8000 Model 3's per week

8000 Model 3's per week

The bad news for the shorts just keeps on a comin'

jconaway | 2018年8月16日

Nose in the air, arms crossed and foot tapping, yea, but wheres mine....

fraczekp | 2018年8月16日

Yay, we're all happy... But I cant help to feel like put up or shut up at this point.

jacklondon413 | 2018年8月16日

go TSLA$

silentcorp | 2018年8月16日

How many can they deliver a day though?

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月16日

@silentcorp As many as they need to. Scaling up is painful but not impossible.

SamO | 2018年8月16日

Where are the Tesla trolls . . .when all they can talk about is SEC, Tripp, Azalea Banks and Funding Secured and all Tesla continues to do is execute.

At 8,000 Model 3/week + 2,000 S/X = Absolute destruction of the shorts


Revelate | 2018年8月16日

I think the title may be wrong looking at the article.

The analysts saw nothing that would suggest Tesla isn’t able to produce 5,000 Model 3 cars per week currently and increase that by 1,000 per week “very shortly.”

Evercore forecast Model 3 production of 123,000 vehicles during the second half of the year, but the analysts said they may need to boost that by as much as 7 percent after the tours.

Sounds like 6K not 8K FWIW, and that second bit is more like 5k/week average.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月16日

@Revelate You could be correct. It will be on Bloomberg to correct if that is the case. It may be they confused total production with M3 production or they left out some details that would support the 8000 M3/week number.

Revelate | 2018年8月16日

Actually think the article just left something else out.

Saw over in my Fidelity news feed that Evercore had stated 8,000 / week was feasible but for whatever reason it only made the headline on this site; seems like a publishing oversight.

Revelate | 2018年8月16日

Specifically in their report:

"In addition, the capex required and constraints that need to be overcome to reach 7 to 8k units per week seem well within reach."

shroffpankaj | 2018年8月16日

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Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月16日


● Most likely.

glavewu | 2018年8月16日

I hope tesla stock goes up as a share holder, I also hope they could deliver my car which I've paid in full and was promised to be delivered 3 weeks ago.

Carl Thompson | 2018年8月16日

You're title is misleading. Even the article you cite only says that 8,000 cars per week is "within reach."

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月16日

@CT really? How is my title misleading? I am not saying TESLA is MAKING 8,000 a week now am I?

You want to attack my title because that is who you are.

Tesla-David | 2018年8月16日

Great news, to hear that Tesla is on track to get to 8,000 cars/week. Go Tesla! I would not want to be short on Tesla now. There will be a lot of pain coming for Tesla Shorts soon, and they deserve it.

Carl Thompson | 2018年8月16日

You don't see how the flat statement "8000 Model 3's per week" could be misleading when Tesla is not actually making (or able to make) 8,000 Model 3's per week at this point?

dmastro | 2018年8月16日

123,000 vehicles x 7% increase = 131,610 vehicles over the 2nd half of the year.
131,610 vehicles / by 26 weeks = 5,062 vehicles per week.
So analysts seem to be predicting about 5,000 a week for the rest of the year.

The ability to ramp up "very shortly" may be "well within reach", but who knows 1) what the timing of "very shortly" is and 2) what needs to happen to "reach" that capacity.

Generally positive news for Tesla and those of us awaiting our cars, but the title of the article is misleading clickbait.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月16日

@Carl I could see how it could be misleading for those that are unable to comprehend the language. Most folks will go on to read the rest of the information if they don't understand what is meant by 8000 per week. ; ). | 2018年8月16日

Hate to jump in on this "title" decussion...

@CT - We don't know if they are producing 8,000 or are able or not able to make 8,000 a week. I agree the title is a bit misleading, but not far off the mark.

@M8B - I do think the title implies Tesla is making 8,000/week now. All indications is this is not true yet, but may happen shortly. Perhaps a better title is "Ramping to 8,000 M3s a week". Hey, it's your thread, so you get to use whatever title you want, even if it is a bit of positive click-bait :)

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月16日

@TT I can except "clickbait", which I have no reason to apologize for.

I feel bad and sad for those that wish to take ambiguous statements and turn them into having specific meaning.

jjgunn | 2018年8月16日

On the Freeway this morning.....

Model X90D in front of me
I'm driving MS 75 (Loaner)
MS 85 behind me

(2) Model 3's in adjacent lanes
(1) Model 3 going opposite direction
(1) Model X going opposite direction

Nahhh......Can't be.....These cars are terrible! Nobody wants them!

Just ask MB, BMW & Audi. This Tesla car company is no joke.

I'm guessing by August of 2019, TSLA will probably be private & gotten there at a share price greater than $420

Sparky4life | 2018年8月16日

From the original article:

Based off our tour and what we saw, we see no reason why Stamping and General Assembly should not be able to handle 7k to 8k today, and even potentially 10k units, with very little incremental Capex.

We believe the same is also true for the Paint Shop when it comes to reaching 8k units a week, with some incremental Capex potentially required to get to 10k units.

For Body, our understanding is that incremental Capex is required (our impression is in the tens and not hundreds of millions) in order to get to both 8k units and eventually 10k units.

While certain parts of the line are able to handle these volumes today, other sections will require improved design to achieve faster run-rates while, in a handful of instances, it may be necessary to have a second line running in tandem.

jacklondon413 | 2018年8月16日

I'm thinking that their new Paint bot has tremendously added value to their assembly line

djharrington | 2018年8月16日

Magic 8 Ball | August 16, 2018
@TT I can except "clickbait", which I have no reason to apologize for.

@Magic: that sentence is misleading. You meant to write “accept” ;)

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月16日

@djharrington Nah, spell checker accepted it so it is all good. LOL. ; )

gcklo | 2018年8月16日

@jjgunn On 101 in Silicon Valley, I routinely see several Tesla at the same time.

One time, 2 white Model S's were in front of my Red Model 3 and another white Model S was behind me.

TranzNDance | 2018年8月16日

The first time I was in a group of Teslas on 101 where there were two lanes for carpool, it felt like I was in a Tesla gang. Another time, three Teslas spelled S3X. With more 3s getting on the roads, it's going to be so S3X333333.

Sparky4life | 2018年8月16日

I had lunch at the Chipotle in Palo Alto today. Saw a roadster and 2 3's. After lunch I went to Tesla HQ. The parking lot was full of Teslas. I guess the employees believe in their product. And so it continues...

inconel | 2018年8月16日

I am not sure that the title is misleading. If I see an article title that reads "Going To Mars" is it misleading? We are smart enough to know the article will talk about the goal of going to Mars, not about someone going to Mars today.

ebmcs03 | 2018年8月16日

8000 a week!??? Do they even have that many buyers?

People who order now get their car in 7 days. There’s no more buyers.

Revelate | 2018年8月16日

Tell that to the legion of AWD and SR waiters ebmcs03.

Your LR RWD experience is not representative of the entire population.

Carl Thompson | 2018年8月16日


Yes, LR / Premium / black interior / RWD / North America are being turned around quickly but eemember that many people are in other countries where the Model 3 is not on sale yet and many people are waiting for range / feature combinations that are not yet available. There are still plenty more buyers.

Sparky4life | 2018年8月16日

And when those buyers have their cars, Model 3 owners will start trading in their cars for the new Models 4, 5, & 6...

Ross1 | 2018年8月16日

Why do they need to get past 6000, the European and Chinese plants have got to make some too.

Revelate | 2018年8月16日


Two reasons really. First, Shanghai and Europe are at least a year away, possibly two from full car production.

Secondly, and more importantly: it has been stated by Tesla previously that the SR isn't economical until 5k + 6 months of expanded manufacturing.

Read into that what you will in terms of what number they need to get to, but clearly 5k / month is acceptable for the LR options where there's higher margin, but not for the 35k car when it comes to staying in the black.

rjriker | 2018年8月16日

Whatever the rate of production the next bottleneck will be the delivery center. When we picked ours up they were scheduling 12 deliveries per day and they commented that corporate wanted 25 per day. The problem is the facility is too small to handle that many cars going through the final check, washing, etc. to be delivered. My unofficial viewpoint is that they need a larger place and more personnel to meet that demand.

dalesmith1962 | 2018年8月16日

Tesla needs to hurry up and finish construction of the New Orleans service/delivery center. The nearest one to my house is 400 miles away. The NO SC would take pressure off the Houston, Nashville, and Decatur (Atlanta) DCs.