100,000 Model 3's By the End of Q3?

100,000 Model 3's By the End of Q3?

The Bloomberg Tracker is showing that Tesla has already produced over 75,000 Model 3's. Can they break 100,000 by the end of the quarter? Thoughts?

je.miller | 2018年8月23日


Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月23日

● It is certain

PSUin412 | 2018年8月23日

I only care about the one with my name on it getting made! :)

HighlandPony | 2018年8月23日

To hit that goal they will need to produce an average of 5,000/wk.

aus1ander | 2018年8月23日

Tesla estimated 50-55k deliveries in Q3 on the conference call, so they should easily get past 100k total M3s delivered.

TabascoGuy | 2018年8月23日

It looks like 5,000/wk is in the rear view mirror...

HighlandPony | 2018年8月23日

Not sure how accurate it is but the Bloomberg Weekly Production Rate trend shows it dipping below 5000/wk for the next three weeks. I'm assuming that the predictor model is probably just a poor fit and is underestimating the upcoming production rate.

carlk | 2018年8月23日

I too have no idea how could they predict production rate in the future. Their methodology actually has a few weeks' delay of what actually has happened since they are incorporate data of cars delivered not produced.