Tint Causing Sunroof or Windshield to Crack?

Tint Causing Sunroof or Windshield to Crack?

When I inquired about tinting with a S. Florida tint shop after seeing a Model 3 they did on Youtube, I asked what about the roof and windshield. They there response was alarming:

"We didn't do the sunroof due to a lot of the sunroof's breaking and we no longer do the windshields due to those breaking as well even with the clear films and we also have had some electronic issues even using soap ropes and soak shields on the windshields so we only do the sides and rear window on the Model 3 now. "

To get a better understanding I replied, "Thanks for your response. Am aware of the computer issue and need to contain moisture, but what do you mean by the sunroof and windshield breaking?"

They replied to explain: "Glass is absorbing to much heat after tinting. Usually not a problem with tempered glass, but apparently the glass not tinted is already absorbing a lot of heat due to the way it's made."

Has anyone heard of this or experienced this or have any information on this?