Would you buy a used 2015 Model S 85D or New Model 3 AWD ?

Would you buy a used 2015 Model S 85D or New Model 3 AWD ?

I am on the fence thinking about used 2015 Model S 85D or Model 3 AWD. I believe the maintenance, price (55K), and insurance is similar for both. But Model S is more spacious and comes with free super charging. Any leads from S& 3 owners would be helpful.

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lilbean | 2018年10月13日


Silver2K | 2018年10月13日

S is more powerful, more comfortable, 8 year unlimited mile warranty on the pack and drive units (starts when car went into service), roomier, smoother ride (less road feel), more storage space, aluminum, more screens and larger screen. a few things the S has over the 3

Silver2K | 2018年10月13日


the 3 is a great car, but the S has those advantages. the biggest advantages I see the 3 has over the 85D is range and EAP 2.5 and future FSD

Bighorn | 2018年10月13日

The 3 is a funner car, but the S has taken the depreciation hit already.

Andrew_OH_70D | 2018年10月13日

I purchased a 2013 S60, A 2014 S60, and my current 2015 70D. Tesla vehicles get better every day. The battery technology evolves continuously, and the cars themselves get better with every week. My 2013 S60, sub 100k VIN was definitely a beta product, but to Tesla's credit, they stood behind the vehicle at every step of the way.

You don't need the 85D range. All you have to do is make it from Supercharger to Supercharger, which is roughy 120 - 140 miles. The Model 3 is an amazing vehicle, as is the Model S. I have 183k miles logged on my Model S's, but since I've downsized, my next vehicle with be the Model 3.

AZGLFR | 2018年10月13日

The 3 would have new car warranty , fun to drive (i am told) ,AND better AP . My wife and I sold our Prius V in July this year and bought a 2015 S 85D , and we would not part with it unless the offer was just too awsome to ignore .
Guess you could say we love it .

stevenparker | 2018年10月14日

My ownership experience is with an AWD Model 3, though I’ve had reasonable seat time in S's. There have been excellent inputs to your question, so I’ll give you mine.

Both are excellent cars but the deciding elements for me were (1) fun-to-drive factor (clearly an advantage for the in 'amazing'), (2) space (I’ve already got a Volvo SUV so I don’t need maximum capacity in my Tesla), (3) interior (I’m surprised how much I flat out love the simplistic interior of the 3; all other cars now seem so cluttered), (4) range/charge time (for the type of driving that I do, the extended range and relatively quick charge of the 3 make a big difference).

This is a crude analogy, I realize, but you might want to consider the differences between a BMW 7-Series and 3-Series (cars that I have considerable experience with before my 'conversion' to Tesla). Based on my needs & preferences, I would clearly favor a 3-Series over a 7, even though the latter might be considered a more desirable car. For my life as a Tesla convert, a Model 3 hits every button even though a Model S is probably considered a more desirable car.

One final point. I’ve had many (many) wonderful cars in my life, but it has been decades since I’ve looked so forward every day to getting into my car. For me, the Model 3 has brought back the thrill of driving.

Bighorn | 2018年10月14日

Totally agree with the 7/3 analogy. After time in the 3, going back to the S feels like a land yacht. Even the bigger steering wheel reminds me of being at the helm.

TranzNDance | 2018年10月14日

Based mainly on size difference when it comes to parking, I would buy the 3. I would have bought it last year if it had been available when I wanted to buy a car. Instead, I got the S which I love.

kalikikopa326 | 2018年10月14日

I own a 2016 S75D, and recently rented a 3 for a day. My general impression is if had bought the Model 3 I would be more than happy, it is a wonderful car.
The S feels more refined, and the ride is a little quieter. My car has a black interior, dark tinted windows, and the panic roof, which is darker than the 3. This probably contributed to the feeling of sophistication, over the white headliner, lighter tinting on the roof, and lack of time on the 3.
I don't have the air suspension so the ride was similar. S was smoother, but you needed to trying to compare to worry about the difference. At the time my car was an an s60d, pre uncorking, so performance was the same, very impressive.
The 3 has a very open feeling. I like the smaller steering wheel. The lack of physical controls isn't a problem as almost everything in Tesla is automatic. I like the small steering wheel.
When I looked at the 3, prior to owning the S, it has a sufficient trunk, back seat is small but not uncomfortable, and would be a great commuter, especially if you are like me and mostly drive with 1 or 2 people. In general my feeling was it's the heart of a Tesla in an Accord. Not bad(in fact pretty good) but not a BMW like S. After owning the S I do like the hatch better than the trunk. Although the door handles are just fine, there is just something about the S presenting the handles to welcome you when you walk up.
I did prefer the guages and layout of the s WAY better. Since I was used to it, I did not like the model 3 interface, but nice software updates basically incorperate what I didn't like in the 3, into the S I guess that's a moot point.
I tried autopilot on both, they acted idea ticalku, even down to the quirks in the same areas.
Although hands down I love my S much more than the 3, you are comparing two cars that are vastly different in technology. The 2015 S is not the same car as the 2017 S, so you need to take that into consideration.
My thought is decide what you want In a Tesla. An electric car with great range and performance, or are you a techy who wants the next generation of atransportation, the future. After I rented it, my impression was if I had to replace my car, it would be an S. Between those 2, I might say the 3. Good luck, I hope this helped.

patrick40363 | 2018年10月14日

I have both. I like the S better but the 3 has the extra range and the smaller size is good for parking.

henrycruz | 2019年6月20日

I just went with a 2015 85D with 10,200K miles for 48K instead of a smaller less refined 3.
for the reasons stated above and with a highlight on the free charging since I have a charger halfway between work and home.
arr you getting the point? It really comes down to what you want and need and what makes more sense for you.

joltheadq | 2019年6月20日

Get the model 3. I regret purchasing a used p85d. Bought it at ~56k miles. Paid $60k for it. Battery degradation is over 10% SoC. Put 40k miles on a car that cost $60k and 90% charge gets a projected (non-ideal) range of 209 miles. 75 - 76 kWh is all that will fit in the 85 kWh pack The service advisor looked me dead in the eye and said my battery is functioning normally and there is no reason to change the battery. Supercharging on avg takes 1.5 hours. They won’t change it because their only option is a 100kWh pack. The 85 is discontinued. Don’t get bamboozled like I did.

Unless anyone else has a solution that might change Tesla’s mind on a replacement pack.

My Wife’s model3P is amazing. It’s just as fast, drives incredibly well in autopilot. Charges hyperfast. All around better value.

tom.wyrick | 2019年6月21日

I'm driving a 2014 P85D myself, purchased about a year ago used. Have 40K miles on it so far. I keep considering the benefits of the 3 vs. this car, but think I'm happier with the S.

My battery typically shows about 225 miles of estimated range at a 90% charge, and seems to actually get what it estimates.

It's true, across the board, that Tesla won't swap out primary battery packs just because your range has decreased 10% or so. From what I've read, most replacements happen when a battery has a massive failure and the car won't move anymore, or when charge levels drop dramatically and suddenly. Basically, you probably DO have a bad cell or two in a pack that's not charging quite as far as most people report for the same model/year of car with same size battery. But .... Tesla seems to file that under "normal wear and tear". I *really* wish we'd see some third party companies begin servicing these batteries for people, just replacing bad cells and putting them back together for you at reasonable prices.

My charge times at Superchargers has noticeably slowed down though, over what it did when I first got the car. People keep trying to blame or justify it based on all these random factors which I agree make SOME difference. But I also believe Tesla has slowed charging rates on these cars after some of the spontaneous battery fires at charging stations. I really don't care because my charging on my 40 amp setup at home works just as expected, and ensures I have a full charge every morning when I do my commute.

mcmack15 | 2019年6月21日

We have both a S (2017 90) and a 3 (November 2018)----------love them both. 'Advantages' of the S have been noted above (to me those are all advantages; to my wife, most of those points don't mean a thing). For me it would come down to buying a 4 year old car, or a new car with all the updates (range being a big one)..............I would go with the new.

Bighorn | 2019年6月21日

Sounds like you’re slightly misunderstanding your car. 85 kWh batteries never could accept that much charge. New they provided just shy of 74 kWh. You got it at half price, so bamboozled seems a wee bit harsh. Range charge when new was 253, so your degradation math is also hyperbolic.

hammer @OR-US | 2019年6月21日

joltheadq | June 20, 2019 "Supercharging on avg takes 1.5 hours."

I dont see how that's possible. I have two cars with the same vintage 85 battery you have and in 40K miles in road trips the longest I have ever charged is 1 hour doing a range charger to get across the OrIdNv desert triangle.

Bighorn | 2019年6月22日

If you let an empty battery balance cells up to 100% SOC, it could conceivably take 90 minutes, but that would be a very odd, unnecessary approach. Still an extremely competent road tripper capable of 1200 mile days.

Stiction | 2019年6月22日

jolt: when you supercharge it makes no sense to charge to more then enough to get to the next supercharger
about 2:30 hours down the road. Charging is fastest at low SOC and tapers off quickly so you want to leave the SC when you have enough reserve pad only (~30 miles over the trip energy graph estimate for me if no rain, snow or huge headwinds.)

While you drive, bring the energy display up from time to time and see how you are doing relative to the planned discharge rate...if you are falling behind on your estimated arrival pad, slow down 5mph, if you are pulling ahead, you can speed up 8)

From your comment it sounds like you are waiting around to get 100% SOC and this is not necessary.....

nukequazar | 2019年6月24日

I would probably get a new 3 vs a 2015 S but I would get an October 2016 or newer S over a new 3 because I would want FSD capability in any Tesla I would buy now. With an S through 2018 or so you can also get a sunroof which I personally don't want to live (drive) without. I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect October-December 2016 S to get FSD, free supercharging, and a sunroof, but then this June supercharging deal was Tweeted, and I found an inventory P100D.