TPMS Sensors

TPMS Sensors

Which TPMS Sensors are you using for aftermarket/Snow tires?

howard | 2019年1月5日

What ever came from tire rack on the 18” wheels I ordered. I think they had a description of them on the order page.

jmda61 | 2019年1月5日

any sensor programed for 433 Mhz Model 3 took 2 days to pickup pressures, but some detect sensors in 5 to 20 kms

Big Ern | 2019年1月5日

I used these Autel 6937357203263 Dual... there’s a forum member on Tesla motor club that can program them. I had them shipped to him and he programmed them and mailed them to me.

Kahn | 2019年1月5日
in5ilico | 2019年1月6日

I kind of wish that they would allow us to SET a TPMS psi. 45 is a bit much for some tires. Also a bit much for racing applications.

in5ilico | 2019年1月6日

Belay that - I don't "KIND OF" wish. I would like that. Need it, even.

coleAK | 2019年1月6日

Tire rack

Mooseman | 2019年1月6日

I got mine from PMC Tire in Canada. The car detected the new sensors after about 2 kms.

Bighorn | 2019年1月6日

There are two different 433 MHz sensors that Tesla has used. They aren’t cross compatible, so you need to let the tire co. know your model and not blindly buy them off the internet.

howard | 2019年1月6日

+1 like to run around 38-40 without constant alarm.

in5ilico | January 6, 2019
Belay that - I don't "KIND OF" wish. I would like that. Need it, even.

sraghuram | 2020年4月5日

I am changing my 21" wheels and tires with 19" wheels and tires for a 2017 Tesla S 90D. Can I use the TPMS sensors from the old wheels on the new wheels or is it recommended to renew the sensors? | 2020年4月5日

@sraghuram - You should be fine. Sensors are designed to last about 5 years, so plenty of life left in the sensors. All refreshed Model S use the same TPMS sensor technology too. Do realize you posted in the Model 3 forum :)

Bighorn | 2020年4月5日

If the batteries show good voltage, you can reuse them though they might need a rebuild to prevent leaks.

fazman | 2020年4月5日

@TeslaTap Not sure if this data point on the longevity of tpms sensors holds any water for a tesla. But my 2008 335xi e90 with an in service date of nov 2007 still has the original working bmw sensors on my car with 190k miles. I have bought used tpms sensors to see if I could replace the batteries but i couldn’t figure out how to get to the battery while still keeping the sensor in a rebuildable form.