Tint question

Tint question

I’m sure this question has been answered but I will be getting tints Monday. Plan is getting 20% all around. My question is when you got your tints this you tint the whole roof or just the back part. If anyone has pictures that would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

lilbean | 2018年10月26日

Too dark, in my opinion.
I tinted the back window. I would have like the glass above me tinted but the tint shop wouldn’t do it.

JuJo0 | 2018年10月26日

I, as well, did the rear, but not the top. I did 35% on front sides, then 20% rear sides and rear window.

staze | 2018年10月26日

I did 35% on the fronts and 20% on the rear doors and full back glass. You need to find a shop that uses wide enough rolls so you don't have any seams. I can't tell the difference between the front roof glass and rear roof glass at all. Kids prefer the less heat/light in the back. Plus, I didn't want to see the seam where the film ends.

ClearWrap | 2018年10月26日

I did not do the roof, and it probably isn't necessary because it's so darkly tinted already.
I got 30% for back and rear side windows, and 80% for front side (I do not have time to go to traffic court).

sroh | 2018年10月26日

We did the same as both JuJo0 and staze on both of ours. Looks great. One thing to point out: white interior makes a big difference in terms of how dark it looks from the outside. The tint on our white interior car looks much lighter than on our black interior car.

howard | 2018年10月26日

You don’t need that dark with a quality material to get full benefits. Huper Optik 40 on sides, back, roof and 80 on windshield. Been using this for years. It is expensive but worth it to me.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月26日

You need to check with you tint shop for the regulation first.

In Texas, 20% is not allowed for the front window. 30% minimum I believe.

Also, there is no point getting the roof tinted because you can spend the same money (or less) to get a Tesla sunshade for the summer.

richardls | 2018年10月26日

A local tint shop in S. Florida told me they will no longer tint windshield or roof because they have issues where it causes the glass to absorb too much heat and crack.

OROCHIzc | 2018年10月26日

I believe this has discussed before.

Tinting the roof could (although the chance is very, very small) void the warranty if the crack is caused by the tint.(they have to prove that as well)