What should I do if my Temporary plate expired but I still didn't received the permanent plate?

What should I do if my Temporary plate expired but I still didn't received the permanent plate?

Should I call the service center? My IDA? or Tesla's customer service line?

Well, I called Teslas Customer Service number, was told it will be more than 40 mins of waiting. Patiently waited 58 mins and then got cut off.

Called again, and now the wait time is 30 mins, let's seeeeee~

4barkie | 2018年10月22日

If you are in California call the Dmv might get a quicker answer.

socaldave | 2018年10月22日

Why would you call a car dealer to remedy a governmentally controlled issue? The mind boggles................ I don't mean to be a dick (haha too late, I know), but c'mon, mate - give it a think. Would you call Tesla if your in garage car charger didn't work? No, you'd call the person who installed it.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月22日


Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I'm in Texas. It's an odd feeling that I'm actually out of registration.

I can apply for another temp plate my self in Texas somehow?

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月22日

Please forgive my stupidity on this but never have I ever need to worry about the registration of a new car.

"Would you call Tesla if your in garage car charger didn't work? No, you'd call the person who installed it."

This is actually an example against your point.
Tesla was the one handled all my paperwork of registration, just like the electrician who installed your charge in the garage. Why do you call your electrician because he handled the installation but not call Tesla because Tesla handled the registration? Do you have TeslaPhobia?

garretn | 2018年10月22日

@socaldave - Wow chill out was your post really necessary? Yes, I would call Tesla if I paid Tesla to install the charger and it didn't work. I don't know how things are done where you are but the registration and payment for taxes and registration is handled by Tesla. Now granted Tesla submits the documents to the state for them to process but Tesla should keep a person in temp tags until they receive the tags from the state. If this is like so many other things they are behind on it could take several months.

@orochlzc - I would start with the service center/delivery center I bet they can get you another temp tag while you wait on the permeant tags.

wylkatz | 2018年10月22日

I'd just drive it. Make sure you've got insurance and keep your weed out of the car, for now. Don't let 'em catch you ridin' dirty.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月22日


Thanks! I read on the forum and there are people got 2 or more temp tags before they received the plate.

My second call to the customer service got cut off again after around 40 mins of waiting. Then I called the service center and then I was told they don't know anything about the tags. I probably need to talk to my IDA.

Emailed my IDA and hopefully, I will get an answer tomorrow.

I guess I don't have a choice for now.

kevin | 2018年10月22日

My dealer tag in Virginia was nearing expiration so I called my local service center and asked to talk to a delivery specialist. They referred it to their DMV specialist, who worked out the problem. Based on various slips in the conversation, I think they had the tags but had forgotten to mail them. In any case, they arrived overnight.

cusman | 2018年10月22日

I had the same concern with my temporary tag expiration coming up (Oct 13th).

The service line was difficult to get through so I called one of the people whose card I had gotten from the Delivery / Service center and they told me that on other side of the initial 30 day permit should be another 30 day permit. I looked and verified this to be accurate so that set me to ease.

In any case, I received my TX Plates about a day or so before I would have had to flip the temporary Oct 13th expiration tag for a Nov 13th exp tag.

Hope this helps

ModernTriDad | 2018年10月22日

I personally would not drive it unless you can find that 30-day extension on the other side (someone mentioned above) … and holding this forum thread up as proof on your phone for why you were driving would not be considered a legal defense. If you get stopped, which could be likely with a shiny new sports car & an expired temp tag, you may luck out and get some compassion. If you were in western NY, you could also get a ticket that you would have to appear for several hours in court and likely win (with the cost of your time & hassle). Worse though, sadly, some areas near me towed cars with expired plates. Even if you got the ticket thrown out a few weeks later, you'd still be out the towing fee and all of the aggravation of having your shiny Tesla dragged away by a not-always competent tow agency that likely didn't know much about towing Teslas.

For those who question why call the dealer for a gov't question, they may be putting more faith than they should in the dealer to completely the necessary paperwork on their end for the registration. Tesla seems to get the majority of registration documents completed properly, but I'm sure some slip through with their massive increase in deliveries. Many non-Tesla dealerships are known to occasionally fail to submit the registration documents and the DMV wouldn't know anything about where that temp registration ended up.

ccadrin | 2018年10月22日

Here is my experience. I am a CT owner and the dealer in NY was suppose to register the car in CT. Days before my temps were about to expire I called the dealer and asked when is the car going to be registered in CT and where are my plates. Their answer was that they did not go to DMV yet and will fedex the plates. I then commented that my temp plate will be expired by the time the plates come in. The dealer then said that they will pay the fine/ticket if I get pulled over. The plates came the second day after expiration.

Bennettb619 | 2018年10月22日

Mine came the last day. Right before that they told me if they didn’t come I had to go to the service center and they would renew the temporary license.

ldf8 | 2018年10月22日

@ccadrin I am in CT too, picked up in Brooklyn, but sales guy was Mt. Kisco. They were not used to the CT buyers in Brooklyn. My CT rebate was messed up and now 6 days away from expiring temp registration. Nervous. Did you call your sales person or the delivery contact to deal with this? I have a low level of faith that it is going to come in the mail soon. Good thing I love the car, otherwise would be so much more irritated.

gballant4570 | 2018年10月22日

I would go to the MVA and demand my plates. But then I'm retired and can spend the time doing that.

Tesla does not issue plates or titles. That is a state function, no matter where you live.

ModernTriDad | 2018年10月22日

I think it's safe to say that, in most states at least, it's a bad idea to "demand" anything in a DMV office!

I'm not sure how you demand plates for your new car if you don't yet have the title. Maybe some states allow that with bill of sale only. NY requires a title from a buyer registrant or dealers can register vehicles through their channels while giving buyers a temp registration (pending their submission to dmv). If the dealer hasn't submitted their paperwork to DMV, demanding plates will be a waste of time and probably be an aggravating day at the DMV.

lbowroom | 2018年10月22日

Did your paint issues and crooked steering wheel get resolved?

TexasBob | 2018年10月22日

You are going to be embarrassed by this answer BUT... Flip it over. The Texas temporary tag has 30 days on the front side and then you can flip it over and get another 30 days on the back.

TexasBob | 2018年10月22日

Because of stupid Texas laws making life difficult for Tesla it often takes more than 30 days to get your tags. But all Teslas come with a reversible tag that goes for 60 days.

TexasBob | 2018年10月22日

Don't feel bad - a common mistake you will see a lot of people have same question on the Tesla club FB pages. Oh, and early voting started today so feel free to express your annoyance with Dan Patrick on his anti-tesla bias.

landoncube | 2018年10月22日

Tesla CO temps apparently do not have an additional tag on the reverse. Mine is one-sided.

ebmcs03 | 2018年10月22日

In California people run with paper plates for years. Evade toll Lanes and more.

nwfan | 2018年10月23日

@TexasBob, I did my civic duty in Ft Worth yesterday.
Surprised at the long lines on the 1st day of early voting.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月23日


Wow, that's true. Thank you so much... I bet the specialist in Plano service center don't even know that! I will tell them next time I go for a service.

I guess I do have to talk to someone though. All the paperwork is done through mail with my IDA. (not even mention my VIN changed once, so I got the car before event sending my IDA the correct registration ) Thus, there is still a chance that my document got messed up and the DMV didn't even have my info in processing. '

Sort of.For the steering wheel issue, they give me a alignment, which is very odd. I was told the off-centered steering wheel was caused by a alignment issue and the car was trying to correct the alignment issue with software to keep the car going straight by pointing the steering to the other side to counter the alignment problem. After the alignment, it definitely got better, (more than 50% better) and yet the problem is still there. The steering wheel now is pointing 5 degree to the left when driving straight than 10-15 degrees to the left before. I was told the car will "fix itself" in around 500 miles by the specialist. So I waited 500 miels, problem is still there. Then I scheduled an service next week for them to take another look. Obvious there are others on the forum have the same issue, but none of those was fixed by alignment. I don't konw, someone is crazy and it could be me.

The paint doesn't bother me that much becuase the solid black got dirty very quick so the paint issue is barely noticeable.

nikhilm_2000 | 2018年10月23日

Im in NJ and Tesla takes care of plates. I called the service center and spoke to them, they told me that they had recd them from MVC and would be sending it overnight to my home address which they did and they arrived the next day, 1 day shy of the 30 day mark. So yea, call the service center and if the wait is long, just hit the number for sales (its usually much quicker) and they can help you out once you tell them your issue.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月23日


What? I call them yesterday(Plano, TX) and was told they don't know anything about it. They said I need to contact my IDA for any registration related issue because at least in TX, all the registration issue is handled in Las Vegas.

afcop2 | 2018年10月23日

Contact the delivery center. I am on my 3rd set of TX temp plates. I have gone through the two sets that came with the car. Hopefully, I have my TX registration sticker before the 3rd set is expired.

When I took delivery, I asked Tesla to swap over the registration from my old TX Air Force plates (from my previous vehicle). So, I am just waiting for the TX registration sticker from Tesla to know that my plates have been transferred.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月23日


Which service center did you go? Maybe I can give them a call since mine seems don't know anything.

ldf8 | 2018年10月23日

Got my plates via fedex today, with 7 days to spare. No warning other than fedex email. Of course also came with the registration paperwork. Phew. The fedex originated at the dealership where my sales guy was, not where I got delivery of the car

shawncordell | 2018年10月23日

I’m in Texas and mine were emailed to me by tesla. They emailed two sets(for Oct and Nov). I just printed then lamented them. I have an email address if anyone wants it.

shawncordell | 2018年10月23日

Geeze... “laminated”

gmkellogg | 2018年10月23日

Just got my plates today after 3 weeks.

mknewman | 2018年10月24日

I'm in Texas and my paper plate expires in 1 day. There is nothing on the back side.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月24日


I'm so lucky that I do have an extra 30 days on the other side. If you call your IDA (who handles your registration paperwork), he will have the status of your registration (and he can also email you another temp tag).

If you cannot get a hold with your IDA in time, just take your car to the delivery center during business hours, I believe 99% they will figure out a way to help you.

hmgolds | 2018年10月24日

I needed another (extended) temporary tag, the service/delivery center sent it out. It did take a follow up call to actually get it sent.

The extra 30 days on the reverse side might be the case in some states, but not all.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月24日

Right! Call them! Call them! always proactively communicate with Tesla.

I finally got a response from my IDA and he told me my paperwork was sent to DMV on 10/17/2018. That's 25 days after I took delivery of my car. It could be normal though, I don't know how this registration thing works at all.

I guess my problem got solved, thanks for everyone's help!

cecilmerry | 2019年1月5日

in Dallas, the extra 30 days on the reverse of temp regn, advice received here, was a lifesaver. I was about to waste a ton of time on the phone and maybe even at the DMV. Thanks, teslaites!

NorthValley | 2019年12月17日

Likewise, thanks for the info re the extra 30 days on the flip side!!

rob | 2019年12月17日


I'm in Austin and APD does not care about expired temp plates. I got my plates on the last day, But I was just going to ride it out.