$2500 Order Payment is not a deposit

$2500 Order Payment is not a deposit

This is confusing. Does the $2500 Order Payment go towards the purchase or is it an extra fee?

This is from the Terms and Conditions

Order; Nonrefundable Order Payment; Changes. Once you submit your completed order, we will locate a vehicle to match your Vehicle Configuration and coordinate the shipment of the Vehicle for delivery. Your Order Payment covers the cost of these activities and other processing costs and is nonrefundable; it is not a deposit for the Vehicle.

emoflash | 2018年7月2日

the $2500 goes towards the total cost of your vehicle.

CharleyBC | 2018年7月2日

Like the $1000 you put down at reservation, it also goes towards your car. This is fuzzy on the order screens, but crystal clear in the confirmation email. You are not being gouged.

cascadiadesign | 2018年7月2日

Continue reading the Terms & Conditions and it will become clear. The reservation fee & the $2,500 order payment go toward the purchase price. Owners will verify this fact.

RedPillSucks | 2018年7月2日

Does the $2500 fee complete your order, or must the other stuff be done first (all green) before they'll look for a car?

AJPHL | 2018年7月2日

Unclear if they’ll start trying to match for a vehicle before you complete the checkboxes, or only after. Note that some can’t be completed by you, e.g. when bringing your own financing, the box stays gray and won’t turn green, because the action is on Tesla to contact you closer to delivery to get the details of your financing.

PaceyWhitter | 2018年7月2日

The point of that language is to justify the fact that you are not getting that money back if you back out of buying the car. The full 3500 is still deducted from the purchase price when you buy the car.

gballant4570 | 2018年7月2日

AJPHL, if you select trade in, that check doesn't turn green until later. You are contacted to take some steps to address trading in. I doubt that delays matching your order to upcoming or stockpiled builds....