Car showing undelivered "back end bug".

Car showing undelivered "back end bug".

Has anyone else whose app fails to work after delivery been told it's due to a "back end bug"?

That's the situation I'm in, 5 days post delivery. They can't even give me an ETA, so I'm hoping someone else who has experienced this can tell me how long it took for them.

Phone functionality is very important to me and one of the things I was most excited for when replacing my 14 year old car, so this is very frustrating especially after an already frustrating delivery.

fosh | 2018年9月30日

Are you sure mobile access is enabled from the controls screen in the car? I ask because a friend of mine received his 3 last week, and he was given a similar response as you when his car was delivered. After about 2 days, he discovered his mobile access was not enabled. Once enabled he had app accessibility.

redsgt | 2018年9月30日

I have the same issue as OP, mobile access def enabled.Tesla account shows that I a reservation still not a delivered vehicle.

HotToddy | 2018年9月30日

Yes "allow mobile access" is showing on. Blue background, slider to the right.

djgarrett21 | 2018年9月30日

Have you tried contacting the delivery center? I believe they are the ones that have to mark the vehicle as "delivered" for mobile access to work.

Bighorn | 2018年9月30日

Access is set to activate 15 minutes before scheduled delivery time so the keycards can be activated on the phone app during the delivery run through. Don’t know what back end bug refers to though—don’t think it’s a drinking game, either.

HotToddy | 2018年9月30日

I have. I've contacted everybody. Only 1 of the approximately 10 people I talked to actually got back to me despite promises from all to do so. He was the one that finally said it was a back end bug and I was told they're working with the engineers to resolve it. He could not give me any ETA not even a general one and it's already been days so I doubt anyone is actually working on it.

ccsccs7 | 2018年9月30日

My car still shows as undelivered a week after my actual delivery. Never had app access (this after enabling app access immediately after receiving the car for delivery). Looks like I'm now getting charged for Supercharging, though. I was hoping I'd at least get it for free while I waited for app access.

rxlawdude | 2018年9月30日

@HotToddy, how did you get your M3 delivered, and didn't they have you configure your card keys and phone app at that time?

HotToddy | 2018年9月30日

Home delivery. The delivery did not inspire confidence so I was suspicious something was not done properly from the beginning. First they said I needed to wait 24-72 hours, then they changed to 3-5 days, then they said back end bug and could give me no ETA.

rxlawdude | 2018年9月30日

Well, that's not acceptable. I would not accept delivery in your situation. This is a flick of a keystroke problem, and not one that should take any appreciable time to resolve.

For the record, our early M3 (12/28/17 delivery) was set up for app access at the time of delivery.

HotToddy | 2018年9月30日

Thank you for the info. I agree, I do not find the situation acceptable, it's flat out infuriating that I can't find anyone willing and able to help me. I'm just hopeful it gets resolved soon because I love the car otherwise. My motivation for the post was hope that someone would say something like "oh yeah that happened to me, it took a week" so I could relax a little. Right now I get the feeling I'm getting nowhere, no one at Tesla cares, no one will help.

mlc | 2018年9月30日

I don’t know if mine was the same problem but I had a similar situation when I got my car. The phone app worked when the car was delivered to me but then stopped working after a couple of hours. The car also was shown as undelivered on the web site. I called the delivery specialist the next day and was then (I think) put in contact with customer support. I was told that this happens when there is a slowdown on post delivery paperwork and it can sometimes take a few days to resolve. By the next day the phone app was working and the web site indicated the car was delivered. It may be the same for you, but with the end of quarter push, things might be even slower. I got my car over two months ago and there wasn’t as big of demand on Tesla staff as I assume is occurring right now

HotToddy | 2018年9月30日

Thanks mlc. That unfortunately not my situation. I thought that was my situation, them each deadline came and went and I was told they had a bug on the back end and needed engineers to resolve it. The person who told me this said it was rare but he had seen it before. He said it was rare enough he could give me no ETA. Hoping maybe to find someone here that's been through it to see what their timeline was.

Bighorn | 2018年9月30日

Who is making the assessment? I’d probably show up to service right before they open and get them to look unless they’ve been involved already.

HotToddy | 2018年9月30日

Thank you for the suggestion Bighorn.

I was told this by calling Tesla help who contacted the Cleveland service center. I could never get anyone at Cleveland to return a call regarding this issue. He said the people at Cleveland were aware and working with engineers to resolve. No one ever called me to tell me that though, every time I called Cleveland they said they'd call me back and never did.

Unfortunately I live in Michigan and the closest service center is 3 hours away.

HotToddy | 2018年10月1日

It works! Finally my car shows up on and the app let me in to use my phone as key. Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions. It ended up being less than a week, not horrible in hindsight but the poor communication and then being told they couldn't give even me a timeline was worrying. Good luck to those of you still waiting, hopefully it won't be long.

ccsccs7 | 2018年10月1日

My car was finally added to my account as well and I can see my car in the app. Holy crap! This is neat!

It was over a week for me (but less than 8 days).

spuzzz123 | 2018年10月1日

ccsccs7 how long is a week where you live?

Gadge | 2018年10月1日

My Model 3 was delivered on Sept app is still non-functional.

al | 2018年10月1日

Mine came online this morning... Be patient. Use your key card and once your car shows delivered on your account, it will work on your phone. The app on the phone will change.

neylus | 2018年10月1日

I also have his problem. Car delivered last Thursday. App shows "how to" videos and nothing more. My account order screen still shows as undelivered.

HotToddy | 2018年10月1日

Gadge that's too long, I'd start making phone calls. The longest estimate I was given when things are supposedly working as intended was 5 days, so you're way past that. Be persistent, I'd call at least each day or after each deadline you were given passes.

TeslainME | 2018年10月1日

My car was delivered on 9/19 and my app went live today 10/1.

wayne | 2018年10月1日

I suspect everyone was pulled for the delivery push and now details are getting taken care of.

ccsccs7 | 2018年10月1日

@spuzzz123, A week is 7 days for me, but I was referencing some hours beyond a week in my comment.

Also, I'm glad to have app access now. Unfortunately, today I had to park my car outside of network connectivity range.

fivosc | 2018年10月2日

I had my model 3 delivered on 9/28 and I'm still waiting for app access as well. I called support yesterday and was told that it's a known issue and should be resolved in 24-48 hours.

RobF | 2018年10月3日

This has affected me as well. Took delivery, via "home delivery" on Sunday 9/30. No access as of today, 10/3. Support told me it's a back-end bug, should be resolved sometime this week.

gigi16 | 2018年10月4日

Same here. Took delivery on 9/27 and my account has still not been updated. Was told it was a backend issue. They could not confirm ETA.

jcd82 | 2018年10月5日

Same for me, home delivery 9/26. Took a tour of the factory yesterday and they couldn’t figure it out, just told me it was marked as delivered on their end and to call support if it doesn’t clear up in a few days.

yaja23 | 2018年10月8日

Same issue here. Took delivery 9/28 but still no access to the car in the app.

yaja23 | 2018年10月11日

Anyone else in this thread get their car added to their Tesla account?

jcd82 | 2018年10月11日

Still nada for me. I called the Dedham delivery center Tuesday (since that is where my paperwork came from) and was told 24-48 hours. I will be calling back tomorrow to get an update as it is now beyond 48 hours and still no change.

mrburke | 2018年10月11日

After a week, I called the main service number. I had app access later that day.

jcd82 | 2018年10月12日

thanks mrburke, maybe i will try the main service number instead of the delivery center when i call back today since that seemed to work for you.

markbraggs | 2019年5月22日

I’m having this issue right now. My Model 3 disappeared from my account on April 30. It was added back since then but shows as undelivered. No app access. My car was broken into over the weekend, due to no app I was not notified. And autopilot isn’t available although I paid thousands of dollars for it.

It’s been a month. Still waiting. Still told it’s been referred to a specialized team and they are “working on it.”

markbraggs | 2019年5月22日

I’m having this issue right now. My Model 3 disappeared from my account on April 30. It was added back since then but shows as undelivered. No app access. My car was broken into over the weekend, due to no app I was not notified. And autopilot isn’t available although I paid thousands of dollars for it.

It’s been a month. Still waiting. Still told it’s been referred to a specialized team and they are “working on it.”