I need help

I need help

Friends, I want to buy a comfortable car for joint family trips to other regions. Our car for this has ceased to be comfortable after the birth of the second baby. What option can you advise? Where better to make a purchase?

makar.silvestrov | 2018年11月15日

Buy Tesla and do not worry. Perfect for your purposes. I would also advise you to pay attention to the Hyundai Grand i10 A good car for a small price.

jamesguan117 | 2018年11月15日

Depends on your budget. I’d recommend Model X if you don’t mind the range and can handle stopping to charge from time to time.

My previous car was a 2011 Ford Explorer before my Model S and that car has taken me A to B with abuse. I towed a Ford Taurus on a dolly and had 7 people in the car. For most comfort, maybe an Expedition or Suburban.

jimglas | 2018年11月15日

My Model X was very comfortable for 6 on a recent trip

wladimirnabockov | 2019年12月9日

Thank you very much for sharing the information.