Tinting Rear Window

Tinting Rear Window

Hi Everyone,

I am expecting to pickup my Model 3 this Friday and will be dropping it off to my detailer on Saturday to get some items done. I was thinking/wanting to get the rear window tinted to match the side windows and was wondering if people had any issues. i only ask because in the other forum there have been some talk about some owners rear window cracking after getting it tinted. Is that true? Would it look silly if I got the side tinted and left the back as is? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Madatgascar | 2018年9月25日

I just did it, and it looks fine. My shop did the whole rear window in one piece, no problem. The top gets darker than you might want, but you can still see through in the daytime. I have the white seats and it really makes the interior bright - in retrospect I wish I went with a darker tint. I was matching the tint on another Model 3 with black seats that looked really dark. Think about whether you want to do the center sun roof too.

thorvund | 2018年9月25日

Hi Pkalhan,

I had read the same thing about cracking. I called Tesla Service and they were unaware of the problem, but did state if the glass cracked and there was tint on it, it could cause a warranty issue.

There are a couple of options, one is to tint the entire rear glass (this would be my preference), but I was concerned about the cracking. Some folks have tinted only the bottom half, and left a line that goes with one of the defroster wires (this looks good from the outside, but seemed cheesy from the inside).

I decided to go ahead and tint the rear sides and quarter windows with 8% and think about what I would do with the rear when I had more information. Strangely, I think it looks great. The side windows stop right about where the roof glass tint stops. Because I have the black interior, it is a challenge to see through the back anyways. I may leave it like this for a while and see if it grows on me.


disapr | 2018年9月25日

I just had my windows tinted on Saturday and had a single piece installed for the rear. The issue with cracking is likely due to the tint shop heating the glass to much and unevenly during the shrinking process. Find someone that has done this several times already. There is a shop called Honest Tint in the LA area that has a youtube video of them shrinking film on a back glass that they purchased from Tesla just to use as a die/template for shrinking film. I'd go check these guys out if I were in the area.

Pkalhan | 2018年9月25日

thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.

@thorvund, just want to make sure I understand, you tinted your sides, but held off on the rear, correct? I am debating if I should do that too. No harm in waiting until I decide what I want to do with it.

Thanks again all!

vkpsari | 2018年9月25日

I have got Suntek CIR 80 on the front windshield and the center sunroof. The rear was 40% in one piece. I like how it came out. But to match the Middle roof and the rear, I wish I would have done the rear in the 80% as well (but that was costing me 250 more, so decided against it).

CanWynn | 2018年9月25日

@Pkalhan, I believe they are talking about cracking the glass during the tinting process, not after tinting is done. Tinting the rear windows requires the installer to use a heat gun to shape the film prior to installation. If not careful, too much heat from the heat gun will crack the glass.