How often do you charge your Model 3?

How often do you charge your Model 3?

I drive between 10 and 30 miles a day on general errands. When I come home, I plug my Model 3 into a Tesla charger in the garage wired and configured to 60A ( and it delivers the full 48A to the car )

So, generally speaking, I start with a 90% charge... and take it down to ~240 miles of range, then plug in.

AFAIK, leaving the battery at 90% isn't an issue and shouldn't degrade it ( any more than the @#%@$% 100+ Degree Austin weather will -- my garage gets to 110F regularly and the car goes into self-cooling mode and leaves a bit of a puddle on the ground from running the AC )

BUT -- how often do you charge your model 3? Every evening? To what percentage? Why?

lilbean | 2018年7月25日

I keep Mama X plugged in with the charge limit set to 60%. Lilblue has to park outside and borrows the cable during the day until it's charged to 60%.

Cyphr1s | 2018年7月25日

Don't charge above 90% for daily driving and for that matter may be better not to go above 80% with the small amount of driving you do. From what I have read and watched videos they say to charge daily but set the limit to 80%.

martinbogo | 2018年7月25日

Can't hurt to set it to 80% ... the charge time from 80-90% is just an hour or so if I need the extra range. Will do.

TexasBob | 2018年7月25日

We have one set to 70% and one to 80%. If you do not need 90% (sounds like you do not) then drop to 70 or 80. Will help extend the battery life.

gballant4570 | 2018年7月25日

I don't charge my Model 3 at all. Why? Because I don't have it yet.....

ebmcs03 | 2018年7月25日

Every two days or so. I drive 60 miles a day.

DMSDesign | 2018年7月25日

I charge almost every day to 80%. Better to charge a little

epikula | 2018年7月25日

When I had a another plugin hybrid that only had a 7kW battery I would charge full sometimes 3 times over in a single day. When we took delivery of our Model 3 we immediately took it on a road trip from Chandler,AZ to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park etc.,. Now that we're settled back in Chandler/Phoenix we charge it up to about 260-280 miles and then work it down. My wife gets to charge free at the Hospital she works at and I go to a movie about once a week where there are bunch of destination chargers surrounding malls like Chandler Fashion Center. Plug in walk 5-8 minutes to the theater(even last night when it was still 103 degrees) and the three hours I was there added another 37MPH x 3hours+ I was there. I love destination chargers and all the free chargers around Phoenix/Chandler. Met a woman from California last night that just pulled into same destination charger. She had only had hers a week and was loving her Model 3. If I think we need a little extra juice I'll plug into our charger at home which does about 17-20 MPH. But I'll take all the free electrons/kW I can get. Sorry for T.M.I.

ST70 | 2018年7月25日

whenever it needs it...

eandmjep | 2018年7月25日

I mix it up. Charge mostly at work for free but I bet at home I have charged 200 miles worth in the last 3 weeks. 80% most of the time except when leave work for the Weekend and then to 90%. If I get to 23% after a ride which as low as it has ever been then I'll charge at home to 50% and recover the rest at work the next day. Range charging at home before a trip but have only done that 3 times in 2 mos. 5300 miles. ZERO Complaints. Was told at pickup to keep the car plugged in and charge to 90% but we mix that up a bit. Longest I have gone without charging is 4 days driving to work and errands, only done that once.

Smhach | 2018年7月26日

Mondays 80%
Fridays 90%

Thats it.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年7月26日

@gballant4570 You should be leaving your non-existent Model 3 plugged in to a non-existent charger every night. It's better for your non-existent battery. ;-P

mjbwf5 | 2018年7月26日

Usually when it gets down into the 30% range I start keeping an eye out for a free charger open at work. Or just top it off (90%) before the weekend, whichever comes first.

sroh | 2018年7月26日

During the week, ours typically gets only 25-30 miles of driving. So we plug in whenever it gets to 50% of below and charge to 80%. We will always plug in on Friday and Sat evenings in case we decide to take a drive on weekends.

PhillyGal | 2018年7月26日

2-3 times a week I charge to 90% so that it mostly lives in a state of charge between 50-89%.

john.connell | 2018年7月26日

I commute 100 miles a day. I normally charge mine every night to a limit of 250. I like to have some extra mileage in case I need to do some other running around.

Tesla-David | 2018年7月26日

We keep both our MS and M3 plugged in always in our garage, and only charge to 70 percent unless heading out for a trip.

hokiegir1 | 2018年7月26日

A couple times a week. I charge to 90% on Sunday. If hubby has a non-local demo, we'll charge back up to 90% Tuesday for him. If not, we usually don't need to charge again until Friday night (we go to between 20-30% most of the time). On weekends, we usually end up going 100+ miles a day, so we'll charge those nights. Basically, it depends on plans. If we don't have any that will take us below 20%, we don't charge. If we think we need to have a "full tank," (full being 90%), we do.

Rocky_H | 2018年7月26日

You can feel free to plug it in as often as you feel like or when you remember. There isn't really a need to wait longer or avoid plugging in. But with the very small amount of miles you do, yes, I would probably put the limit at about 70 or 80%.

Thunder7ga | 2018年7月26日

My daily commute is about 150 miles so I charge each night to 80%.

Tesla2018 | 2018年7月26日

I commute about 30 miles a day and only have had my car for a week. They charged it to 70% when I picked it up and said it was the recommended setting.

I have Florida Power and Light and a smartmeter on my house. It lets me log into their site and lets me check on how much energy I used by hour, day, or month.

What I did to see how much more I am spending on electricity is programming the car to start charging at 1 AM and make sure nothing else is running like the dishwasher or clothes dryer or A/C that would eat up a lot of electricity. My ac is set to go off at 12am and go on at 6am and my water heater is set to come on 5am and go off at 6am.

When I log in, I can check and see how much I paid for 1Am to 3Am when the car was charging. I set it the charging app to notify me when charging is done. I check my phone in the morning and the charging is usually done by 2:30 am. Then I log in and see how much I was charged from 1-3 am to figure what charging cost.

I have only done it for a few days and my amount used is about $1.50 per day for about 30 miles of driving. I know this will improve since I have been sitting in the car with the ac on playing with the settings for mirrors, seats, and radio stations and other things which also affects range.

dalesmith1962 | 2018年7月26日

I follow the advice in the owner’s manual. I always plug it in at home. By keeping it plugged in “vampire” drain comes from the outlet and not from the battery. This should help to preserve the battery longer.

Since I am currently using a standard NEMA 5-15 outlet I charger to 90%. As soon as I get a Tesla Wall Connector installed I’ll keep it at 80%.

chuck | 2018年7月26日

I use 80/20 and end up charging more or less once per week.

dalesmith1962 | 2018年7月27日

Why do so many of you ignore the advice of Tesla and not leave your car plugged in?

I’d rather have “vampire” drain come from my home grid than allowing extra battery wear when not driving. When possible, that is. Easy to do at home, not as easy away from home.

hokiegir1 | 2018年7月27日

@dalesmith -- I live in a townhouse without a garage where my charging cord has to cross the sidewalk. While it's a minor inconvenience since we are the end unit of the building, there are some that cut around to get to the dumpster -- so we try not to charge more than necessary. The amount of extra wear from vampire drain is minimal. The amount of extra wear from frequent low cycle charging is minimal. I'd rather play the good neighbor card for now, while the battery is under warranty.

thomas.hitchcock | 2018年7月27日

I charge once every 3 days (70 like round trip to work + another 15 or so miles

eplaskett | 2018年7月27日

I charge to 80% every night. My work commute is 27 miles each way, so I could easily go four days without charging, but see no reason to do so. I have a 24' wall connector, mounted near the front left fender in my garage. (I chose that spot with the long cord so it would be equally easy to plug in if I backed in, say, after a Costco run with a lot of stuff in the trunk, as our basement fridge is directly behind the car when it's backed in, and also because it would allow charging a second Tesla in the other bay if we were to get one.) Initially, uncoiling and recoiling the cord was a bit of a pain, but plugging in and unplugging is really fast now that I have the cord snaking along the wall in the garage, supported by vinyl-coated bicycle hooks. No coiling/uncoiling is needed, and I can plug in or unplug and stash the cord and handle in 5 seconds. An added bonus is that this setup should reduce stress and strain on the cord. I appreciate always knowing that I don't even have to think about what kind of range I have.

jvcesare | 2018年7月27日

I only drive 10 miles a day. I charge it to about 190 miles and recharge when it gets to about 130 miles.

sroh | 2018年7月27日


While Tesla may say to keep it plugged in, that's not necessarily the best thing for the battery. If you only drive 20-30 miles per day, I can't imagine it's better for the battery to constantly keep it 80-90% charged. I know there is research that shows the optimal charge level is 50%. And I think it was Franz (or maybe it was a Tesla battery guy) who said to charge to 70% regularly if you want to maximize battery life. I think Tesla says to keep it plugged in because that is the easiest and lowest common denominator for them.

In the end, I think it's all fine. But I really don't see a need to charge every night.

bradbomb | 2018年7月27日

@dalesmith1962 Some people do not have a way to charge at home or at work. Where I normally stay at (girlfriend's Co-op), I don't have a way to plugin overnight. I take my car to the Whole Foods for Lunch near me at work and plug it in to a Level 2 Volta charger that is free for about 30 or so minutes. I've only had the car one week and I've kept my range over 200 miles. I have also taking it to a supercharger once to get it to 90%.

ryan.nisle | 2018年7月27日

My total commute is 20-30 miles and I charge to 65% every night.

GAGSTESLA | 2018年7月27日

Set it at 90% and forget it. That way, if you ever have to take an unexpected trip, you are fine. Tesla told me 4-1/2 years ago to plug the S in every night and charge to 90%, works great still.

Plus, the battery is under warranty for 120K miles, most of you probably won't have the car that long:-)

Daryl | 2018年7月27日

epikula "... a road trip from Chandler,AZ to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park etc."

I live in Tempe and was looking at the supercharger map. It didn't look possible to get to the North Rim. Where did you charge?

epikula | 2018年7月28日

Daryl. We left Chandler with about 250 miles of charge and stayed in Sedona for a wedding. After the wedding, I drove the Model 3 down to Oak Creek Supercharger and charged til about 280 or so miles(not quite full) took a walk to the gas station for a soda and came back and was ready. Next day I was driving the Travel Trailer/pulled with a truck to Jacobs Lake/North Rim and I had my wife drive the Model 3. Even though I had almost topped off the Model 3 the night before I told her to stop at the Flagstaff SuperCharger as the distance between Flasgstaff and Jacobs Lake is I remember correctly 170 miles. I also told her if she had any range anxiety that a pass thru Page,AZ and then on to Jacobs Lake would be something to consider, she actually did stop there but didn't need to. Charged up for there 42 minutes for $5.72 according to Tesla. We spent 8 days at Jacobs Lake, North Rim and Kanab and Zion. I drove the car once to Kanab city park as I noticed a 50AMP receptacle on the backside of city park sign and had my 50AMP adapter and charging cord. Unfortunately a late night trip there around 2AM showed it had no power though the 120V outlets worked, I was able to as the access panel was open! even flip the breakers no power to the 50AMP receptacle(it's funny how you notice every power source when on the road!). Anyway while charging for about 10 minutes at 3-4 MPH I quickly found out there were destination chargers at the Days Inn in Kanab, UT just about .5 mile from the park I was parked at. I drove over there, plugged in and went for a walk, it was by now 3AM at Jacobs Lake but 4AM in Utah(due to no DST in AZ). I got a nice walk for an hour, went to Mcdonalds for a coffee and breakfast and then back for over 100 miles of charge. I drove back to Jacobs Lake and the next day when we went to Zion parked the car again at the destination charger for a full charge(all the way to 310!). Could have even used the destination chargers on the east side of Zion but didn't. Another day we drove down to Marble Canyon/Lee's Ferry and there is another destination charger at Cliffdwellers Lodge/Restaurant and we had a bit to eat and again go some free miles. It's about 35 miles from Jacobs Lake to either Kanab or Cliffdwellers lodge, and another 25-30 miles to Zion from Kanab, Utah. As for the Grand Canyon there are 120V outlets all over. I once again noticed ones on old pay phone partial booths in front of gift store/grocery store in campground and also there was a laundry that looked to be open 24 hours, I didn't but I thought a late night trip(less attention) to the laundry where you could pull up to front of building with a 30/50 amp extension cord(from my travel trailer) combined with Tesla Charger and adapter might allow for quick MPH charging. I didn't use any power at North Rim and I didn't use my generator at Jacobs Lake as I didn't have time to research the floating ground issue when using a generator(googled and found a fix for this). But there also is a private campground at Jacobs Lake that has 30AMP hookups that I'm sure one could come to an agreement on $$ wise for some electrons. Sorry if too much info here but simply used Superchargers when could as well as destination chargers in Kanab and Cliff Dwellers Lodge. The ride up to North Rim/Jacobs Lake from Cliff Dwellers Lodge/Lee's Ferry will take off a few more miles of power than is the distance but the ride back down from the 9000ft of elevation will cost you zero miles if you work the elevation down wisely!

epikula | 2018年7月28日

In addition I find usually 37-38MPH charging at most destination chargers and as fast as 498 MPH Supercharging in Flagstaff! All destination chargers were empty! Supercharger at 10-11PM weeknight July 5th in Oak Creek/Sedona all empty. Flasgstaff Super Charger has 1 or 2 Model S's each time. Destination chargers @ hotels near Chandler Fashion Center(and there are at least 3 different destination charger locations there) mostly empty, usually one ICE moron in one spot every day.

Rocky_H | 2018年7月30日

@GAGSTESLA, Quote: "Set it at 90% and forget it. That way, if you ever have to take an unexpected trip, you are fine." could have it at 70% for your daily use, and just hit up a Supercharger on your unexpected trip and still be fine.

Quote: "Plus, the battery is under warranty for 120K miles, most of you probably won't have the car that long:-)"

Hang on now. This is about degradation of capacity from keeping it at a pretty high state of charge. The Model 3 battery warranty does allow up to 30% capacity degradation before it's covered under warranty, and I would think a lot of people wouldn't like to push their degradation up that probably still wouldn't be close to the warranty point.

Haggy | 2018年7月30日

I never got around to installing a second outlet or wall connector, so I typically charge every day -- but not necessarily the Model 3. I make sure that I have plenty of range in each car and it's extremely unlikely that my wife and I will take separate trips of hundreds of miles on the same day. For local use, getting down to 200 miles would still leave plenty, but it's unlikely that I'd get that low without charging. I'd have to use the Model S heavily every day in order to not charge the Model 3 when the S has enough remaining range. So in the worst case, I'd catch up over the weekend when I can go to the garage, unplug one car when it's finished and plug the other in and still get off pek rates.

If I had only one car, I'd plug in nightly. The worst case scenario right now, assuming I wanted full range in both vehicles, and started out with low range in both vehicles, would be taking the S to the supercharger.

GAGSTESLA | 2018年7月30日

@Rocky_H, My 4-1/2 year old Model S still charges to 230 miles @ 90% (100%=was 265 when new). Now has 90K miles on it (not as many miles now as I drive the 3 100+ miles a day now. So, i am not worried one bit about charging to 90%. I can get from 90 to 100 much quicker than if kept at 70. Maybe I would not need a (possibly) packed Supercharger.

Also, I was pretty much tongue in cheek about most not having their cars when the motor/battery warranty runs out (8 years). However, with the amount of miles some put on, I would venture that is a true statement. I wonder how many people keep their cars 8 years? I'll bet most do not.

Grimshad | 2019年4月7日

Maybe I have a bad battery, I charge 3 times a day or more sometimes.

Tomt | 2019年4月7日

Every night to 80%

SalisburySam | 2019年4月8日

@Tomt, +1. Car is always plugged in except (1) when it’s being driven and/or (2) when I need to charge my 2012 Nissan LEAF.

Randkthorn | 2019年4月8日

Every day I plugin when I park in my garage, normally to 80%.

Fredvanngo | 2019年4月8日

1-2 times a week at the superchargers (1 near work &1 in OC trip) to 80-90%, and adding more at home overnight during the week with type 2, 15-40 NEMA receptacle compensated for the phantom loss (30 minutes).

elecfan2 | 2019年4月8日

Every time I stop the car and I'm next to a plug.

TesLife3 | 2019年5月13日

I used to charge at 90%. Then I change it to 80% and start driving more and charge daily as suggested. My daily commute is only 60miles. Two weeks ago, I started noticing the decrease in the charge. I think the battery management system got confused. I think I charge it too frequently in my case. I have done recalibration and set it back to 90%. The battery mile improves now. From now on, I charge every two or three days.

AWDTesla | 2019年5月13日

100km's a day. Charge to 90% every night.

mr.mark.tarver | 2019年5月22日

I live in a town home in Park slope Brooklyn. I commute about 48-53 miles daily. I supercharge twice a week Sunday and Wednesday. Sometimes Thursday to drain the battery down to less the 30%
In winters I charge 3 to 4 times a week

gmkellogg | 2019年5月22日

I charge to 250, drive 40-50 miles, then charge back up. I set the time for 4am it's usually ready to go before I leave in the morning.

stopnair | 2019年5月22日

supercharge 3 times a week... wife commutes total 90 miles a day and we have the 325 miles LR RWD. I charge upto 86% or so to 280 miles.