Use Touch ID on the Tesla App?

Use Touch ID on the Tesla App?

On the App, there is setting of Touch ID, which says: Allow fingerprint authentication. I not sure what it is. I searched the Forum and web, and didn't find much info. Can you share your experience in using it or not using it? Thanks.

packpike | 2018年9月7日

Like most other apps will be able to use your fingerprint on your iPhone instead of having to key in your password. I find it convenient, but it’s all up to how you use your iPhone.

TDUB | 2018年9月7日

Thanks, Packpike. Can you give me some examples where you use fingerprint for? As for the App, once I logged in with the password, it remains on. It seems for me I haven't encountered anywhere I need to use fingerprint.

Triggerplz | 2018年9月7日

If you want to use the keyless feature on the app you don't have to put your password in just use your fingerprint

Redmiata98 | 2018年9月8日

TDUB, using the password incurrs periodic nonlinear reinputs of the password. This requirement to reinput your password when you want to access the app usually arrives at a most inconvenient time. Try activating fingerprint to avoid this.

packpike | 2018年9月8日

Trigger and Miata pointed out the 2 examples that I’ve encountered which is why I enabled it.

skip8jones | 2018年9月9日

And if you have Apple Pay, all it takes is a the finger print. All nice and quick. Works with Schwab account app and probably others. No need to enter password or pin for unlocking the iPhone, just the print.

davidahn | 2018年9月10日

Nice addition to the Tesla official app, makes it MUCH easier to use keyless start (and even more secure if using Face ID). I used to use the Remote S app for keyless start because they enabled Touch ID years before Tesla did, now usually use the Tesla official app.

TDUB | 2018年9月10日

Thank you, everybody!

adamsrobw | 2018年9月23日

So I’ve never been asked to re-authenticate with password or touchid.

I really want to lock down the app so a kid (or anyone else) using my phone can’t mess with the car. I assumed turning on touchid would require my fingerprint when I open the app.

I assume this is a bug for everyone?

rickyamin | 2018年9月30日

+1 I also want to be able to lock the app so my kid does not summon the car thru the closed garage door and onto the road.

packpike | 2018年9月30日

@rickyamin: summon will stop if the garage is closed.

calvin940 | 2018年10月3日

FYI, it's not iPhone specific. We should just be using the phrase smartphone instead since it is on both Android and IOS

GarageCharger | 2018年10月8日

@adamsrobw, I agree, once the Tesla app is running on my Android phone, I'm never prompted for a password or a fingerprint regardless of whether I have the "allow fingerprint authentication" set on or off. And when I exit the app, the setting is automatically turned off anyway.

So what does this setting do anyway?

cwr | 2018年12月20日

Like “adamsrobw” and “GarageCharger” since I first set up the app for my Model 3, I had NEVER been asked to authenticate via password or fingerprint. Then last night I did my first software update. After that, the app (or login token, or whatever) seems to have been reset, including the setting to allow Touch ID. As near as I can tell, this option has no purpose. Does anyone know otherwise?

davidahn | 2018年12月20日

I'm 99% certain if you try to enable keyless driving, it will ask for a password or your biometric ID.

cwr | 2018年12月20日

davidahn: thanks. Yes, a month ago I installed the app and entered my id and password. Since then I have not been asked for a password or a fingerprint, until today after a software update.

mwithersit | 2019年5月27日

Bump? I need this feature... lucky I’m jailbroken and have other means to lock the app specifically.

henrik93972 | 2019年8月8日

I use TouchID with my Model 3 as an alternative to PIN To Drive (which otherwise requires entering a PIN code on your Tesla display to enable driving off).

When you are about to go driving – whether you are already in the car or not – open the Tesla app, tap Controls and then Start. Authenticate with your fingerprint. Now a countdown starts and you have two minutes to get in the car and start driving. The point is that in this use case you don't have to enter your PIN code on the car's screen to enable driving, while still retaining the extra security layer.

I guess this feature could also be used remotely to help a friend who is about to borrow your PIN-protected car, if you don't want to share your PIN code or Tesla credentials.

This is all handy, even though I think it takes too many taps to get to the Start button in the app (and it's not available from the app's force touch shortcuts or the widget). It would be even more elegant if when you pulled on the M3 door handle, the app pushed a notification for START to your connected phone. Voilà, just TouchID and go! Alternatively, the notification could come when you are within a meter of your Tesla (triangulated by the multiple Bluetooth antennas), when pressing the charge cable to unplug this before driving, or when you actually get in the driver's seat (sensor activated).