2018.48.1 has added 2 small but nice features

2018.48.1 has added 2 small but nice features

2018.48.1 has added 2 small but nice features.
1. The pin to drive pop up window appears in different positions in the console screen each time. This is a nice way to prevent crooks from using the finger smudges on the screen to guess the pin.
2. The App now has a new feature in the Charging menu where it lists all the nearby charging stations and how many spots are open. If you select any one of them in the App, it instantly sends it to the Car's navigation and it starts navigating you to the SC.

jjgunn | 2018年12月15日

Pro Tip: the 4 digit PIN. After typing the correct 4 digits, you can select every single number on the key pad as only the first 4 digits stay. Fingerprint over every number. There guess that, bitch!

Try it on 48.1 to see if it's still there like 46.2

lilbean | 2018年12月15日

An update puts the screen at random areas so the fingerprints can't be tracked.

teethdood | 2018年12月15日

lilbean is up to date? say what?!?

Teslapalooza | 2018年12月16日

@jjgunn: Yes you can punch in any number of extra numbers as long as the first 4 numbers punch is the correct pin. That is still the case with 48.1. But since this version moves the pin window every time to a new location, your finger prints will be all over the place and that will take away one of the Tools that crooks use to defeat security. Like they say computer security is a cat and mouse game.

inconel | 2019年1月17日

Again this is now unnecessary with the random location.

And with random location Tesla please remove the last "confirm" step. As soon as 4 correct digits are entered we should be good to go.

jimglas | 2019年7月3日

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Triggerplz | 2019年7月13日

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bailhard | 2019年7月19日

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