Tesla powerwall with SMA Inverter

Tesla powerwall with SMA Inverter

HELLO. I have the powerwall installed with sunny boy 5000tl-us and 18 plates 250 watt. The problem I had was that the power went off the grid for 15 hours and the tesla behaved in the following way to 98% and there kept switching the sma inverter on and off. I never reached 100% even when there was sun. I would like to know if that is normal or there is a problem. It has version 1.15.0. Thanks for the help you can provide.

jose.torres59 | 2018年5月9日

Powerwall 2 with SMA sunny boy 500tl-us grid tie problem

seamus | 2018年11月14日

I know this is an old post, but I have two powerwalls recently installed, and they haven't reached 100% charge yet. Basically only reaching 98% (though I think once it said 99%). I'm waiting a while for the system to fully update etc. before asking questions. discusses the low and high end of charge states with these batteries, which might explain this. However, more to your point is this: the installer mentioned that if you have a power outage, and the powerwalls are full and you're still making more via solar, then the tesla system will toggle the inverter on/off to avoid overproducing electricity. Basically, you cannot make more than you can use, so you have to throw away production because it has no where to go.