Display going crazy and flickering

Display going crazy and flickering

Was driving and the screen started going crazy and flickering. It would quickly automatically switch between screens and type text on the navigation and streaming screes. I left it alone for about 5 minutes once I got home and then volume of the radio was turned up really loud. It wouldn't charge either. I did a cold boot and so far so good. I'm tired of having problems with this car...

rmg007 | 2018年6月13日

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zylka | 2018年6月13日

Sorry to hear this. It is startling to see and hear this happen. It's a known issue called "phantom touch." I had the same problem and it appeared to be set off when the temperature inside the car got hot.

It is freaky and extremely distracting, but will not cause your car to suddenly shut down.

I was told to press the right button on the steering wheel and when the mic icon comes up, say "bug report, phantom touch" This will tag when the events happen.

In the meantime put a call into your local service center and let them know this is an issue. Once you've tagged a few events, they will be able to look back at the logs to confirm this is a thing. In my case, they replaced the screen.

Also, make sure there is no screen protector or plastic on the screen. That is also know to cause this issue.

jrscarlett | 2018年6月13日

This is totally an unsubstantiated theory but by chance do you still have the factory screen protector (clear plastic sheet) still on the display? I had a problem at delivery where the screen was turning off after the car was moved outdoors in the sunlight. The techs did all the normal resets then discovered the plastic protection sheet had not been removed during prep. Sounded weird at the time, but have not had that problem since.

NVHarmony | 2018年6月13日

@at3456, same exact thing happened to me. Made a service appointment and 4 hours later had a new screen installed and the problem is gone. Believe it or not, the only way I could get it to stop once it started was to give the screen a firm hit with my knuckles. His leads me to believe that it is a hardware problem in the screen. Loose connection or marginal solder joint I suspect.

hokiegir1 | 2018年6月14日

Mine has done it a couple times. I do a reset (push in on both scroll wheels until the screen turns black -- can be done while driving) and it usually fixes it for a few days at least. Much like a phone or computer, it occasionally needs a reboot. I did call and set up a service appointment for it, but told them I wasn't in a huge hurry -- so my appointment is on the 21st. The guy on the phone said it's sometimes a result of screws being too tight. I imagine they will be replacing it, but I'm ok regardless.

I also imagine this is just me, but I've found that when I'm getting out of the car, my purse hits the volume scroll wheel and turns it up sometimes. I know some of the phantom touches can do it, but for the women getting out or men grabbing a laptop bag from the passenger seat (or a judgement from me), be aware that the corner of the bag can catch the wheel *just so* and turn up the volume.

cmenor33 | 2019年3月18日

Thank you @hokiegirl

donharvey2323 | 2019年3月18日

Holy tread revival batman!

etty10 | 2019年4月17日

My screen started flickering after last update. It was pretty hot Monday, so I was thinking its because of the heat. Did reboot and the problem went away for a day... and its happened again. Is any one else experience the same problem? I can't believe this is because screen protector, as I have it for a long time. I think last update has some bug...

nolasco1974 | 2019年4月17日

Same happened to me twice. I do a reset and all is good afterwards.

nolasco1974 | 2019年4月17日

Same happened to me twice. I do a reset and all is good afterwards.

bpaul | 2019年4月17日

Ever since 8.5 I've had problems of various types with the display. I'm hoping this'll be fixed soon.

beaver | 2019年4月17日

Yes lots of screen issues since 8.3, today it went wonky and didn’t reset itself automatically

Legendisdope | 2019年4月17日

I am on 8.3 and have to reboot my screen what seems like every other day. Not a big deal any more but it is annoying.

mrbrucebarnes | 2019年4月18日

I got the issue twice. I believe both since the most recent update 8.5. It looks like more than phantom touch. I'm getting like the map rotating 45 degrees and off to the right and the album art in the upper left, but flickering and weird.

I have done a hard reset (press both wheel buttons for 5-10 seconds) and it works after that.

tom.t.walker | 2019年4月19日

Is this what you guys experienced? (link below) I experienced it this morning for the first time. Haved owned this Model 3 three weeks. I rebooted screen (holding down both scroll wheels), and it came up with issue resolved. Here is a google photos video of it:

finman100 | 2019年4月19日

That's what mine did this week. AND when i was showing the car off!
kinda embarassing since I had them in the driver's seat ready to test drive and when the car "turned on", bam, it wigs out. I then had them press both scroll wheels to reboot and it's been fine ever since (4 days now).

Not a great way to introduce the coolest car on the planet. oh well, the drive was all giggles and OMGs, so really, the screen thing was minor and soon forgotten.

Speaking of test drives (and off-topic), my last two test drives, I had both people ask what about service, I heard there isn't anywhere to service these Tesla's (I'm 80 miles from Portlandia, OR).
Has there been recent articles that have brought this to the masses? I wonder now...

FactDoc | 2019年4月19日

same thing for me

service scheduled on Friday

earlohm | 2019年4月19日

Do you also hear scary OG Twilight Zone theme music when it does this. "Don't adjust the set. We control the Vertical. We control the Horizontal."
Yikes, seriously I hope it's resolved for all soon.

swanson21 | 2019年4月19日

@finman100 I'm also out of the "service area" of Portlandia about 160 miles southeast. The service here is excellent though! Just schedule online for Portland and they'll most likely call and re-schedule for a mobile ranger to visit. Nothing like getting your car fixed up while working.

weluvm3 | 2019年4月19日

"Do you also hear scary OG Twilight Zone theme music when it does this. " You mean The Outer Limits.

soyfoo | 2019年4月20日

I'm on 8.5. My screen went black while I was driving. I didn't stop to reset and kept driving. It reset itself after a minute or so. It happened once with 8.3 also.

Patrick | 2019年4月20日

Has happened twice since the 8.5 update. Reboot fixed both. Never saw it on any previous software release.

shane.eddy | 2019年4月21日

Started happening after 8.5 for me... I've had the flickering screen and just odd/unresponsive moments while driving the car. Also had the screen just turn off while driving and couldn't get it to come back on until I stopped the car. I've set up an appointment, but my gut is that it's a software issue. Hopefully will see it resolved soon as it's a bit unnerving when the screen has issues when you're driving the car.

xtgo | 2019年4月21日

First time the screen went wonky, then black, I was getting on the freeway and it was pretty scary since I didn’t know what to do. I got off at the next off ramp, and it started to reboot automatically. Since then, the screen has gone black twice more, once again while driving, once when I couldn’t wake it up after returning to it in a parking lot. Now that I know how to manually reboot it, I can get it back up, but it appears to be happening more frequently.

Kahn | 2019年4月21日

Happened once yesterday after 8.5 reboot fixed it. Got in car and it was flickering. Not hot at all.

garretn | 2019年4月21日

The screen was going crazy when I got in to drive the vehicle yesterday. This was the first time it has happened. I recently updated to 8.5 as several others have mentioned. I reboot the system and it cleared up. Reported it as a bug hopefully that's all it is.

3teslafun | 2019年4月21日

Just to add to the chorus, yesterday I had the same fickering screen issue while parked. Not temperature issue, temp was 54 degrees. I've had 8.5 for about 2 weeks. Car still worked fine. Rebooted at home, will see if happens again. Thanks for the above input, makes it a little less worrisome.

EVRider | 2019年4月21日

I’ve had the flickering screen 3 times (2019.8.5), twice while parked in the garage and once when driving. Rebooted all 3 times and the screen was okay. When it happened while driving, the flickering stopped by itself but the screen wasn’t responding afterwards until I rebooted.

slingshot18 | 2019年4月21日

It’s a confirmed firmware bug. No need to call service. Wait for the next update.

bradjellis | 2019年4月22日

My screen has been randomly rebooting since 2 or 3 updates ago. Today, the screen is completely glitchy and looks like scramble vision. Tesla needs to fix this asap.

vmalinsk | 2019年4月22日

just had S/W update 2019.8.5 3aaa23d on 4/21/19.

On 4/22 late afternoon - the Display just became “frozen” while driving! in NYC rush hour traffic!

In about 30 minutes display just went black. in a few minutes - came back again, but still - “frozen".

The car was still drive-able, but ,obviously, in a extremely uncomfortable way, no see turn signals, no speed, no transmission selection…

then, later, with pushing two steering wheel button simultaneously - i forced display to reboot again, and it came back responsive.

any theories what is causing this issue and how to prevent this from happening again.

slingshot18 | 2019年4月22日

Yes. I’ve said it now two times in this thread. Here is number 3. There is a firmware bug! It will be fixed at a future release. Hopefully soon.

rkelleriphone | 2019年4月25日

I also have been having problems since the 8.5 update. It has rebooted for no reason a couple of times and yesterday when I got in the car after work, the screen was freaking out, flickering and scaling up and down. I did the 2 button reset and when it came back up it started working right again. I hope they send a new update fixing all the the problems they introduced soon.

Masontreehouse | 2019年4月25日

Same screen flickering issue here. We have had the odd black screen of death in the past but it always respawned. This is new and judging by the number of entries the past week it seems to correlate with a recent software update. Great info from everyone. Thanks for posting

jerrycallahan66 | 2019年4月25日

My screen went black last night while driving on the freeway. No speed information or other data. Totally unsafe condition.

It rebooted by its self after a few minutes. When will this bug fix release happen?

wsabile1220 | 2019年4月25日

I thought I’m the only one had this issue..just happened few minutes ago.
Hope Tesla really really soon fix this as my wife mostly using the car and she is getting worried.

snapcj2008 | 2019年4月25日

I had this today. Soft reboot solved it, for now. I've had my M3 for 7 days. This is but one of numerous issues. I swore at the car today, and I was shocked at myself but it was a telling moment: why did I pay so much for a car and to a company when I've had so much frustration (with the exception of one staff member who is doing his best to help)?

Hrajupet | 2019年4月28日

The screen flashing, sometimes going black has been happening regularly since the last software update. Need to call service.

billlake2000 | 2019年4月28日

If you are able to laugh at the situation and be patient, you will have all your neighbors saying, "Who's that crazy loon over there laughing out loud to himself?"

TexasBob | 2019年4月29日

"So far, 2019.8 has been very glitchy…especially 2019.8.5. Because of this, many model 3 owners have been experiencing the pixelated artifacts you are seeing on the screen, in addition to slow wake-ups, odd speaker activity, etc. A scroll wheel typically fix these issues as a temporary work-around."

12.1.1 supposed to fix it.

contractorwolf | 2019年4月30日

Yeah, I saw the same issue on my 2019.12 version Model 3 last night and then it rebooted itself and it went away:

Teslanene | 2019年4月30日

Just had the same issue this morning drove off with the flickering and 30 seconds later screen goes black and it reboots itself. Works fine afterwards.

ddnepo1 | 2019年5月9日

I've seen it happen twice now. It starts flickering and displaying random lines, goes dark after a few seconds of this, and then reboots. Should I have the screen replaced while it's still under warranty?

Rick | 2019年5月9日

mine did this the other day also. what I did notice is that he screen position keeps in in direct sunlight though the windshield and the back of the was hot as hell. are there ever any overheating problems in the summer? I mean it was only 70 out and really hot, what happens when it is in the 90s?

averza3 | 2019年8月6日

It happened to me after I did my first screen clean. I turned the screen back on and the flickering started.
Didn’t try a reboot yet.

lveronese.interprise | 2019年12月7日

I got the same problem just now. Reset the screen with both steering wheel buttons pushed and for now it seems to be gone. Don't think it depends on heat since it's 6 degrees celsius outside. If this happens again I will schedule an appointment with TESLA support center.

goundla5 | 2020年2月24日

Had this flickering issue this morning....for the firs time. After reading this thread, rushed to parking lot & did reset by pressing both scrolling wheels on the steering to reset the screen. Problem solved magically, and my blue Model 3 is worry free again. Thanks All!!!

goundla5 | 2020年2月24日

Had this flickering issue this morning....for the firs time. After reading this thread, rushed to parking lot & did reset by pressing both scrolling wheels on the steering to reset the screen. Problem solved magically, and my blue Model 3 is worry free again. Thanks All!!!

Czardmitri | 2020年2月24日

I had it yesterday. Reset and all was fine. Weird.