Navigation - Alternate Routes

Navigation - Alternate Routes

In Google maps when I type in a destination I can choose between default and alternate routes. Is there a way to do the same in Model 3 navigation?

wayne | 2018年10月4日

I was wondering the same thing.

jithesh | 2018年10月4日

I am hoping that at least with v9 I can choose the route from phone and send it to tesla. would still be better to get that feature in tesla navigation itself.

Bighorn | 2018年10月4日

Not yet. You can force a different midway point by choosing that.

gmr6415 | 2018年10月4日

Bighorn is correct. If you want to plot a different route currently you have to individually navigate to several different midway points along the total route.

I've found that it's easier before you depart on a long trip to enter all of your navigation points from point to point. They will then show up in a list when you hit the navigation button.

syclone | 2018年10月4日

Or - enter the destination, let the system give you a route and then use any alternate route beginning that you want to. The system will catch up with you and map out the balance of the new route.

henry.groover | 2018年10月5日

The navigation is great but this is at the top of my list of desired features for navigation. My commute has several alternatives and I'll often choose one that might be a few minutes longer but less stressful. Sometimes that alternative can be 20-30 minutes longer which obviously makes it undesireable. As mentioned above it's fairly easy to see this in Google Maps and I know the Tesla nav is aware of the times of alternatives (because it allows you to select the "suggest alternative route if it saves ____" option) but it doesn't give you a way to look at the times for alternative routes.

EVRider | 2018年10月5日

Do other in-car nav systems let you choose from multiple routes? The only other one I’ve used is from BMW, and it doesn’t. I don’t know about other brands.

derotam | 2018年10月5日

@EVRider, my wife's 2010 Highlander does, as did my 2011 Taurus.

hokiegir1 | 2018年10月5日

@EVRider -- My 2013 Prius had 3 choices that it would display -- quickest, shortest and most efficient. Sometimes one or more were the same, but usually there were a few slight changes on them. You could set a default choice, but you could always view all 3.

elplawn | 2018年10月5日

Since I use my Phone for music (Slacker sucks!) I get Waze to give me the route and only turn on the notification for alerts. I just drive to where Waze/Tesla Nav differ and take the Waze route. Tesla Nav changes accordingly once on the new route.

The advantage is that I can still hear the the Waze alerts (traffic ahead, police, etc).

It's a shame that such advance vehicle needs these workarounds.

tim.raymund | 2018年11月25日

The Google Maps alternate route choices is something we noticed right away and miss quite a bit. I often think of Tesla and Google as competitors, at least in autonomous driving, so I'm imagining negotiating Tesla's adoption of Google Maps might be a bit sticky. If competition didn't gum things up, I'm fairly sure that location data might be a sticking point. Given all that, I'm not expecting to see Google Maps on my Model 3 display any time soon, or really any Google Android functionality. But more to the point: the lack of alternate routes is a HUGE feature gap, one that I strongly recommend Tesla have a look at implementing.

Bighorn | 2018年11月25日

Tesla already uses Google maps.

tim.raymund | 2018年11月25日

@Bighorn, now I'm really puzzled! If Tesla is using the Maps data and/or navigation API, why not the most popular aspects of the user facing functionality?

Bighorn | 2018年11月25日

It's a hybrid system customized using another company for the nav I believe.

Bighorn | 2018年11月25日

From Teslarati:

Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles have so far been using a combination of Garmin Navigon software and Google Maps for the electric cars’ navigation and routing. Garmin Navigon’s information is displayed on the Model S and Model X’s instrument cluster, while the route is overlaid on Google Maps in the vehicles’ 17-inch touchscreen. The system works even when the car does not have an internet connection.

As we noted in a previous report, the release of a revamped navigation system could pave the way for vast improvements in Autopilot.

tim.raymund | 2018年11月25日

That sounds complicated, and a bit of mish mash. Tks!

Mediumed | 2018年11月25日

Elon has promised maps that far exceed any before it and he always delivers. As we know just not on time usually. Can't wait for these new maps to be implemented.Alternative routing is a feature that I really want as well. Also in google maps you can drag the route line to any desired route that you want and not just suggested routes.

brineck | 2018年11月25日

With V9, you can share a route from your phone to your Tesla. I enter the destination in Google Maps on my phone, then select the route I want and share with my car. It works perfectly!

mllockwood | 2019年12月22日

I have been trying to share an alternate route in Google Maps with my Tesla, the destination transfers but the route reverts back to the Tesla default route. Hoping someone has found a way around this and can provide some tips and directions to allow the alternate route to be used by Navigation in the Tesla.
Thank you

FISHEV | 2019年12月22日

Another thread on similar topic of plotting maximum range route. Toyota has had this for last 10 years, Eco Rout on the Prius.

Be great if Tesla added that and used the Estimated Range from the Energy graph. And included other chargers on the route and you could filter the chargers by Chademo, CCS and kW.

nathngamsiri | 2020年5月20日

There are two off ramps I can take to get to from work/home. I prefer the one that my model 3 doesn’t “naturally” want to take. Is there a way to “teach” to use the ones I prefer?

stingray.don | 2020年5月20日


As has been discussed in this thread, that functionality does not currently exist. You can try entering a different destination that results in your preferred off ramp.

bjrosen | 2020年5月20日

They don't seem to be putting any work into the navigation, it's woefully deficient. Google maps has multiple routes, route preferences such as Avoid Highways, and multiple waypoints. Tesla navigation has none of those features, it only has a single destination which makes it impossible to plan a full trip with it. You can work around the lack of waypoints by putting them into your Google schedule which is synced with the car, you then navigate to each destination on your schedule one at a time. What that approach doesn't give you, and native waypoints would, is charging directions. If you need to Supercharge on a single leg journey it will add the Supercharger stops for you but it can't do that properly for even a simple round trip. If you can make it to your first destination without charging but can't do the round trip without charging it won't tell you , you have to figure that out on your own (or with ABRP), it's not automatic as it is for a single destination trip.

nathngamsiri@ In your case the only way to make it do what you want to do is to put an extra event on your schedule that selects a location that's off of your desired off ramp, when you pass it you then select your final destination from your schedule.

geedub1023 | 2020年5月20日

My M3 is a standard 2018 LR RWD (no FSD, AP, etc.) and recently I was driving from Austin to San Antonio and about 20 miles outside San Antonio I noticed an emergency message board on I35 that indicated an "accident ahead near highway exit XX and to expect delays."

I immediately hit the right scroll button on my steering wheel and said "Navigate Home." The instructions immediately told me to take the next exit and it routed me on various county/back roads to avoid the wreck and back-up traffic. I was really impressed!!