Should I buy a Tesla tire repair kit

Should I buy a Tesla tire repair kit

Should I buy a Tesla tire repair kit. Do most of the owners have one of these. Any alternative suggestions.

shawncordell | 2018年9月22日

I bought the Tesla one but I’m sure most any tire repair kit should suffice.

patrick40363 | 2018年9月22日

Yes. I will bring it with me on Wed when I pick up my 3.

Xerogas | 2018年9月22日

@Rnakkana: I bought it. Mostly use it to pump my bike tires, but it feels good to have a backup just in case roadside assistance can’t reach me.

Bighorn | 2018年9月22日

No. Get a compressor and plug kit.

kaffine | 2018年9月22日

I went with other options. I have a plug kit and compressor. I also have an aerosol can of fix a flat and a bottle of fix a flat that is pumped in using the compressor similar to what Tesla has. I also got a jack and lug wrench just in case I need to remove a wheel in order to plug the tire.

I got to use the plug kit on another car a few weeks ago. It is easy to use just make sure you have all the tools needed. Something to remove the nail or screw that caused the puncture, the reamer and plug tool along with the plugs, a razor knife to trim the plug and finally a compressor. It was actually easier than I thought to use the plug kit only issue was that the kit didn't include something to remove the nail or a razor knife to trim the plug. Thankfully I was in my driveway so just had to grab the tools from my garage.

I travel too far from cities to rely on road side assistance. Under ideal conditions they are 80 minutes out under normal conditions I would be waiting 2 to 3 hours.

billlake2000 | 2018年9月22日

kaffine, why do you leave nails/screws on your driveway?

kaffine | 2018年9月22日

I ran out of space in my garage had to store the hardware somewhere. :)

Been doing some home remodeling work recently and could of had a screw end up in the driveway when hauling debris to the dump. Or I could have picked up the screw somewhere else and it just went flat overnight.

billlake2000 | 2018年9月23日

I opt for you picked up the screw somewhere else and you luckily made it home. Best place ever for getting a flat!

roger.klurfeld | 2018年9月23日
SalisburySam | 2018年9月23日

@roger.klurfeld, thanks for the link to the product you selected. I see that it is supposed to be safe for TPMS systems, but I saw no mention of the acoustic innards of the Model 3 tires. Is that an issue for “slime”-based tire repairs?

843TM3 | 2018年9月23日

YES!! I have a nightmare of a story that caused me to have to leave my brand new Model 3 on the side of the road overnight that a tire kit would have saved. Roadside was no help, tow trucks we’re not equipped to properly tow the vehicle and local shops did not stock the tires. In my opinion this is a must have. I am sure there are other alternatives if you want to save a few bucks but I will say that the Tesla version is nice and has material on it that allows it to stick to the carpet in the inner trunk to keep it from moving around.

socalbtc3 | 2018年9月23日

I wonder if some aftermarket vendor would make a donut tire kit with a scissor jack and tire lug wrench, at least to take on long trips, for around town AAA works in our metro area.

Something like this:

jefjes | 2018年9月23日

I know and hope it will never be needed but I bought jack pads for the special lift points on the Model 3, an electric 12V scissor jack rated to 2 tons, tire tool with the right size for the lug nuts that has an extendable arm for extra leverage, and extra tire plug/leathers with glue. I already owned a portable 12v compressor and all the necessary repair tools. They all now reside in the space below the trunk and will only be brought out if roadside assistance is too far away or there is no cell service to call them.

Bighorn | 2018年9月23日

Slime is a crime. Just say “No.”

lilbean | 2018年9月23日

It took me forever to inflate my tires with the black and decker pump. It was so difficult to pull the pump off and the air kept escaping. I had to keep reinflating the tires.

roger.klurfeld | 2018年9月24日
hmgolds | 2018年9月24日

I don't know which of the DIY tire plug kits are best, but in looking at them I noticed that many seem to be for off road, low speed applications, not passenger tires. Maybe it's a liability thing.

Having heard of 2 local stories of people stuck overnight because they could not find the right size tire, I bought a kit with Slime and inflator for travel in rural areas. Same one that roger.klurfeld referenced. Not sure how well they really work..

I might pick up one of the plug kits as well.

mikes | 2018年9月25日

I got the Tesla repair kit. If you use any other "slime" type you may encounter TPMS issues and Tesla may have you pay for replacement of such sensors. Using the Tesla kit will not affect the warranty. The kit fits nicely beside the destination charger in the Frunk. It can save a lot of time, in case of a flat, compare to waiting for roadside assistance, even worse what if there is no cell phone coverage where you have a flat.

keistylist | 2019年5月22日

Have anyone compare the Spare Tire Kits *SEALANT* - Mopar. It’s like $30-40 and looks identical to the OEM Tesla version

jithesh | 2019年6月10日

Saw this in the description for Tesla Tire Repair Kit "The damaged tire should be replaced, along with the TPMS sensor, at your earliest convenience. Replacement tire and TPMS sensor are not covered under Tesla vehicle warranty." Since the tire and TPMS sensor are not covered under warranty why do people say that Tesla Kit does not affect warranty ?

SalisburySam | 2019年6月11日

I think the most reasonable answer to the slime kit purchase is @Bighorn’s: just don’t. Your solution to a flat tire is dependent upon your patience, handiness, preparedness, needed trunk space, and your desire and ability to do some dirty work. The solutions are several:

Easiest: call Tesla’s roadside assistance to replace tire, fix yours, then either pick up fixed tire or replace. Downside: could be lengthy wait, may not be in cellular signal area to call for help, might not have any tires available in local area.

What was the norm a decade ago: carry your own properly-inflated spare/wheel and call roadside assistance to mount. Downside: could be a lengthy wait, loss of truck space to carry tire, may not be in cellular signal area.

What we did decades ago: carry your own spare/wheel, jack, lug wrench. Downside: loss of trunk space, dirty job, not fun in bad or cold weather.

Good judgment today: carry plug kit, and inflator. Downside: loss of some trunk space though much less than carrying a spare, tire damage could be not repairable, possibly hard to find site of air loss, dirty job.

Today’s more comprehensive approach: carry plug kit, inflator, and jack/jack pads. Downside: loss of trunk space, tire damage could be not repairable, dirty job.

SalisburySam | 2019年6月11日

“...truck space” = “...trunk space”