Wall connector setup question /issue ?

Wall connector setup question /issue ?


I just installed a wall connector with 80amp circuit breaker in my main panel, I have set the rotary switch position to B, which means circuit breaker 80A, max output 64A. But when I charged my model 3, the charging current is only 48A. Why? How do I reach 64A current?


jlhm | 2018年11月6日

Model 3 maximum charging current using HPWC is 48A.

Tman99 | 2018年11月6日

which equates to approx 44 MPH charge

reed_lewis | 2018年11月6日

There are two parts as to how much power the car charges at.

The first is the maximum that the wall connector will offer. You set it so that it will offer to charge at 64 amps.

The second is the maximum that the car will pull. A model 3 will only pull 48 amps.

So because of this you will never be able to charge faster (on A/C charging) at more than 48 amps because that is the maximum that the model 3 will pull.

michaeljding | 2018年11月8日

Got it! Thank you everyone!

mreynolds | 2018年11月11日

I have ordered a model 3 (which is to be delivered in 1.5 weeks). I have asked 3 times for someone to reach out to me with information on charger installation. No one from Tesla has done so! If anyone from Tesla is eating, please reach out to me or I wont be able to charge my car!

Yodrak. | 2018年11月11日

"I wont be able to charge my car!"

Why not? Your Model 3 will include a charger and a charging cable. What are you missing that you can't charge?

GHammer | 2018年11月11日

@mreynolds What do you need to know? There is a ton of info out there. To sum it up briefly, you have two major options:
1. Call an electrician, ask him to install a 14-50 outlet within reach of the mobile connector (supplied with car)
2. Buy a wall connector in the Tesla store and have the electrician install that within reach of the car.

Third option if your daily usage is small is to just plug into a regular wall outlet.

michaeljding | 2018年11月11日

@mreynolds before I installed the wall connector, I charged the car using normal outlet in garage for 1+ months. My normal outlet offers 12 amp / 110v, so it will be 8 times slower than wall connector :(, but it charges just fine.