At this years shareholders meeting, what questions would you like investors to ask of Tesla's top management team ?

At this years shareholders meeting, what questions would you like investors to ask of Tesla's top management team ?

Here's a link of Elon's stock & grant incentives, reflective of Tesla's goals.

Examples of some possible shareholder questions of Tesla's top management at thereshareholders meeting:

1) How long will Elon stay as Tesla's CEO ? How many years ?
2) Is management doing long range planning for CEO succession at Tesla similar to what Jack Welch did at GE and what Warren Buffet is doing currently ?
3) What qualities would a successor CEO to Elon have to have , and who are some people that would qualify ?
4) Will Elon consider staying as CEO untill car production is at 1 million cars a year or more ? Will he stay untill at least two Tesla car manufacturing plants are built, each producing 500,000 cars a year or more ?
5) If Elon builds a 2nd car plant from the ground up, for electric cars, will it be as revolutionary, visionary, modular, expandable & efficient as the Model S ?
6) would Elon ever consider merging Tesla & Solar City for store marketing and other efficiencies ?
7) is Elon still considering creating a holding company for all three of his ventures and how would that work for stock investors ?

SamO | 2013年5月24日

Elon has already answered succession questions to the extent that he is no planning to sell, merge or depart until GEN III is on the road.

Questions I would have:

1. Now that Google's Sergey Brin has announced that he is focusing on autopilot for cars, when should we expect to see those features on the Model S, X or GEN III?

2. Will the repayment of ATVM loan accelerate Supercharger installation? Rollout of Model X? Gen III?

3. What concrete benefits will buyers of Tesla cars see as a result of the early DOE loan payoff?

4. When can we expect to see the change from 3.1ah to 3.4ah or 4.0ah battery technology?

5. When will we get an idea about the rollout of Supercharging infrastructure in Asia, Japan, Europe and the rest of the world?

Teslation | 2013年5月24日


I would combine questions 2 & 5 of yours into one question.

I might also ask Tesla mgt about this new aluminum air battery, and what that's all about.

Kma6 | 2013年5月24日

I would ask Elon:

1. Has Tesla ever considered going into other transportation industries such as producing air planes, freight trucks, trains, buses, or even the "hyperloop" he mentioned before, since his ultimate goal is to revolutionize the world energy consumption rather than just building the best electric cars?
2. If there was such plan, what's the projected timeline.
3. How might Tesla accomplish any of such plans.

SamO | 2013年5月24日


I want to ask about the Hyperloop. So bad. He said he'd say more after "profitability" so . . .


If you want him to talk about aluminum battery extender, you have to mention it in the context of their patent filing.

Also SWAP? Is it possible with the current Model S?

Brian H | 2013年5月24日

I expect the Hyperloop would be a new company. It's neither ground nor space, something else. Needs its own builders and boffins.

SamO | 2013年5月24日

He talked about it costing 1/10 as much as high speed rail.

The slowest and most expensive high-speed rail in the world, is the worst way to be referred to.

Teslation | 2013年6月2日

+1 on patent reference, battery swap, & auto-pilot.

I also know Elon has only committed to staying at Tesla untill GenIII is out and production is at 300,000. That's also where his incentives run out.

So if I could choose just one question I would like to see a fund manager or large shareholder ask Elon if he would consider staying CEO beyond this current commitment in the interest of long term and new investors. For example see my initial #4 post under the thread title.

If Elon stays until 300,000 vehicles built in one factory, I believe that takes the stock to $300 to $500 a share. However, if he stays longer, till there are two factories and production is at 1 million cars a year, I believe that takes until 2020-2022 and pushes the stock price over $1,000 dollars a share, and possibly $1500 if the balance sheet numbers are exceptional.

I believe that a bigger company would make succession much easier with a bigger company that has more money to invest in expansion. | 2013年6月2日

+1 on Musk staying on longer (+ new round of incentives)

If Musk were to stay on to 2+ factories with large car counts, I firmly believe we could then be talking about an acquisition OF a major international luxury nameplate.

GM, Ford, Chrysler can swim with the minnows ---- Tesla will be in a completely different league.

Teslation | 2013年6月2日



SamO | 2013年6月2日


I think Elon will stay on until Space X is ready to take him to Mars. All of his shares vest at those benchmarks, but I'm not convinced he just sells it all to some other entity that could screw it up. Think Bill Gates and MSFT

If you are right on share price and with his 30-40M shares, he'll be in the top 10 richest humans on earth. Not counting the value of SpaceX or Solar City.

On CNBC Elon dropped that demand of 50,000-60,000/year as of today. 20K U.S., 20K EU, 20K rest of world. 100,000 units/year of S & X by 2014 seem baked in (but not into the share price).

What I'd really like to pin EM down on is whether he sees a PILOT version of the tesla in addition to the autopilot.

And to belabor the point, will you be able to call your car and have it drive to you. Elon keeps discussing AUTOPILOT, which allows more human detachment than any other automaker (other than audi) is planning to allow. Toyota, Ford, GM etc are all hedging ala hybrid vs pure electric.

Once a car can drive itself without human intervention, then the NEED for as many cars per person drops.

Elon doesn't care since his goal is to electrify transportation through whatever means are necessary.

TI Sailor | 2013年6月2日

I'd like to know when a GenIII prototype will be shown, and whether they are thinking of a hatchback like the S or not.

Teslation | 2013年6月2日



Bubba2000 | 2013年6月2日

They key drivers for the Model S. X demand are battery, SC deployment and price. We know about SC deployment. What are the promising battery technologies over the horizon? What their potential energy density? Cost/KW-hr? Potential of Nanotechnology on Lithium batteries? Supercapacitors? Time frame.

Can the Tesla factories achieve the same economies of scale as Toyota, etc? Bring the cost of the car excluding the battery close to a comparable Toyota?

Benz | 2013年6月4日

Now that Tesla Motors is not allowed to sell EV's directly to customers in Texas, I would like to know how Tesla Motors is going to tackle this issue? Have they already thought of something? How are they going to react?

Brian H | 2013年6月4日

They sell online, register the sale in California, and ship to Texas. NC attempted to ban any online transactions. That is likely unconstitutional.

Teslation | 2013年6月4日


If Elon becomes the richest person in America for successfully reinventing EV cars, Solar, space rockets, hyper loops , planets and who knows what else, then he truly deserves it. And I'm sure he'll put the money to good use through foundations etc. I believe he already committed to giving a lot of his wealth to charities al same as Bill Gates & Warren Buffet. How about the 1st Martian College of Planetary Sciences ! Be a bit pricy, but people could go to Mars and get a degree in a few years and come back to Earth.

And when Elon retires on Mars, maybe he'll get into politics ! Make his Mars colony the 51st state and Elon the first Congressman from Mars ! The commute to Washington might be a bit far though.

Benz | 2013年6月4日

@ Brian H

What will happen to the stores/galeries in Austin and Houston?
As no sales activities are allowed there anymore.

I wonder if people Texas will keep this in mind at the next elections?

SamO | 2013年6月4日



But I don't want to make Mars the 51st State. It needs to have it's own government, rules and citizenship.

Martian citizenship.

Can you imagine Texas having a say in what happens on Mars?

Teslation | 2013年6月4日

"And to belabor the point" cont'd from SamoSam,

In regards to "AutoPilot 1.0" , I think it could be a great way to differentiate the first GenIII cars and create massive appeal worldwide.

For starters AutoPilot 1.0 need only be partial autopilot , which might help ease people's fear about it. For example:

1) AutoParking for GenIII.

Already here now in a few cars, only this would be better. You could have speed adjustment for slow to faster AutoParking. As you got more confidence in the system , you could let it park itself faster. Anti-crash features prevent it from hitting anything.

Here's the cool part. In a really tight space, the system lets you get out of the car, then the car parks itself. Perhaps a mini Laser light in the FOB key chain lets you laser point to where you want the car parked.

The coolest part, is when you're ready to leave, you can't physically get into the car cause it jammed tight in a stall. Just push a button on the key, point the laser where you want the car, and the car unparks itself for you ! Amaze your friends !

2) Advanced AutoPilot Cruise Control.

People might be a little afraid to AutoPilot through congested cities, and I've seen a lot of very confusing construction sites with barrels everywhere with conflicting road lines painted over older road lines etc. So make the AutoPilot software and sensor updatable for that later. This will help speed up the rollout of this partial AutoPilot.

This Advanced AutoPilot Cruise Control is a concept people are already familiar with; only much, much better. It's for Interstate driving, you set the speed. It will pass cars and maintain speed up & down hills more efficiently, and smoothly than a person so you save battery energy savings of 3 or 4 %. And you can even set following distance, short or long (4-8 seconds), to feel the most comfortable, in case you have to take control (e.g. at a construction site), the same as you would with regular cruise control. This will help people gradually ease into the full AutoPilot later on.

If its snowy or rainy out, sensors automatically slow down and/or increase following distance to maintain traction and avoid hydroplaning if sensors detect tire slippage.

3) AutoPilot Crash Avoidance with infrared heads up display. In severe rain, snow or fog, the heads up system or dash screen, displays weather obscured road with road lines, and obscured cars with heat detection. If there is a hidden pile up, the system slows and stops the car.

To sum up, I think the future is bright for AutoPilot. I believe a partial AutoPilot would speed up the introduction of some features and gradually get people used to the idea. Possibly we could see all these partial AutoPilot 1.0 features in the GenIII cars giving them great appeal and differentiation.

The system could be designed to be upgradable to full AutoPilot 2.0 when available. Until then the 1.0 version provides data for the harder driving parts of a 2.0 system.

And AutoPilot cars have just as great appeal to businesses who may want to deliver stuff to you. I read Google is designing a car for UPS type deliveries. The same routes are used so that would improve safety in more complicated city areas.

Amazon wants to get into grocery delivery same thing.

Some day it may be possible for both you and your Full AutoPilot car to go to work and have jobs. Your car drops you off at work, then your car goes to work for Amazon making deliveries, earning you rental money to help pay for the car. And Amazon charges your car for free before the car is finished work at Amazon & picks you up after work.

Supermarkets could compete by receiving your AutoPilot car and packing it with groceries you ordered, and charge your car for free as well.

An Internet company, could use your AutoPilot car for taxi service while your at work, giving you some of tge proceeds and cut their capex costs.

Business use of full AutoPilot cars could greatly increase sales over and above retail sales.

Possibilities will just keep multiplying as full AutoPilot comes closer to reality. But starting with version 1.0 Partial AutoPilot for GenIII is a good way to get started, in my opinion.

Teslation | 2013年6月4日


Maybe Elon could re-invent government , I don't know all the possibilities here, but there could be lots of Mars government options.

Melmel | 2013年6月4日

Or maybe Elon invent a solar power pack on which, is place in the trunk and can be switch on when it needed the battery to recharge.

Brian H | 2013年6月4日

I don't know the details, but the workaround for stores and galleries so far has been to avoid all mention of price and purchase so far. Long-term, more legal and legislative battles.

Teslation | 2013年6月4日


Well if Texas is still dragging it's feet about direct sales of EV's when Tesla starts making their all electric truck, then I have a marketing suggestion. A sort of protest. See what you think.

Give the Texas pickup truck a Texas marketing name or code name . Names like Texas Longhorn, The Alamo, Texas Bulldog, Texas Wild Javelina, Texas Bullfighter, Texas Matador , Texas Cattleprod, Texas Bullherder, Texas Rodeo, Texas Lasso/Lariat l, Texas Bullrider , etc.

Using Texas in the name might help segway into and publicize a discussion on the direct sales problem in Texas, especially among Texans who might get upset when they can't test drive what might be the world's best pickup truck. Then Texans might start calling their state representatives.

As a brand, the word Texas is marketable nationally in the U.S.

SamO | 2013年6月4日


I am in the camp that thinks co-pilot, autopilot and pilot features are coming sooner, rather than later.

Google at +5000,000 miles in testing.

California MANDATORY rulemaking by no later than 1/1/2015 allowing autopilot. (

Brian H | 2013年6月4日

Much as I like the Segway, the word you want is segue. Sounds the same, tho'.

Teslation | 2013年6月5日

Well Texas & NC might require dealerships for Segways as well, you never know.

I was also reading at that someone suggested Tesla rent their cars in these hostile auto dealer states by the hour or day, whatever, so people could get to drive the car. I guess if they bought the MS, then the rental fee would be discounted off the price.

So let's start the MS sales to car rental companies in North Carolina & Tx, give the rental companies there a real good price.

Then when people in NC find out that they can't buy the world's best car, only rent it, they're really going to be PO'd.

I didn't think this idea at TMC was a bad idea, didn't get any response though.

Teslation | 2013年6月5日


And let's not forget intelligent 4WD is coming as well, it outperforms any other 4WD, available with the Model X in 2014.

SamO | 2013年6月5日


I didn't mention 4WD because he's already mentioned it (many times) before. I only listed things that were new or things that had changed in some way.

Bubba2000 | 2013年6月5日

I listened the 2013 Annual Meeting. They have done just about everything right, including taking advantage of the shorts, moving quickly to raise $1.1B in equity and convertibles. Instead of just chasing revenues, they are taking the time to redesign the Model S to facilitate mass production. They are also investing capital to further automate the factory. Looks like they are getting the kinks out of the Model S before starting with the Model X. Gen III is a big question, but Tesla does not need state to boost earnings, IMO. They got to the SC deployment plan.

The key to explosive explosive demand and profits just based on Model S, X are:
1. Economies of scale - Excluding the battery pack, Model S, X - including the electric motor - are relatively simple to manufacture. The price of the electronics will drop with Moore's Law. In a $100k car, excluding the battery pack, the remaining cost is $70k. With automation, the cost here could drop by 50-60% or more.
2. Battery tech - Panasonic got to be giving Tesla volume price breaks as well as reducing the price at the current battery tech matures... I would say, 10-20% over 2-3 years. If Tesla can deliver a 500 mile battery for cars in the 75-100k price range and move the 85 KW-hr to the $60k-70k price range, then demand will explode. Add a few refinements like smart cruise control, proximity sensors, anti-collision tech, etc.

In conjunction with the SC deployment, the company would be unstoppable. Certainly not by some inbred Texas redneck car dealers. Even Texans are not going listen to their government blocking Tesla. The ban may have an opposite effect! | 2013年6月5日

@ Bubba2000


Good insights on 'explosive growth'


o.jadhav | 2013年6月5日

When will the cars with "Advanced battery technology" be available publicly i.e. at affordable prices. If your future lies in opening electric charging stations everywhere where cars with the "Advanced battery technology" will be able to refuel their energy in which ever form it is. My point is your competition realistically is the fossil fuel market. Cars are affordable. Are you working on mass marketing your products and technologies? Also what is you opinion on these matters and which direction are you thinking of taking the company in? tsla ftw :)

PS: This would really sell if hillbilly's could operate this. It will even make them feel good about themselves. If it actually works.

Brian H | 2013年6月5日

Elon's approximation has been that 10x the volume cuts costs in half.