Locked account?

Locked account?

I got a message that my account was locked due to too many bad password attempts. It said that it could be remedied by changing my password. How does that make any sense? If my account was locked because of that, it means that whoever was trying to get into it didn't have the correct password. Changing it doesn't make it any more or less likely that somebody will guess it, unless the person is going through a list and I change it to one of the ones already tried. But Tesla isn't giving me that list, and if they did, it would defeat the purpose, since anybody who knew that could reuse the list.

In the mean time, when my wife gets back to her car, it won't let her in. She has the card as a backup. I don't see how this solution makes any sense. If anything, I should change my email address if that's what somebody is using. Even better, Tesla should give people user names, so it won't be the case that anybody who knows a Tesla owner and knows that person's email address (assuming they use the same address for the account) can try a few passwords a day until that person gets in, can install the app, can find the car on a map, and summon it right out of the garage.

EVRider | 2018年6月13日

Your account wasn't locked when you posted this topic -- how did you resolve the issue?

Yodrak. | 2018年6月13日

Maybe Elon got pissed off by your 'Don't by a Tesla' thread.

NKYTA | 2018年6月13日

Maybe it isn’t the real Haggy.

The postings are way too short. ;-)

VValleyEV | 2019年1月4日

The account lock on multiple failed login attempts is standard operating procedure and a good thing. If your password is relatively simple or a duplicate of one of your other passwords that you use elsewhere that has been hacked, a lot of attempts by the hacker might have gotten through, so after a few failed attempts the account gets locked forcing you to change the password.

This has happened to me twice in about 2 weeks. My mobile phone app was still connected to the car and working, and my was still happily polling my car, but the login to the website was blocked. In order to unblock it I had to reset my password, which means after I did that I had to re-enter it into the mobile app and also the website.

Bottom line, I think the website is the easiest place to attack and try to discover a login password. If they know your email address and that you own a Tesla, they can just try lots of guesses and hope to get in, after which they could break into your car itself with any mobile phone. Perhaps one of the things Tesla should do is to let us invent our own user name for the login, something different from our email address that we only use there. If you never use that username for anything else, it will be much harder to discover than your email address, hence making failed login attempts very unlikely.

EVRider | 2019年1月5日

@rollintraver: You can use any e-mail address you want for your Tesla account, so you can get a free e-mail address and use that exclusively for Tesla. I don’t see why Tesla needs to change anything.

Doctorknowall2 | 2020年5月9日

I bought a model s 3 days ago. Somehow my account is locked. The sales rep says that he has sent a ticket but there are no updates.
When I try to change my password it reports that my email does not exist in the database.
Rep says my account is locked because I changed the email.

Orthopod | 2020年5月9日

Put back the original email

Aren’t you posting on that account?