Model 3 hands free microphone wind noise

Model 3 hands free microphone wind noise

Hi all,

I decided to make a call today using the Tesla model 3 microphone. I was traveling down the highway at 60mph, and the person I was talking to said the wind noise was unbearable to listen to while trying to talk to me. I turned my phone off the Tesla mic and put my phone on speaker and it was much better to the person on the other end.

What is the deal with the microphone? Can this be fixed with a software update?

jithesh | 2018年12月11日

Noice cancellation ?

pjfsu2002 | 2018年12月11日

I'm having the same issue. My wife says it sound terrible, like a huge windstorm, when I'm speaking with her. Not sure if this can be fixed by an update. I'm on 46.2

CharleyBC | 2018年12月11日

Dumb question. Where is the microphone? The owner’s manual doesn’t say.

Geico | 2018年12月11日

@pj glad I’m not the only one. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get Tesla involved and aware of the issue?

TabascoGuy | 2018年12月11日

Call them using the microphone?

aditya | 2018年12月12日

I'm facing the same issue, even with the A/C fans turned all the way off.

Kevin.Tesla | 2018年12月12日

Try to volume up your phone bluetooth, it solved mine. I am using iPhone.

gmr6415 | 2018年12月12日

You'd be surprised the difference this makes on the highway:

Model 3 Wind Noise Reduction Kit Only $24 with 20% Off

CharleyBC | 2018年12月12日

I'm curious--those of you who've noticed the wind noise (or whose callers have noticed), how old are your cars? The reason I ask is I remember earlier this year Tesla changed something about the windshield design specifically to reduce wind noise. Working from my sketchy memory, I'd say it was around VIN 10000 to 20000. My car is in the 44000 range, and I have no wind complaints, nor has any caller mentioned it, though I haven't asked them.

hokiegir1 | 2018年12月12日

I have a 13xxx vin and just got off the phone with hubby, who is in the car, with no issues at all, and he hasn't mentioned any issues when I've been the one in the car. I hear very little background noise when I talk to him.

Geico | 2018年12月12日

I called someone else at the same speed and they said the noise wasn't bad at all. Stay tuned, I will see what is going on.

pjfsu2002 | 2018年12月12日

Mine vin is 95XXX and have bad wind sound

Frank99 | 2018年12月12日

When I asked several months ago, people I've called said they could tell I was in a car but the background noise wasn't objectionable. One of the recent updates seems to have changed this - now people say that the background noise is so loud, they almost can't tell what I'm saying. I'm hoping for a minor update that fixes that...
VIN 16728, firmware 44.2

garretn | 2018年12月12日

Mine is 84xxx and the road noise is terrible attempting to use the Tesla system. Far worse than the other cars we have and I thought they were bad before.

nickivieru1991 | 2019年12月12日

Well, if I were in your shoes I would just buy a new one, to be honest.
I actually had Tesla mic, my sister gave me it as a Christmas present and honestly I was a huge fan of it.
The thing is that I'm doing my little documentary about birds and I obviously needed a good microphone.
Anyway, I searched on the internet and found this place ( where I found microphones with magnetic loops.
Honestly, for me it wasn't that important whether it has or hasn't magnetic loops but later on it actually mattered because magnetic loop does make a difference.
Hope this helps, guys!

Varricks | 2019年12月17日

Odd. Using the phone in the Tesla reminds me of the old analog days. Clear as clear. July '19.