Everything Tesla with Photos

Everything Tesla with Photos

I now have Tesla S90D,Tesla Solar Panels and 4 Tesla Power Walls my house now runs on and stores Solar power

Thanks to
Tesla Engrey-Tesla Power Walls

My Name is: Zora Berman
You can reach me at: (973) 309-2673
Or Drop me a line at:
Give her a call tell Bruno sent You

Madatgascar | 2018年7月18日

Looks great. So many questions! Where are you, what is the size of your solar array, and how is the system working for you? Do you really need 4 Powerwall? Why don’t they match the color of your car? Who is Bruno?

red.nixen | 2018年7月21日

Once you have tasted this Tesla S90D, hard to forget. Worse still: difficult to do without, to return to a heat engine that makes noise, an acceleration with inertia, analog meters and a dashboard ... with buttons! Not to mention free charging stations, which we have time to get acquainted with other owners of Tesla who recharge too, all delighted with their car.


nipper2 | 2018年7月24日


24 Panels 7.8 kw producing 10296.88kwh I have 4 wall panels reason that what I wanted. The system is working fantastic. We already had a grid outage and never had any issues not even a blinking light the only reason I knew is a friend next door called they had no electricity and told me the electricity was out. I am in NJ

nipper2 | 2018年8月5日

We are participating an Solar Open House in Oct. we will represent Tesla
in our areas it's a way to promote Solar

Patrick | 2018年8月7日

Well done @nipper2! That is the ultimate setup. We have a 14KW solar generator to run the house and EV but next time will add the PW2s as well. Four is about right for a whole house UPS on a larger home. Enjoy!