Tint or not tint the windows?

Tint or not tint the windows?

First day online reservation 3/31/16
Order confirm 4/21/2018
Still waiting for the VIN #.

Should I tint the windows or not? I know is a personal preference, but I do think it look nice with tinted windows.
However, I think in California, car could not tinted the front side windows.

And ideas and suggestion.

By the way, I also want to get the Wall Connector installation done. Any reliable Tesla recommend Electrician for Bay Area at Fremont, CA?
Could I "DIY"? I have change main panel fuse and switch and etc......

Bartman4 | 2018年5月4日

So many questions for a single post! I haven't tinted, but I'm a fan. I'm probably too lazy to bother. I can't recommend an electrician in Fremont because I live in North Carolina. I did DIY my Wall Connector in about 4 hours (total cost ~$600), but I'm also a DIY on plumbing, roofing, gutters, etc. and I like reading books about the electrical code in my spare time. If you are similar, it's not a hard job!

Daryl | 2018年5月4日

In Phoenix where I live (Tempe, actually) it is a necessity! I would think Southern Cal would be the same. I've heard that California allows a light tint on all the windows, and I think the rear door windows can be a little darker. But the cops want to be able to look in the car and see you at a traffic stop.

I just got back from having mine tinted with 3M Crystalline. Too early to be sure, but it seems like a good product.

Tesla-David | 2018年5月4日

It is a personal choice, but I have tinted my last two MS's, and we tinted our M3. It reduces heat gain, and glare, and makes our cars look better IMHO.

AILIFIRIEIDO | 2018年5月4日

Did you run into issues tinting the back window? This one place is quoting me up install tint on the outside. Never seen this before.

lilbean | 2018年5月4日

No. Do not tint the outside. That will get scratched.

3dwin | 2018年5月4日

The back window is actually really small because if coating goes pretty low. I’m gonna tint mine on Tuesday. They asked if I wanted to tint my front windshield too. What do you guys thing about that? From window of course would be clear. But don’t know how I feel about that.

lilbean | 2018年5月4日

I would definitely tint my windshield if it was legal. If you do tint it, make sure you cover the dash with a towel. There was a thread about the screen going out after tinting.

johnmann | 2018年5月4日

I’m not a fan of dark tinting. I don’t think the police are either. For me it’s a safety issue. It’s important for drivers to be able to make eye contact and acknowledge that they see each other. As a frequent bike rider I dislike them even more for the same reason. Of course, living in Seattle I don’t have to worry about the car getting too hot.

rjadams72 | 2018年5月4日

I would tint all but front side windows in California. I'm in Bay Area too and got pulled over by CHP for my truck front windows being tinted, they were 80% by the way which is basically non-evident but I guess he could tell. Received a fix it ticket, had to rip off my expensive tint, never put it back on. Funny, i see guys (I know its not women, women are not tools) driving around with blacked out front windows all the time, great way to make the men and women, risking their lives daily, to feel safe. Its againt the law for a reason. Im sure I'll get ripped by the forum trolls....I mean tools.

Frank99 | 2018年5月4日

Based on two days of driving my Model 3 around Phoenix, I'd say there's no reason to tint the roof/rear window, other than aesthetics. I'm amazed at how little heat makes it through the top glass. The side windows - yes, I'm putting that on my list of things to do. Dark on the rear windows, perhaps clear UV/IR blocking film on the fronts. I've been driving tinted cars for the last 10 years, and there's a refreshing clarity about looking out the untinted Model 3 windows.

cornellio | 2018年5月4日

For sure! All tint, all the way around. I'm going to do my front windows in California, Don't care if it's illegal.

Don't judge. I don't care.

Atoms | 2018年5月4日

Here in Phoenix it is necessity. Summers are hot. Coming to use lighted crystalline for front to reduce IR load. I like keeping sides and back legal for safety.

idoggmd | 2018年5月4日

I’m with cornellio.
I’ve tinted all 4 windows on my cars for the last 18 years and no problems!

pat777campbell | 2018年5月4日

Tinted windows can be a social impediment in your own neighborhood. You easily forget people can't see you and resultantly don't wave... On the other hand, some tint to avoid being racially profiled. :)

nwfan | 2018年5月5日

@Frank99 wait until you park your 3 outside in the sun.
All the glass and black interior.

Parked my 3 outside while working in the garage. Outside air temp was 89 with humidity 34. Within 2 hours my cars interior shot up to 120 per Tesla amp.
I pulled out my windshield reflector and roof shade. Cracked windows and interior temp dropped to 105.

I have 3M crystalline tinting on all windows including roof, rear, side and windshield.

nwfan | 2018年5月5日

Amp - app correction

lilbean | 2018年5月5日

I’m surprised the temp got that high with the windshield tinted.

Frank99 | 2018年5月5日

Nwfan -
Last summer i parked my steel roofed car in the sun, and went out later with the thermogun. Steering wheel was 195f, shaded parts of the interior were 165f
I'm familiar with the effects of the sunon cats out here.

Tesla2018 | 2018年5月5日

I tinted the windows on my Lotus when I first got it and got pulled over for speeding since some idiot was tailgating me trying to get me to go faster and I was speeding up to pass the car to the right of me so I could move over. The cop never said anything about the tinting, but I rolled down the window, took the keys out and had them on the dashboard and had both hands on the steering wheel before he walked up to the car.
Seemed like the cop was more interested in finding out about the car since we wanted to know what is was and what the top speed was on it. Still got stuck with a $300 ticket for speeding but no ticket for tinting.

jsanford | 2018年5月5日

Window tinting is decidedly viewed differently in the PNW than in Arizona and California. When I lived in Phoenix you didn’t even think about it, the side and rear windows were just done, along with installing a Dashmat. After moving up here I had some weird questions about the window tinting (“No, I’m not in a gang, just used to live in Phoenix”) and every front passenger played with the airbag flaps on the Dashmat.

I’m not planning on doing it since the car can be cooled remotely. @Frank99 if you’re not finding a need to tint the roof and rear, window, that settles the question on those windows.

lilbean | 2018年5月5日

It’s interesting that the sunniest state doesn’t allow windshield tinting.

Tesla-David | 2018年5月5日

We tinted all windows, including front windshield, and have never had any issues with our screen going out due to tinted windows.

christian | 2018年5月5日

@jsanford, that's weird! I've had 7 different cars up here in the last 16 years, all with "illegally" tinted windows, and not once have I ever been given a hard time about it by a police officer, even when getting a speeding ticket. Like @Tesla2018 though, if I am pulled over, I always roll down the window first and make sure my hands are visible.

lilbean | 2018年5月5日

@Tesla-David The screen didn’t go out because of the window tint. There was a problem with the spraying of the liquid during the installation that damaged the screen.

Daryl | 2018年5月5日

I included my windshield when I had my M3 tinted with 3M Crystalline. The installer said it took 3 tries to complete the windshield, that putting Crystalline on M3s is very challenging.
But it looks nice and definitely cuts down the heat coming in through the windshield when driving into the sun.

Daryl | 2018年5月5日

Correction: "...said that putting Crystalline on M3s windshields is very challenging."

detrdwng | 2018年5月5日

@Frank99 and @Daryl

I am also in Phoenix, where did you get your tint? Did they do a good job?

Daryl | 2018年5月5日

I went to "A Better Tint" in Gilbert. Except for the problems they had with the windshield, yes they did a good job. They seemed very professional, worked hard to satisfy me.

After my experience, if you want to tint the windshield they may recommend another version of tint instead of Crystalline. They said other versions are much easier to work with, though they aren't quite as effective.

Also note that they only tinted the rear window up to overlap with the existing factory tint. You can see the line from the inside, and barely from the outside. I guess they had to end somewhere, since it probably isn't reasonable or desirable (or possible?) to tint the whole back glass over the back seat.

A nice product would be a graduated tint that fades to clear so it wouldn't leave such a stark line, but probably doesn't exist.

Daryl | 2018年5月5日

Clarification: I referred to using a different tint for the windshield. What I mean is to use Crystalline on all the other windows, but something else on just the windshield.

satori85 | 2018年5月5日

Are tinted windows an option in configuration?
If so, what is the window tint %? I believe 24% is the max allowed here (WA)

mponti214 | 2018年5月5日

I am in FL and I tinted the entire car including front windshield. One piece of advise service at tesla gave me prior to chosing who would do my tint job was to make sure you tell them not to squigee to much water on the bottom sides of the windshield, there is a chip there and there are many issues with the electronics if water gets to them so make sure they know. My model 3 is black and it looks X1000 better with dark tint.

Daryl | 2018年5月5日

Tesla doesn't provide any tinting. Your local Tesla service center *may* be able to recommend someone, but don't count on it.

paulholzapfel | 2018年5月6日

Can anyone recommend a good tint shop specializing in 3M Crystalline in the SF Bay area? I did receive a quote but ~$2,000 for all glass surfaces on a TM3. Seems to be a bit high when others on these threads are quoting all below 1K for 3M Crystalline. Granted, different geographies/cost of living but still.....thanks in advance!