X75D C2C2C 2 teen age daughters 7000 miles 153hrs of driving 18 days

X75D C2C2C 2 teen age daughters 7000 miles 153hrs of driving 18 days


I have posted something related to this recently but now my journey is complete and here are the highlevel stats. Although I would have liked to maintain and post more accurate details as others have done but I was too lazy for that :-)
Central Jersey to DC. Next day started the journey of my dreams (for now:-). Shenadoah valley, Luray Caverns, columbus OH to Stlouis Arch, all the way I-70 to Denver (Red Rock AmphiTheatre is amazing), cut through the Rockies (I think) to Blanding to Four corners. The plan then was to return to Blanding to charge and go to Monument Valley but had a tire blow out (rear passenger side on the 50,000+mile X original tire) soon after leaving Four Corners. Although heard horror stories of tire blowouts X stayed rock steady. A kind Native Indian couple stopped and helped buffer X from speeding vehicles coming uphill and around the curve and helped call 911. Then my daughter taught us how we can call 911 even though our cell had no connectivity.Another gentleman also stopped later and gave us water and some cookies and both helped us slowly move the X to a clearing nearby. Another couple and some road work team also stopped. Thanks to all. Tow truck took us back to blanding by around 5pm and we had to stay overnight for tire to come from Salt Lake City next day. Cancelled all UT plans (monument valley, arches national park, bryce and zion and hanksville (mars test project)). Headed to Las Vegas and onto Kettleman City. Great lounge!! code to enter lounge shows up on nav !!!
Then onto Monterey and then over PCH (best compromise to see Kettleman and PCH!!!) to SFO and Muir Wood Forests. Toured Yosemite. Onto Yellow Stone and back all the way over I90 then I80 .... to DC and then home to Central Jersey!!!
Approx 153 hrs of driving over 18 days and about 7000+ miles and 71+ chargers
so we were charging about every 100 miles
and averaging about 46 mph driving about 8.5 hrs a day averaging little under 400 miles a day.
It was fairly relaxed enjoyable drive reminding me of a book I read in MY teenage yrs : Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.
Will do it again for sure, daughters njoyed too.

liftsrock | 2018年9月10日

I need to do this with my X75D!

Rajkrishnan9 | 2018年9月11日

Well worth it and more

bonhari03 | 2018年9月21日

One road trip in your X and you will be hooked! I am.

sbeggs | 2018年9月21日

Wow! Good report!

wayland | 2018年10月2日

Raj, It must be one memorable bonding trip with your kids! Good for you and them! Did you plan your entire route using some app? When I took a trip from San Diego to Monterey, I just let the Tesla map guide me to the Supercharging stations along the route to my next designation. I would love to plan the most efficient way to drive from San Diego to New York!

mail2doctor | 2018年10月3日
gregh9195 | 2018年10月3日

So, how do you call 911 without cell service?