Tinting - North Houston Recommendations

Tinting - North Houston Recommendations

Picked up my P3D+ about a month ago and am loving it. The one thing I think it still needs is some tinting mainly for privacy but also to help block out the Texas heat. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to get tinting done in North/Northeast Houston?

As for the tinting itself, I’m thinking of going with 35% on the sides and 20% in the rear/rear glass, with the rear glass being done in one piece. I’ll probably leave the windshield untinted. If anyone did something similar, could you let me know how much you paid?

TexasBob | 2018年10月20日

Tesla Club of Houston has recommendations on its FB page

carney0706 | 2018年10月20日

Thanks TexasBob, will check that out.