Yiiepieeeh- Model S get's perfect rear-cam-system

Yiiepieeeh- Model S get's perfect rear-cam-system

Whity Whiteman | 2012年10月16日

The megapixel OV10630 is a fully integrated system-on-chip (SoC) image sensor ideally suited for wide field-of-view and multi-camera applications. Its unparalleled ability to simultaneously deliver high-quality 720p HD video at 30 frames per second and superior scene information content is a key feature for applications that require concurrent vision and sensing functions. Featuring unique split pixel technology, the image sensor samples scene information for HDR multi-capture simultaneously rather than sequentially, minimizing motion artifacts and delivering superior image quality in the most demanding conditions.

timdorr | 2012年10月16日

Was this decision made a while ago, or did they just make the switch?

If this is new, are they switching to this for newly produced cars? What about the ones that have already been produced?

dahtye | 2012年10月16日

I think it's speculation that this is a new development for new cars, timdorr.

IMO and experience, it takes time for both companies to craft a press release for use of new technology. The Execs and legal teams for both companies need to review and authorize these types of PRs. So, it's likely that all Model S cars have this new tech - but that the announcement just took this long to release. But yet another speculation since I really don't know.

BYT | 2012年10月16日

I wonder if they will also work on object sensing technology for that rear camera as well. Anywhere is it written that it's an option just not implemented yet?

Whity Whiteman | 2012年10月16日

the car has the rear cam and different sensors on board... I think, there was the infarct or bluetooth sensor in the windshield?? Maybe there comes a nice surprise..

olanmills | 2012年10月16日

I think this is referring to the Model S, including existing cars.

I've seen press releases like this before. OmniVision just thought that now was a good time to tout the fact that their tech is in the Model S.

Mark K | 2012年10月16日

I checked out the HD rear camera during my test drive, and I'm pretty sure it's Omnivsion's CMOS image sensor.

The high dynamic range image on the touch screen was noticeably bright even in shadowed scenes. Light and dark within the same scene resolved better than ordinary imagers. That correlates well with the features of this sensor.

Totally normal for a vendor to wait until a customer's product starts shipping before they announce.

Omnivision is a great vendor. We buy their image sensor chips in high volume, and really like them. TM will be very happy with this vendor (unlike some flakey door handle suppliers).

My guess is every Model S with the Tech Package has got 'em.