Woohoops! Search Engine URL Lost It!

Woohoops! Search Engine URL Lost It!

A couple of weeks ago this nice person replied to my Forum comment about lack of 'Search Engine' on the Tesla Forum website, could you please post it again?
Thank You

Brian H | 2013年5月22日
Brian H | 2013年5月22日

Except, I think that so far the Chrome version searches original postings only, not comments.

gillfoto | 2013年5月29日

Just for the record I found it in my history:

Here's the creator info:
This site was created by @nickjhowe in memory of, both of the Tesla Motors forum, for Volker's tireless work manually posting links to exising threads for hapless noobs.
And the reason why this site exists:

Dear Tesla,

the Tesla Motors forum urgently needs a custom search feature that allows searching of all threads that are visible to the currently logged-in user! Google, with the "site:" option, as implemented by this website, is great to search the public part of the Tesla Motors forums. But Google cannot find any threads that are marked private, i.e., threads that are visible to reservation holders and owners only. Please fix ASAP. Thx.