XM Radio - does it work on X?

XM Radio - does it work on X?

jabe999 | 2018年10月1日


Redmiata98 | 2018年10月1日

...and well once you pay for the subscription or listen during periodic free trials that they offer. Note that lifetime subscriptions are no longer available.

jjgunn | 2018年10月1日

Yup - Just call up SIRIUS & give them your radio ID & CC to pay for the Sub. Works great.

Please allow 24 hours to download all the station info - it takes some time right after you first activate the radio

Mel. | 2018年10月2日


campusden | 2018年10月3日

Yes, it works. One of the problems used to be with every update, the group folders (music, sports, politics, comedy)would disappear but that hasn't happened lately.

plugzin | 2018年10月3日

Be very cautious giving XM your cc data. They will continue to bill you at their "retail" rate after the trial is over, and I've heard it is very difficult to cancel. Much better to just have them bill you by mail, and send a check, especially if you are unsure about continuing after the trial period ends. On my old Nissan Leaf, I would always ask to cancel at the end of the trial period, and they would always offer yet another five months at their allegedly "one time only" introductory rate. I never gave them my cc data, and that went on for three years.

mattolkowski | 2018年10月6日

Yes its great especially when your in cell tower black areas and still want to listen to music...

scotteeboy71 | 2018年10月7日

They didn't have any "trial" right off the bat when I called them. I finally said "hey my tesla says there's a special offer for xm" and I don't think there really is. They always have some promotional stuff. Here's what I found after i dug in with the guy for awhile-- you can get a 3 month premium trial for $2.00 (and that's the one I took). they also had a 1 year deal for $60.00 - which seemed reasonable for a year of service. But since I wanted to trial it first, the $2.00 option seemed good to me and I'm sure they'll have some special pricing before the end of the year.

bob | 2018年10月7日

On my annual renewal I called to cancel since the quoted price was double what the promotional cost was. I talked a sales rep and he agreed to honor the original rate. For the record they were happy to disconnect my service effectively immediately and stop charging my card. At least they claimed they were... Since I do a lot of driving in cell dead zones I value the service, just not at ± $200/year (retail).