12 volt battery trouble

12 volt battery trouble

landryt46 | 2018年11月27日

My 3 is 2 months old. I just started to get warning that my 12 V battery needs to be replaced!. Whats up with that?

Sunergy-NJ | 2018年11月27日

What has the service center said? That does seem odd.

pweady | 2018年11月27日

A couple of weeks after delivery Tesla called me saying my 12v battery needed to be replaced. I never even saw a warning. The mobile service guy came out and replaced it at my work. Just call them and they'll send someone out to replace it for you.

markday47 | 2018年11月27日

Now that is what I call SERVICE well done Tesla.
What other auto company makes house calls?

jvcesare | 2018年11月27日

@pweady Mobile service is awesome. I had the rear view camera go out and they came to my workplace and replaced it. Totally painless.

lbowroom | 2018年11月27日

What's up with that is that your 12v battery is defective. Tesla monitors that and can replace it for you before it fails and leaves you stranded.

Before you ask "why me?" consider that all components manufactured anywhere in the world by anyone in the world have a failure rate. That failed components goes to someone. This time it was you.