Use Auto Park to Back Into a Supercharger Stall?

Use Auto Park to Back Into a Supercharger Stall?

I would guess that I can use Auto Park to back into a Supercharger Stall. Getting delivery of my new X 75D in about a week!!!!!

EVRider | 2018年5月31日

Maybe you could, but why would you need to? Autopark has been quirky for some people, so I wouldn’t try backing into a supercharger stall where you could damage both the supercharger and your car. If you want to play with Autopark, do it somewhere else.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年5月31日

One of the best parts about my Model 3 is the great back up camera. It's honestly fun to back into spaces. :)

Mike83 | 2018年5月31日

Kathy is right. The backup camera is high resolution and has lines to backup quick and once you use it a few times it becomes second nature like EAP where 99% of owners love the safety of it. The best use that I love in the Summon and autopark in the parallel and perpendicular modes.

Tesla-David | 2018年5月31日

I agree with Kathy, the backup camera in our M3 is incredible and much better than our S85D backup camera.

JayInJapan | 2018年5月31日

OP, please read your manual before attempting to use Autopark.

ggendel | 2018年6月1日

Kathy... I agree completely. I'm a little disappointed that there isn't a front camera as well. It can save some curb scrapes, or at least identify the end-of-the-space line in a parking stall. I love that I can identify that line if I can pull through to an adjacent space.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年6月1日

@ ggendel Totally agree. That's really the ONLY thing I like better about my husband's Leaf.

Solstice80 | 2019年10月3日

I think it would be nice to enable autopark at superchargers even for those that don't have it for their vehicles. I saw a recent post in another forum where someone did such a poor job backing in that ti blocked an adjacent stall. Of course, a jerk could still do that intentionally to not have to share power but at least provide the option so people don't have the excuse of being bad at backing into spaces.

TranzNDance | 2019年10月3日

The lengths of the supercharger cords are so short that I am curious how someone can charge while blocking another spot.

Solstice80 | 2019年10月3日

@TranzNDance, the picture I saw had a car double parked at an angle such that their charge port was near the charger but the front drivers side of the car was well into the adjacent space.

EVRider | 2019年10月3日

@Solstice80: If someone is that bad at backing into a space, it really doesn’t matter where they park. No reason to give them a temporary auto park feature only when at a supercharger.