Smart Air Suspension

Smart Air Suspension

Hi, everyone. I know this is a long shot but... I reserved a Model 3 two years ago and was told repeatedly that Smart Air Suspension would be offered as a $2000 option from the getgo just like on other Teslas. Well, just as my reservation was called to configure, I found out it won't be offered until the Dual Motor version. I have a relatively steep driveway at the point where the sidewalk meets my driveway and wanted Smart Air Suspension to be sure I wouldn't scrape the underside of the car. I do not need nor want to pay for dual motors. Tesla once told me they'd send someone to study my driveway but now say they won't. And that they don't have enough inventory to let me test drive one myself. Any Model 3 owner out there in Marin County who would be willing to see if the car clears my driveway? Otherwise, I'll be so disappointed to have to cancel my reservation. I'm afraid I'll be stuck with an SUV forever as no other sedan--that I know of--offers a high clearance.

twincam23 | 2018年5月11日

Model Y is for you! I heard people are starting to line up. Get on it..

TSLAholic | 2018年5月11日

Pricing for smart air on M3 was NEVER announced or discussed in any sort of detail except for it to cost less than MS/X.
Today, we all learned that smart air isn't even coming to M3 until NEXT year. So, I sympathize as I think it over and realize that smart air isn't exactly best suited for MY particular priority (performance) anyway.
So, I think I'll be fine without it and resort to tuning my suspension via springs. Speaking of which, have you considered a coil over option? You should be able to permanently raise the height of the car at least as much (if not more) than what the air suspension would allow. You could dial it in to the point where it clears your driveway and yet doesn't look as goofy as a Subaru Outback sedan did a decade ago.

MalibuRed | 2018年5月11日

Air suspension is pushed to 2019

Shock | 2018年5月11日

This feels like a reprise from a few months ago. I recommended then to the guy to get measurements of a model 3 and then simply check himself with a tape measure. You shouldn't need somebody to go to your house to see if their car scrapes your driveway or not :)

david_gelfand | 2018年5月11日

We should have waited for Smart Air in the Bay Area. Particularly in Oakland, my back takes a beating every time I drive our hill in tour M3. Our 2014 MS is GREAT!! Big difference.

mos6507 | 2018年5月12日

As options roll out I think we'll hear quite a few more early-adopters expressing buyer's remorse.

Losing the tax credits sucks but in the long run I think it's best to wait for the options you wanted.

jlocurto | 2018年5月14日

Thanks, everyone. I'll look into your suggestions. All worthwhile.

jlocurto | 2018年5月14日

Thanks, everyone. I'll look into your suggestions. All worthwhile.

JAD | 2018年5月14日

The air suspension isn't some magic great thing everyone should have. There are pluses and minuses to them. First, they cost a LOT more to buy and later to maintain. They are mostly used on SUV's as they allow the ride height to be adjusted. Expensive performance cars usually adjust the shocks instead to improve ride and handling, versus the air suspension that adjust the springs effectively. Both systems are much more complex and expensive that normal coil suspensions. Their advantage is adjustability, if it is important, the air raises the vehicle, the shock adjustment on sports cars softens the ride for normal use and firms up for aggressive driving. Allowing one car to perform differently in different situations.

That said, the air suspension on the M3 'could' ride much firmer than the coils used now and wouldn't be easy to change like it is now. Generally they are tuned smoother, like on the S/X, but there is no guarantee or built in smoothness you can't get with springs. If you need to be able to raise the car, air is great, but don't just think the air suspension is superior for everyone.

djharrington | 2018年5月14日

+1 JAD. I was ecstatic to see that the P Model would be offered first without SAS. Seeing that the front suspension needed an update to accommodate a front motor’s half-shafts, and reports of a dual-motor 3 at track with SAS, I had resigned myself to the fact that I’d be required to get SAS on my P Model. Now it looks like I get the have my cake and eat it too :)

No SAS for me!

Teslagrub | 2019年4月24日

I swear I was able to adjust the height of my Model 3 (Jun 2018) long range. But now I cannot. I'm guessing it was a software thing.

Rt002k | 2019年4月24日

@Teslagrub - got my LR RWD in July - never seen this option anywhere.

EM34ME | 2019年4月24日

@teslagrub, stay off that devil weed!

EM34ME | 2019年4月24日

@teslagrub, stay off that devil weed!

lbowroom | 2019年4月24日

Teslagrub - You can't be serious. Perhaps you had a loaner Model S?

coleAK | 2019年4月24日

First off the clearance on the model three isn’t that low. I’ve measured and it’s 1/4 inch lower then our E class.

Second air suspension for the most part sucks. No one has been able to do a reliable system. Almost every major manufacturer I can think of have tried it with the exception of the Koreans, Volvo, and Toyota /Lexus. Rover and MB have been doing at the longest. the MB system is the best one out there But even they are having all kinds of problems With: GL, S, grand Cherokee (MB system from the Daimler days). And from what I’ve seen the Tesla system looks exactly like the MB one. And with your thought of raid/lowering it multiple times a day it will even have more issues.
Third, if you really need the clearance some 2x4s on the steep gap will do wonders. When we had our GT3 I made a gap filler of three 2x4s to get in/out of our driveway. I made a 2nd one that was the same for my buddy that had a carrera GT. | 2019年4月24日

@coleAK - Not sure what other automakers use, but on the Tesla S and X it has be very reliable with very few issues. Perhaps Tesla was able to learn from the years of failures of these other car makers. Clearly, other automakers do not care much about longevity - all more money for service.

It doesn't look like there is room to add the system on the Model 3, so sort of a non-issue.

coleAK | 2019年4月24日

@tap we will see... How many Tesla’s with air suspension have been on the road for over 4 years? MB sold over 200k GLs in the USA alone prior to 2015. Jeep Almost a million grand cherokees, only about 30% have air. So just between GL and GC at least a half a million air suspension equipped ones out there that have been on the road and are now out of warranty. How many air Equiped Tesla’s In that same time frame? A few thousand?