Hail tested, and another happy day.

Hail tested, and another happy day.

I was driving home today and a big storm came up. It rained so hard that you could not see the road, so the highway became a parking lot. Then I heard it. Ping, was hailing and I could not get under any cover. It sounded like the glass could break any moment. It sounded like my still new Model 3 would be ruined. The hail was about dime sized from what I could see.

When I got home to my safe garage I did not even look. I went inside and asked my adult son to look. He came back and said he could not see any damage. He did not look hard enough I thought, so I went to see myself. There was no broken glass, no roof edge dents, not even the fragile frunk lid had any mark that I can see.

I hated being the tester, but nice to know my Model 3 is not as fragile as I feared.

Sslnight | 2018年8月28日

Great news! Glad you and the car are ok! :) Thanks for sharing!

billtphotoman | 2018年8月28日

I am glad to hear you made it through OK. Generally hail becomes problematic when it reaches ping pong ball size. When I lived in north Texas baseball or even softball size hail wasn't unheard of with the latter capable of totaling a car, sometimes even through the roof of your garage.

libra89 | 2018年8月28日

North Texas resident here with windows and roof damage from hail. That stuff is no joke. My whole roof had to be replaced and my house was just 2 years old. It's one of the things I fear most about spring and fall - will I be caught out and about when one of these storms rains icebergs down on me? So far only one time, and it was a tornado that was the bigger problem. Glad to hear the Model 3 came out unscathed!

fritter63 | 2018年8月29日

yeah, not a valid test till you've been through a Denver hail storm. Baseball sized hail. Not a lot, just every time we bought a new car while living there (20 years). They've had a lot of them this year.

Not missing that at all.

Sparky4life | 2018年8月29日

I read that the glass roof is made from the same material as Tesla's solar roof. Check out the video of 2" ice balls hitting the glass at 100 MPH:

The rest of the car would likely suffer much worse...

jimglas | 2018年8月29日

We had softball sized hail that totaled my house, Car was in garage and survived without a scratch. It all goes down to the size of the hail. Sounds like you got lucky

ajlbrown | 2019年6月17日

Model 3 parked in driveway while Inwas away, significant hail damage, maybe 20 dents. Meanwhile my wife’s vokvo parked in same spot has only ~3 dents. So Tesla dents more than Volvo, no doubt — weaker alloy, presumably. Has been parked in sun since and no improvement. Has anyone had luck with hair dryer and ice? I suspect that DIY solution maybe a waste of time, possibly harmful to paint, and I need to take it into a pro body shop, but if you’ve seen than work on a Model 3 let me know.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 2019年6月17日

No doubt weaker alloy. Truly like the car is made out of rice paper. What dealership did you negotiate your car from?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年6月18日

Parking in the sun didn't pop out the hail dents? Did you remember to rub vaseline all over the car before parking it in the sun? That should work out better for you.

CST | 2019年6月18日

DPR it.

CST | 2019年6月18日

Or PDR...

Effopec | 2019年6月18日

Had to make an airport run last week while it was raining buckets with hail in the area. Decided to not risk the 3 and took the ICE instead. Mistake, as the ICE has over 45k miles on the tires. I had trouble getting up over 50 on the freeway, and then got a low air pressure light which concerned me even more. Made it safe after the white knuckle trip, and never did see any hail. We currently have 4 cars with a 3 car garage and do have some minor dimples in the outdoor car from a previous storm. That one didn't seem to be any bigger than dime size so I wasn't that worried - you have to look close but the dimples are there.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年6月18日

Good thread, so that little dimple I put in the rear deck lid by letting the hose slip out of my hands was actually probably already there and caused by hail, good to know.

howard | 2019年6月18日

Light hail in Lewisville weekend before last. Mostly pea to marble size. My wife was freaking out but it is life in CO. You just go with it. I have had at least 4 cars pretty damaged in the last 30 years.

DYI can be done with the right tools and a great deal of patience. Not for me at all. There is a really good paintless dent repair place at 6th & Sims that I always go to.

The metal is soft but not as soft as my old 91 968. If you even laid your forearms across the front fenders to service the engine it would deform the fender ridge. Never seen a car so soft.

aurali | 2019年6月19日

car got caught in marble sized hail a couple of times, though that's just life in Denver. was frequent enough to set off the alarm, but no damage.