, and have been more or less forced into a minivan to be able to get into the vehicle with a wheelchair, and then transfer to the driver seat. I wonder if this Model X would be an option for this type of conversion??

vperl | 2014年11月13日


Remnant | 2014年11月14日

@ emoryak (November 13, 2014)

<< I am a recent bilateral above the knee amputee, and have been more or less forced into a minivan to be able to get into the vehicle with a wheelchair, and then transfer to the driver seat. >>

If you present the problem to Tesla, it's likely to design a mod for you and even make it an option for similarly handicapped drivers.

Naturally, if it's more expensive than you can afford, you might want to set up a collection fund to raise the money.

carlk | 2014年11月15日

The car should come with a wife that does not have range anxiety.

vandacca | 2014年11月15日

carlk, even a fully loaded P85D at ~$150,000.00, that would be a steal if it included a wife. ;)

vperl | 2014年11月15日

Nope, life better with no anchor!

Brian H | 2014年11月15日

Depending on the design team.

Keven | 2014年11月15日

Streamlined, fully optioned, comfortable, starts easily, good for quick jaunts as well as long distances, understand voice commands, built-in intelligence, graceful....

Keven | 2014年11月15日

Anyway, don't all Teslas come with free WiFie?

jandvig | 2014年11月19日

Dear Santa Musk, I´ve been a good boy. I´ve waited patiently for my MX. So I´ll give you my ambitious wishlist for when it does show up:

1- Proper premium seats with good support, adjustability, ventilation and cushioning.

2- USB ports for charging devices in the front and rear. Ideally one for each seat.

3- A good way to carry skis and surfboards (I´m sure you´ll find a way. I like the FW doors but can´t live without skiing so it´s a deal breaker)

3- Screens for the pano sunroof.

4- Power screens for rear window(s).

5- Bigger battery, or a guarantee that retrofitting one when available will be reasonable.

Just make it the best darn car ever, and the wait will be forgiven.


Remnant | 2014年11月19日

@ jandvig (November 19, 2014)

<< 5- Bigger battery, or a guarantee that retrofitting one when available will be reasonable. >>

It's not unlikely that the last delay of the MX roll-out may be related to some possible additional battery power.

But isn't range why we want a bigger battery?

In fact, Tesla's email of yesterday did indicate that the MX range has been expanded, albeit by other means than a bigger battery, such as a lower drag coefficient, a more efficient power train, weight reductions, etc.

rudy | 2014年11月23日

I wonder if the rear seats are easy to remove... If so, this would make the cargo space far more useful. In fact, suggest the rear seats be separate, and removable individually.
This makes the setup easier (one seat weigh half of two together) and one seat removed gives extra long cargo space, while still seating six.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年11月23日

It's been my experience that seats that are 'easy to remove' are among the heaviest on the planet. Better usually to engineer them to stay in the vehicle, but fold completely flat. If Tesla Motors can manage a lightweight, removable seat that still meets all crash protection specifications and can also be folded flat... It will be a feat much more impressive than creating Falcon Wing Doors and should be patented immediately.

gfb107 | 2014年11月24日

In the video where Tesla Unveils Model X, at the 21:27 mark after they take all the luggage out the trunk, they show an image with the 2nd and 3rd row seats folded flat, and Elon says "and all the seats fold flat. I mean, you can practically fit a queen size bed in there"

vandacca | 2014年11月24日

What @gfb107 said. All indicators point to permanently attached seats that fold flat. You may be able to remove them with some tools, but I don't believe they will be designed to be easily removable, but rather made to easily fold/store them.