What Would You Expect When Buying a Demo Car?

What Would You Expect When Buying a Demo Car?

I'm taking delivery of a dealer owned 2018 Model S in two weeks that has 7,000 miles on it. The car is 1,000 miles away so I am unable to look it over first. What would your expectations be of the condition of the car when it arrives considering I would be the first owner and it's not a CPO car? Part of me thinks that since the car has 7,000 miles on it, that I shouldn't expect it to be in perfect condition. But then another part of me thinks the discount I'm receiving is because of the 7,000 miles on it and everything else should be factory new.

Should I expect it to be in the exact same condition as a new car with zero miles on it?

Are some paint chips or minor scratches acceptable?
Scuffed seats or worn console?
Worn floor mats?
Degraded battery?
Should the warranty extend another 7,000 miles?
Updated and current software? (Built in February, 2018)
Mechanically inspected top to bottom?

Thanks for your advice! This sure is making me second guess that I should have paid an extra $12,000 for a factory new car versus a loaner ......

EVRider | 2018年8月13日

If you’re saying you got a $12,000 discount on the demo, that sounds like a good deal. If you’re in the US, you’ll get the tax credit too.

I think it’s up to you to decide how much wear and tear you’re willing to accept for that discount.

TesMD | 2018年8月13日

That is very good discount. I think the car should mostly be in great condition. There should not be any degradation to battery. Body should be in excellent condition. If there are any issues with exterior or interior of the car, Tesla will and should fix them for you.
The only thing to know about Feb. 2018 car is that it has old CPU which id definitely not as good as the ones that were put in cars built starting March 2018.

Welcome to Tesla family.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2018年8月13日

I have had 4 demo’s. The answer to ALL your questions is YES! I must say none of the ware signs were ever very significant or obvious. The discount more than makes up for these small imperfections. They would have happened anyway. The car I am in now had NO imperfections. A year later, it now has everything you mentioned. All I can say I have never been disappointed in any of my 4 demos and am grateful for the discounts that made them affordable for me. I wish you all the joy and happiness they have brought me.

rxlawdude | 2018年8月13日

While they have basically turned the "CPO" into an AS-IS sale (for cosmetic items), I'd be shocked if the inventory "demo" was anything but close to pristine.

trixiew | 2018年8月13日

Check for rim rash. They will repair that.

Kesla_S | 2018年8月13日

How to you find out about or get a demo car? I have a Dec17 MS75 and we order a P3D yesterday for my partner. Wonder if we could get another MS? His P3D was only 9k less than my MS. We both could do an S. So how do we find a Demo?

MilesMD88 | 2018年8月13日

Agree with all. Rims would be a concern. Floor mats probably shot. Replace those with Lloyd’s Black Luxe, you will love them. Great discount!

Anthony J. Parisio | 2018年8月14日

Ask you sales rep. to find you one. But they only exists at certain times of the year (like Fall). There are no Model 3 demos for sale and there won't be for about a year.

EVRider | 2018年8月14日

@Kesla_S: when you configure a new S on the web site, it will sometimes show inventory (demo) cars that have similar configurations, but I don’t think it includes all the inventory cars that the sales people can find.

Andrew_OH_70D | 2018年8月15日

I've purchased two demo Model S's, a 2014 S60 and a 2015 S70D. I picked up the 2014 in Cincinnati (near where I live), and I flew to Denver to pick up the 70D. Both cars were absolutely pristine. The 70D had 12,000+ miles on it. Tesla fully disclosed any small marks by sending me pictures in advance. If they have not, ask them to do so. In each case, they pointed out a few things that were so small that I could not see them without blowing up the picture.

You're getting a better discount than I received, so congratulations to you!

artmat | 2018年8月15日

I picked up an inventory Model S today. The car has 1k miles and I received an 18k price adjustment! Overall, it’s in great shape. The seat had a small tear and the door trim was off. The service associate said they would fix that for me! So, if you see some issues with the car, it doesn’t hurt to see if they’ll fix it.

pjalan | 2018年8月15日

1k miles and 18k adjustment something doesn’t feel right. Tesla has a formula based on how old and how many miles.

artmat | 2018年8月15日

@pjalan- I guess I just got lucky. Sub total was $148,700 - $18,400 (showroom adjustment).

SbMD | 2018年8月16日

@OP - good advice above. Indeed, anything you see when you inspect the car is fair game to ask to have fixed.

@artmat - that strikes me as a very good deal. Well done!

Anthony J. Parisio | 2018年8月16日

Tesla also take 1% off per month. I got a low miles car but high age and got a similar adjustment. Same happen for me on a Lincoln that was on the lot for over 12 months. It was not even a demo. The car just would not sell. It was a total gangster car located in suburbia. I saved $14,000.00 on that car. | 2018年8月16日

A little over 3 years ago I purchased an S85 with AP1 and 4400 miles. The discount was between $6,000 and $7,000. The car could not be distinguished from a new car. I drove it for 16 months and it was near perfect. One time one of the rear door handles locked in the open position. I corrected that myself using a simple trick picked up from reading this forum. When I took k it in for its annual checkup, all it needed was wipers and windshield washing fluid. No extra charge. | 2018年8月16日

The car was 4 months old.

acegreat1 | 2018年8月16日

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PatientFool | 2018年8月16日

my biggest worry would be normal wear blemishes that could have happened. rim rash, door dings, and rock chips up front. can you get hi-res photos sent to you of these exterior surfaces so you can zoom in and explore? and/or ask explicitly if there is any blemish at all in these areas? then you'd have an opportunity to ask that they be corrected beforehand.

Kesla_S | 2018年8月18日

OP can I ask which model you are getting? Is it a P100D or 100D 75D? Last weekend we reserved a P3D but after reading your post we are thinking maybe switching to a second MS. Just not so sure if we can swing it. Waiting to talk to Owner Associate. Now my partner doesn’t want to wait the 2-4 months. We’ll see

Matthewbrookes11 | 2018年8月20日

I'd be vary wary depending on which tesla your getting if it's a performance model then don't forget probably every single test drive they would have booted it in ludicrous mode considering 7000 miles and the average test drive is 20 miles your looking at 350 potential launches of a car. Plus you've got to take into account that tesla demo cars are always charged to 100% and sat there waiting at 100% to show the new potential customer the maximum range the car has I'd have a serious think if I was you but to get a 12k discount I think tesla know that there test driven cars won't be looked after as much as you buying one brand new.

In terms of interior and exterior it would be the same usage as you normally driving it minus people getting in and out more frequently however tesla seats are known to hold up well car shouldn't be dirty or scuffed because most dealers don't let you take drinks/food on the test drive by which I mean your passengers potential doing.

In terms of exterior the paintwork might have a few chips from the heavy acceleration and curb rash could be a possibility.

However it all comes down to what you can afford but I wouldn't expect a flawless car as if you were buying brand new good luck and I hope you have as little of these potential problems and FYI if I was in your shoes I'd buy the demo and invest the 12k in shares and if sh*t hits the fan by the time your tesla needs repairing you can afford a new one :)

rweggert | 2018年8月31日

UPDATE: I took delivery of my demo car last week and was mostly satisfied. Although the car had very minor nicks and blemishes, which I sort of expected with 7,000 miles on it, I was very pleased with the delivery. I noted the car was driven an additional 200 miles AFTER I purchased the demo car and was told they would not compensate me further unless the car was driven 1,000 miles or more beyond the recorded mileage at the time of purchase. Another strange policy: I was denied the opportunity to visually inspect the car or test drive the car before signing the loan papers. So, when the delivery agent left to gather some paperwork, I searched out the vehicle and did a quick examination before the agent returned. She was very miffed with me but there's no way I'm paying 100k for a car sight unseen. I signed the papers and became the proud owner of a new (7,000 miles) Tesla Model S 100D!

I would highly recommend purchasing a demo car if you have the opportunity. The savings was substantial and you get the added "luxury" of knowing any defects or problems with the car would have been identified during the demo rides and corrected before selling the vehicle. My particular car had two small windshield chips and a blemished headlight that Tesla pointed out to me during my walk around. The promised, in writing, to replace both components at my convenience. And, since I'm the first registered owner, I'm entitled to the federal EV tax credit.

Save yourself some money and seek out demo or inventory cars if they are available!