Lamborghini thinks Tesla is bluffing

Lamborghini thinks Tesla is bluffing

Tropopause | 2018年6月26日

More likely, Lamborghini HOPES Tesla is bluffing. And they ain’t!

carlk | 2018年6月26日

Elon's specs are conservative according to the guy who has test driven the Roadster.

Tropopause | 2018年6月27日

Great article. Thanks, Carlk. Lamborghini and the others appear to going from predator to prey.

carlk | 2018年7月22日

WSJ auto columnist Dan Neil said in an interview he thinks Tesla has a 5 year lead in technology against the rest. He especially mentioned battery capacity and high power motors.

Ross1 | 2018年8月13日

And after 5 years?
Mr Fisker thinks he has a battery that will charge in one minute. Graphene tech.
I think this is the link

Ross1 | 2018年8月13日

500 miles too

carlk | 2018年8月14日

Elon's comment on new battery technology "show me the sample not the powerpoint.".

sosmerc | 2018年8月21日

Tesla bluffing? Let's see what Jay Leno has to say about that after he drives the new Roadster on his upcoming show. the Moon!!