X90D Replacement Tires

X90D Replacement Tires

Anyone have any experience replacing OEM Continental tires on Model X 90D w/ either Pirelli Zero All Season Plus or Pirelli Verde All Season Plus? Both appear to have refinement for noise - but up to the OEM Continental ???? Thanks in advance.

campusden | 2018年5月24日

I live in Florida. I replaced my OEM Continental tires with Hankook tires from tire rack. My 90D has never seen snow. The tires have been great so far. Maybe an additional 20 wh/mile of energy use. It is hard to judge for sure since it has rained almost everyday since I replaced my tires. The noise difference is minimal. I haven't made any long road trips since replacing the tires. I had almost 32,000 when I replaced them 2 weeks ago. The inside rear tires were at the replacement notch on the OEM Continental.

Triggerplz | 2018年5月24日

My Goodyear tires which came with my MX P90DL are still good, hopefully these tires will be out when it's time for me to replace them

disantodisantoa | 2018年5月26日

I just replaced my tires for X90D at Sams Club. Pirelli Scorpion. No sound difference.

Electric Flyer | 2018年5月26日

Are the Pirelli Scorpions run flat tires? I’m concerned about replacing the Continentals without another runflat due to the heavy weight of th MX and possible damage to rim/vehicle if you get a flat.

Sam | 2018年5月27日

Does the model x 100d come with run flats? Is this the standard?

Electric Flyer | 2018年5月27日

My MX 100D has the Continental run flats on them. Had one go flat last week with hole in sidewall at 5500 miles. Did not hit curb or rub against anything so was pretty upset with Tesla SC not willing to replace. Was going to get tire from local tire guy I use for all my other cars but they couldn’t get run flats from their supplier in that size. Had to pay $430 for one tire fron SC. So wondering if have to replace with run flats as SC told me due to vehicle weight. Anyone else have another experience?

ratchet | 2018年5月28日

My MX 100 D (delivered April 2017) came with Continental CrossContact LX Sport tires on 20" rims. The Continental website describes them as "A crossover and SUV touring all-season tire developed with highway drivers in mind. Combines a quiet and comfortable ride with all-season traction, even in light snow." They are not run flat tires.

tommyalexandersb | 2018年5月28日

I switched to Pirelli All Season Plus totes did my X 90D. They are just as quite as the cross contact continentals. I seem to be getting 20 Wh/mi less with these tires, which I’m very happy with and surprised. The only down side is the grip doesn’t feel as good as the continentals, but it’s close. I drive crazy though, punching it a lot and cornering, so unless you drive like me, you would never notice.

gham1959 | 2018年5月29日

I ordered the Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus from Discount and had them installed this evening. So far they seem to handle a bit better and noise similar (maybe a bit louder) than Continental OEMs.

vkathuria | 2019年3月2日

gham1959 - I am also considering getting the Pirelli Scorpion Zero A/S Plus, primarily because they come with mileage warranty. How has your experience been so far? - do you like them as much as the OEMs and any downsides (like lower range)?