2020 Roadster 3D Model / Dimensions

2020 Roadster 3D Model / Dimensions

Has anyone estimated the 2020 Roadster dimensions or has a 3D model of the vehicle? I need to incorporate it in a Sketchup drawing for a garage design. The model would be awesome (I have seen pictures of the models) but the general dimension will do for now.


israel_melendez | 2018年5月8日

Did a size comparison matching a car with the same rear wheels: the Porsche 918 Spyder, which is 182.8 inches long (4.643 m). The Roadster appears to be about one inch (2.5-3 cm) taller, a few inches shorter (8 cm) and with considerably longer doors. [See Pic]

carlk | 2018年8月29日

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eric.zucker | 2018年9月5日

I saw the Roadster today and had a laser meter with me. About 4.5m long, width at front wheels approx 180cm, rear wheels look a little wider, maybe 190cm.

Roadster itself was off limits, no touching and no seeing the interior.

Beautiful is only the beginning. This beast is absolutely stunning. It’s a work of art!

2018wesm | 2018年9月5日

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jimglas | 2019年1月21日


eric.zucker | 2019年1月28日

Someone posted a 3D model of the new Roadster here:

it looks reasonably close to the real one. Enjoy.

jimglas | 2019年1月31日

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jimglas | 2019年2月24日

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Callteryl | 2019年4月2日

Does anyone know if there is any way to get a break down of the miles you drive each month and where you go since our car is computer based? I need backup for my tax returns and on-star used to send a report on my car each month.

Saleeha rashid | 2019年4月30日

I have possessed a Tesla Roadster Sport for a long time, and it is my solitary vehicle. Numerous individuals simply carport their Tesla Roadsters and treat them as collectables (which they are, since Tesla is never again making them), yet I drive mine each day. I have additionally determined the Model S broadly, however, I don't claim one.

The vehicle is a head-turner. Individuals are continually taking pictures of it; I once strolled back to where it was stopped and there were three centre school young men taking selfies utilizing it as scenery. Consistently, individuals give me an "approval" or yell "I adore your vehicle!" And I hear similar inquiries over and over, and typically.
Along these lines, I surmise for the 2020 model, ought to have been the equivalent. I mean AMAZING!!!! | 2019年5月3日

It will have four seats, space for staple goods, huge range and be affordable to drive. Like the Tesla Model S P100D, it will be very polite in city driving, have surprising footing control and will be drivable in snow and downpour without issues. It will without a doubt have self-governing highlights for routine driving.
You could drive, shop, take children to soccer, go on get-aways and run for Sunday drives with it. All helpfully, easily and with completely foolish measures of quickening and speed accessible at whatever point you need it.

It will be a considerably more feasible day by day driver than any games vehicle in presence today.

Thusly, I derive for the 2020 model, should have been the equal. I mean just Awesome!!!!

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