Window rolls down by itself overnight

Window rolls down by itself overnight

I’ve been having this problem since I took delivery several months ago and the techs have been working on it OTA but it still happens.

Anyone else have this issue?

ravisundaramam | 2018年6月22日

not me

Warp Drv | 2018年6月22日

Does it happen every night? If so, you might try turning off any phones enabled as keys for one night to see what happens. If the windows don't roll down, then you know it's an issue with the phone, or phones. You should then try shutting off the phones one at a time (assuming you have more than one phone key). That would at least narrow down the possibilities. I'm assuming that you will have already disabled any third-party apps.

If the windows roll down while there is no phone key active, then I would suspect some other external interference (though it seems unlikely). Could you move your car and leave it in a different place overnight? Even if it just down the driveway or across the street.

Good luck,

Teslaguy | 2018年6月23日

Possible interference from Wi-Fi enabled devices like Alexa or thermostats or irrigation controllers, things of that nature

msilver9 | 2018年6月23日

I have been having a similar problem - not overnight, but my M3 randomly will lower windows after I park it. It is only occasional but so far I have been lucky to avoid any rain and security issues. Sometimes it will just lower the rear pass window and sometimes both the pass windows. I don't know exactly when it occurs since it is on the passenger side - it may happen when I close my doors or anytime thereafter. Of course the times I remember to double check before walking away they are always closed.

I have taken to SC once and they couldn't find anything but did push the last update (18.21.9) to me hoping that would solve it but it hasn't.

I seem to remember similar posts about phantom window opening a few months ago but can't find them. Please, if anyone else had this problem and had it fixed please let us know what the solution was so we can help guide the SC.

While I love the car, it is very uncomfortable knowing that one day I may come back to a waterlogged car or something worse.

wiboater4 | 2018年6月23日

They should have some way for owners to temporarily disable that when it isn't working the way it should if they don't already.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2018年6月23日

It is your cat.

It's always the cat.

Teslaguy | 2018年6月23日

Since the windows are not linked to any remote operation from the app, it has to be a glitch in the software that controls the window motors. Not sure if this is even a part of the firmware that normally gets updated.

MaxEV | 2018年6月23日

One time a couple months ago I returned to a parking garage and the driver's side windows of my Model 3 had rolled itself all the way down. Obviously windows that roll themselves down could result in rain damage or result in someone breaking in to your car. I also had some issues with the window sometimes not rolling quite all the way up after the door was shut. I called Tesla service and they told me how to re-calibrate the window. To do so, they said to hold the window down button until the window was down and then to hold it another five seconds. Then roll the window all the way up and hold the window up button another five seconds. Since I did the re-calibration I haven't had any problem with the window. You might also try rebooting your computer by holding both buttons down on the steering wheel which I've done to resolve a variety of other minor issues.

wiboater4 | 2018年6月24日

MaxEV They should put information like that in the manual if they haven't already. Thanks for the post.

luapobazs | 2018年6月27日

So I live in an apartment near the beach and always park in different spots. It happened once while I was in the grocery store, it happened at my office and a few times at home (overnight I suspect since I don't return to the car until morning).

The windows are not rolling all the way down; just that bit (maybe 2-inches) as they do when you open the door.

I check now every time I get out of the car with a walk around (not 'reach-around') to make sure they are closed.

It doesn't happen all the time, only sporadically.

I'm sure it's in the firmware or a switch. Maybe the switch that tells it to lower when you open the door. So far I have not been asked to take it in to the SC.

I still love the car.

fskott | 2018年7月18日

I'm starting to have this spontaneous rolling-down issue, too. I haven't fully analyzed it, but this past weekend, when I was washing the car, during the drying phase, and not anywhere near touching the window controls, two windows spontaneously rolled down a few inches. Yesterday, leaving work, the rear passenger window behind the driver side was down - didn't know it until I left the parking lot and gained a bit of speed.

Just a little disconcerting.

Also, though I can stream music, my FM radio does not work. I can touch on a favorite (an FM station), the display will show the station number, and even the show/music that's currently playing. But no sound. At all.

RedPillSucks | 2018年7月18日

Phantom touch?

dalesmith1962 | 2018年7月20日

I had an issue with my rear passenger window opening partially overnight. I read somewhere that you could calibrate the window by rolling it down and holding the button for five seconds after the window is down. Then do the same when rolling it up.

I haven’t had the window open on its own since.

djharrington | 2018年7月20日

Did you read the section of manual regarding flatulence detection/mitigation?

lilbean | 2018年7月20日


Atoms | 2018年7月20日

The SC should replace the window control module. Maybe it is defective. The next is to replace the computer. Wonder if there is a debugging mode which can be turned on to log all internal communications between modules and infotainment commands?

william | 2018年7月29日

I'm having the same problem. The window randomly rolls down while I have the car parked. Today I parked, had dinner, and returned to find the passenger window rolled all the way down.

dgcan75 | 2018年7月29日

I thought it was something I was doing somehow when opening the door that was causing this. So happy to hear it's not me but something with the car. They better get this fixed soon as this is a security risk. If someone steals something from inside my car, Tesla should reimburse since windows should not open on their own.

Cactusone | 2018年7月29日

Wondering if you guys with the random window roll down have changed the puddle lights?

erickear | 2018年7月29日

It’s not just a security issue. I live in a location which receives rain much of the year (PNW), so this will make me paranoid of water damage if it happens on my soon-to-be-picked-up M3!

Rnakkana | 2018年7月29日

That's scary.

Atoms | 2018年7月29日

It’s the new auto window down feature. Everything is being automated.
I would get that called in ASAP to get repaired.

dalesmith1962 | 2018年7月30日

Has no one tried my suggestion from an earlier post?

When I first picked up my car the rear passenger window was always rolled down the next morning.

I “recalibrated” the window control by rolling the window down and continuing to hold the button for five seconds. Then repeat on roll up. Since then my window has never rolled down on its own again.

shawncordell | 2018年7月30日

That’s a little scary!

mos6507 | 2018年7月30日

"I'm having the same problem."

Ruh, roh. Pattern...detected. I sense a new hashtag in the making.

andy.connor.e | 2018年7月30日

When more than 1 person has the same problem, mos gains sexual excitement.

luapobazs | 2018年7月31日

I have recalibrated the windows many times and it does not work.

I had my car in the service center for a week for a few issues and they claim it was in the software and now that I am on 2018.28.4 it should not happen. So far it hasn't.

And I for one have not changed the puddle lights or any electrical parts on the car....

djp2016 | 2018年8月6日

Yes, this has been happening for months. I have my THIRD appointment this Friday with the SC to address. I picked it up on Friday, with them having replaced the door latch (there is an issue with some of the lower VINs with a tight door latch. I do not have a low VIN and the issue is not the same I'm having, but they replaced anyway) as well as the door harness. They also recalibrated multiple times. Had the car back less than 24 hours, went out to dinner and came back to the window down all the way again. I am getting incredibly frustrated at this point. It sounds like there are 2 separate issues owners have: window going down slightly (may be associated with the door latch issue, which causes the car to think the door is still open, hence keeping the window down a few inches) and those who have the window rolling all the way down. It's also been both front and rear window for me, and one time it was both. Happens in different locations, so I don't believe it would be related to any home WiFi or devices. I'll keep you posted on a fix. I am also on the most current software version, so it is not that. I cannot believe they haven't figured this out yet!

djp2016 | 2018年8月6日

I also wanted to add, I have not changed the puddle lights and have done the soft reset recommended. This made me "think" it was fixed, as it didn't happen for a bit after, but was a false sense of security, as it is so sporadic, it's easy to think it's been fixed when, indeed, it is not. I think there may be more who are experiencing this as well who have not reported it, thinking they are accidentally pushing the button manually. I have heard this from other owners in local groups. I blew it off the first 2 times thinking the same, but it is definitely not something I am doing. This is also a huge concern living here in the Seattle area. Once the rain starts, this issue is going to be a very big problem.

apodbdrs | 2018年8月6日

Have you tried locking the windows to see if still happens?

jamespompi | 2018年8月6日

Sorry to hear that, but unless it was raining I think I would get a kick out of that lol. Speaking of that, any chance the rain sensor on the windshield would tell the car to roll the windows up if you left them down while parked?

amylee | 2018年8月6日

I have noticed this too! Although they never roll all the way down, I am constantly rolling them back up about and inch. I wasn’t sure what was causing it

czamara | 2018年8月6日

Yeah I noticed my rear windows rolled down after the car was parked a few times. I thought maybe I had done it by accident, but reading this makes me think it's an actual glitch. Hopefully something that can be fixed in a software update and not a mechanical or window motor issue!

mos6507 | 2018年8月6日

And so it continues...

bscottroberts | 2018年8月15日

I had this happen to me twice yesterday. Got out of the vehicle and looked over to see the passenger front window was down a couple inches. (No one got out of passenger side.)

carl9697 | 2018年8月15日

this issue has happened to me during the day and the evening. It happens at work constantly where it rolls down all the way or partially. It doesn't happen every day but i would say 3 times a week at a minimum. I have done the whole shut down the phone, windows lock, etc. I am taking this into service in a week and hopefully will get fixed. It is unreliable now.

Shock | 2018年8月15日

Been in production over a year and it still has bugs like this.

shawncordell | 2018年8月15日

@Shock Guess how long Microsoft has been building computers. Facepalm.

Sparky4life | 2018年8月15日

Hmm, the software in my car has only been in production for a few weeks. In case you haven't noticed, Tesla is not trying to stabilize, they are trying to move forward as fast as possible. It's a double-edged sword; more features quickly, and bugs to go along with them. For better or worse (and?), Tesla is not a traditional auto maker.

Shock | 2018年8月16日

"@Shock Guess how long Microsoft has been building computers. Facepalm."

^^ this is what it looks like when somebody says something irrelevant.

Shock | 2018年8月16日

"Hmm, the software in my car has only been in production for a few weeks."

Nope, that isn't how it works. A new revision does not represent an entire rewrite of all the existing code.

dalesmith1962 | 2018年8月16日

@Shock "’@Shock Guess how long Microsoft has been building computers. Facepalm.’

^^ this is what it looks like when somebody says something irrelevant.”

^^^ This is what it looks like when somebody is irrelevant and doesn’t yet realize it.

Sparky4life | 2018年8月16日

No, it's not a complete rewrite, but every update brings the possibility of regression.

Sparky4life | 2018年8月16日

My point is that they are not just fixing bugs, they are constantly adding new features. If their goal was stabilization, they would stick to bug fixes, release features only with major releases (8.x, 9.x), and add more back-end testing before release. This would result in more stable software but it would take longer to see new features. Like it or not, that is not their goal.

Iwantmy3 | 2018年8月16日

If this is software related, then it means the windows can be accessed from the car software.
I want the ability to roll my windows up or down from the app. No reason why this shouldn't be possible.

"Speaking of that, any chance the rain sensor on the windshield would tell the car to roll the windows up if you left them down while parked?"
Yes, I want that too!!

mos6507 | 2018年8月16日

[every update brings the possibility of regression.]

Sure, when you have bad coders and/or bad QA.

justinf777 | 2018年8月25日

I had my front passenger window roll down, but it could have been from me trying to wake up the app before heading out to the car to try and cool it off. It is scary that the window can roll down on its own. Luckily nothing was broken or stolen out of the car. I would like to see under controls the ability to roll up or down the windows seeing as they can roll down randomly.

ravisundaramam | 2018年8月25日

I would guess cross talk or badly grounded wiring harness somewhere for this issue. The wiring harness is well designed, else there will be a lot more reports.

A damaged piece, or a connector not fully seated would manifest as phantom touch or uncommanded roll down.

nelscharli1970 | 2018年8月26日

Watch out for your door to start popping open on it's own.

My windows started sporadicly lowering on their own, thought that was weird. A few days later the drivers door starting popping open randomly 3-6 times a day.
Tesla mobile service diagnosed it as a left side control computer defect. This computer controls all the doors, windows, HVAC for the left side of the car.
Replacing that computer solved the issue.

Phtp | 2018年9月10日

@nelscharli1970, all the windows or just one here and there?