TAX question purchasing two Teslas

TAX question purchasing two Teslas

so we just bought a Model 3, delivered on 12/30/2018. Car is under wife's name. We will obviously claim 7500 for 2018.

If we buy another Tesla in 2019 before June 30th, can we claim another $3750 for 2019? We are filing jointly.

ken.lunde | 2019年1月4日

Yes. We bought two Model 3s in 2018, so we are eligible for two $7500 tax credits. The actual IRS form has space for listing two vehicles, and the instructions state that multiple forms can be used if needed.

johnsnelson | 2019年1月4日

If you want the $3750 you will have to complete purchase by March 31st. After that the amount goes to $1375.

jcd82 | 2019年1月4日

I believe the $3750 is good until june 30th, and then it is $1375 until december 31st.

hokiegir1 | 2019年1月4日

@jcd82 is correct on the timing of the reductions.

jimglas | 2019年1月4日