Finally! I was able to track my Model 3 shipment by VIN

Finally! I was able to track my Model 3 shipment by VIN

Somehow I got hold of a number that did a magic! It’s a dedicated TESLA Delivery logistics department. They told me that my car is 185 miles away from Austin and the carrier is moving should be in Austin location by today! What a relief!

lbowroom | 2018年9月25日

Wasn't there a website you could enter the VIN?

sterickson | 2018年9月25日

The number seems legit, when I called it, but I didn't avail myself of it. It's for use by carriers and Tesla employees, not customers. Seems wrong to use it.

lbowroom | 2018年9月25日

I feel the same way. Anyone remember a shipping website that VIN could be entered in though?

RedScooter | 2018年9月25日

here you go...
It didn't work for me though.

Nemo_00 | 2018年9月25日

TESLA Customer Service gave me the number nad asked me to use it! For the website, only United Road allows you to search by VIN. But how do you know they are using United Road service for your car?

Just select Option 1 and they will help you.

sterickson | 2018年9月25日

*If* Customer Service tells me to call that number, I will. Otherwise, I'm not going to tie up what is clearly NOT a number for normal use by customers, and I don't think the rest of us should, either.

YongGaoHD | 2018年9月25日

Agree with you. Don't call this number. If the line to arrange the logistics gets clogged by us, our cars will only get there later. Thanks for sharing but it is not helping...

Nemo_00 | 2018年9月25日

@sterickson, I hear you!

gmkellogg | 2018年9月25日

Seems sketchy.

Nemo_00 | 2018年9月25日

You guys sound like I got this number by an illegal act! I called because Tesla Customer Service wanted me to call. But it’s up to you to use it or not!

rxlawdude | 2018年9月25日

Clearly, some of you are Finding Nemo's number.

shawncordell | 2018年9月25日

My car has arrived!! Woot!

R1Fast | 2018年9月25日


It's tempting, but not a good idea to clog this # and further throw a wrench into the logistics fan. Keep it open for drivers and delivery personnel.

Nemo_00 | 2018年9月25日

Will remove the number then!

uzval_Tesla | 2019年5月24日

Can I get the number please :|

vokevin9 | 2019年8月12日

Wish Tesla have live tracking. I live in Texas and delivery taking forever.