Taptes Wireless Phone Charger

Taptes Wireless Phone Charger

Received the Model 3 wireless phone charger sold by Taptes as a Christmas present. Just installed it. Looks just like the Tesla rubber pad. Easy to install and charges two phones at once. Seems very well made. Only design issue is sticky pads they give with it. Best way to install them is to place them sticky side up in the 4 holes and then put the charging mat in place and press the mat onto the pads. In past I tried round mophie pad. That did not work because phone slid off. I then tried direct charging but had to make cord longer because of my case. It was hard to plug in the phone. The charger from Taptes works the easiest. I just lay the phone (larger iPhone X with case) on the pad and it starts charging. I don’t work for Taptes, nor was this free product etc., just really pleased with the charger and thought I would share my discovery.

terminator9 | 2019年1月8日

I saw it when I was looking for their other projects. Some of their products are cheaper than competition some are not. Some they directly ship from Asia so takes 2-3 weeks which may be acceptable to save money. I was looking to get this too and I am glad there is a review that it is working as intended!

terminator9 | 2019年1月8日

projects = products

seanmcdonald83 | 2019年1月8日

Thanks for the review. I've been looking into this product and looks like I will be picking one up.

Model3AnA | 2019年1月8日

@Clublon, thanks for the review. Couple questions, 1) How is the charging speed with iphone X w/o out fast charger? 2) On the side where there is no wireless charging can we still use that space charging purposes with Tesla charging cable?

hector | 2019年1月8日

both sides have wireless charging, as long as you plug in both usb cables.

Model3AnA | 2019年1月8日

Thanks hector. How is the charging speed with iphone X w/o out fast charger?

hector | 2019年1月8日

There's a thread on the teslamotorsclub that shows a charging rate consistent with regular cabled charging.

Model3AnA | 2019年1月8日

Thank you hector!

lbowroom | 2019年1月8日

I have the Nomad, my friend has the Taptes. Very similar looks and functionality. Fit of the Nomad is a bit more snug but overall not much difference. Taptes far cheaper so a better value, unless you have to have it quickly. Convenience and ease of use is my main driver, not setting a record of speed charging.

thedrisin | 2019年1月8日

@hector. Can you post the link for the teslamotorsclub with the charging rate? Hard to believe. Even if the current draw is the same as the cabled charger, the output current of the wireless charger would have to be less. Not possible to have the same charging rate.

Spartan-117 | 2019年1月9日

Thanks for the review and install tip.

I ordered one on 1/2, just got shipping confirmation email this morning. For those interested, keep you posted how long delivery from Hong Kong to NJ is.

hector | 2019年1月9日

@thedrisian, assuming an iPhone usb charger pulls 5w, apparently the non-fast taptes (and nomad) pulls 5w from the USB port as well. That's the only thing they could measure, is how much it pulls from the USB port.

Cowbell | 2019年1月13日

I received my Taptes pad yesterday. I like it a lot. It came with 5 single-sided foam dots and two strips of double-sided tape. I haven’t figured out what to do with the dots or the tape. The four large holes in the Tesla tray are deeper than the foam dots are thick. And the dots are a lot smaller than the holes. So I’m not sure what the point was, but I’m definitely missing it.

jacklondon413 | 2019年1月13日

@Cowbell - I used the dots to hold the pad in place so it doesn't shift around. I didn't use the double-sided tape. The charging works great, haven't tested how much power though. Shipping was faster and the item was definitely cheaper than Nomad's.

Palm Beach Paul | 2019年1月13日

I installed it and the fit is great. I haven’t done much charging yet. I agree the shipping takes awhile when coming from Asia.

thedrisin | 2019年1月13日

@hector. Correct. The pad may draw the same voltage and current but the output power of the wireless charger will be less power than directly plugging the phone into the USB port. It will be more like 3-4W.

jacklondon413 | 2019年1月13日

I have the TapTes wireless charger connected to a USB hub, which I hear doesn't provide 100% wattage to the devices, but it still charges the pad. I also have an Amazon Basics Xbox controller connected to the hub to play the Teslatari games. It's so fun!

stbgmannv | 2019年1月14日

Just chiming in, I received the TapTes wireless charger in December. Looks great! Also, did not know how best to use the dots, so I did not. Fit is great, charging is great and the price was great! Be patient on delivery.

ajstroberg | 2019年1月15日

Any idea for a split family? Current wife has an iPhone 7 which plugs in nicely. I'd like a wireless charger for just one side for my XS.

kirkmaluo | 2019年1月16日
Spartan-117 | 2019年1月18日

Quick update ordered 1/2, shipped 1/9 delivered 1/14. Quicker than expected.

No regrets, got the regular $49 one and my phone "charges rapidly" highly recommend. Very happy with quality as well.

parmesan | 2019年3月21日

This charger was working great until the software update this week.
The charger LED blinks now and phone is not able to charge.

FYI, I tested the charger by connecting to a powerbank and it works fine. So something went wrong with USB port on model3. Anyone else having this problem?

RickM3 | 2019年3月21日

Just got one this week with Software version 2019.15.5 and working fine...

Kary993 | 2019年3月21日

I have the one from Evannex and it works fine for one or two phones with sw 2019.5.15.

jso1 | 2019年3月21日

@Parmesan I’m having the same issue. Model 3 with sw 2019.8.2.

If the charging plug is plug directly to the USB port it blinks the amber LED. I found that plugging to a USB splitter allows it to work.

It seems like with the latest update something change on the USB side. I just swap my memory stick for teslacam to be direct plug to the front USB sand have both taptes cable go to a splitter plug into the other front USB.

This seems to work for now.

eelsm | 2019年3月22日

@parmesan Yes, I have the same issue after updating to 2019.8.2. Any fix?

RickM3 | 2019年3月27日

My Taptes Wireless Phone Charger is showing the same issue after this mornings software upgrade 2019.8.3, so no fix on new version.

Armstrd | 2019年3月28日

2019.8.3 update today & Taptes wireless charger is constantly blinking amber. Reboot of M3 didn't help.

thedrisin | 2019年3月28日

@jso1. If you use one splitter to both Taptes cables and charge 2 phones simultaneously, power will be shared between the 2 sides and charge slowly.

The USB port issue is discussed on this forum also:

JPPTM | 2019年3月29日

This from Jeda---so likely same issue:

We have discovered that many of you have experienced problems with the front USB ports of your Tesla Model 3 and the Jeda Wireless Pad after updating your software to the version 2019.8.1 or above.

Our team has conducted extensive testing using the Jeda Wireless Pad and many other accessories that use USB cables. What we have seen is that when those accessories make use of the data wires inside a USB cable, the Tesla Model 3 resets or interrupts the power connection. This happens with many wireless chargers, battery packs and other car accessories.

We haven't received an official response from Tesla to know if this may be a software issue or if the new software limits the front USBs to power only for non-storage connections.

One way or another, the solution is to replace the existing USB cable for a pair of USB cables that are charging only, which means they don't use the data wires. The Jeda Wireless Pad is the only wireless charger that uses independent USB cables, meaning that to fix this issue, you just need to replace the cables. The Jeda Wireless Pad will charge as fast as it always did and won't lose any power.

All units that haven't been delivered yet will come with the proper charger only cables. So If you are a V1 customer and are planning on upgrading your Jeda Wireless Pad to our 2nd gen during our Member Upgrade you don't need to worry about this. But if you already have your Jeda Wireless Pad and are experiencing this issue, the following are good and fast solutions to fix this issue. (Member Upgrade Program coming in April)

2ft USB cable from Buy now $0.75

3ft USB cable from Buy now $1

Portapower Charge Only Usb Cable from Amazon Buy now $12

Portapower Data Blocker USB connector from Amazon Buy now for $12 (not tested)

Some customers have also reported to us that using a USB hub or USB splitter fixes this issue. Although we can not guarantee that any USB splitter or USB hub will help, it is likely that the data connection is interrupted by those intermediate devices, delivering power only to the Jeda Wireless Pad.

- The Jeda team

michaelthomasstar | 2019年3月29日

This is from taptes website: Regarding the M3 front USB ports issue with Tesla 2019.8.2 or 2019.8.3 software which causes TapTes and all other fast wireless chargers blinking or not working, TAPTES engineer team has worked out one temporary solution: use a USB splitter or USB hub with TAPTES wireless charger. TAPTES will provide a USB splitter and a USB adapter for future orders. For customers who have the issue now, just Email, we will send you two free USB splitters.

RickM3 | 2019年4月1日

michaelthomasstar, Thanks a lot for the info, I just email them, hope this is a temporary fix and Tesla will make the necessary changes in future upgrades.

spuzzz123 | 2019年4月1日

They’ll try to up sell you but I get it postage not cheap from Hong Kong

PECo CT | 2019年4月9日

I sent an email to Taptes. Their initial reply asked very nicely that I make a purchase to help defray their shipping cost, but they didn’t insist upon it at all. Here’s their second reply:

Hi Phil,

OK. We will send the two USB splitters ASAP. Please wait patiently. Your kind patience is highly appreciated.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

RickM3 | 2019年4月9日

I've sent them two emails and no reply so far...

marksteward0926 | 2019年4月16日

Wow, such great customer service. Just ordered one from them.

eelsm | 2019年4月17日

I received two free usb splitters from Taptes couple days ago.

RickM3 | 2019年4月17日

They finally answered offering me other accessories "to offset the Shipping cost" I turned the offer down and it took them a week to answer back saying thy will send the splitters but it would take 21 days to arrive...

marksteward0926 | 2019年4月23日

@RickM3 maybe there are too many customers requesting the splitters

johntran | 2019年4月24日

If I may suggest,

I'm creating a bundle that has both wireless charger and Dashcam recording. I"m trying to get enough support to bring it to the community. I would greatly appreciate your support. The current price is only $66

slingshot18 | 2019年4月24日

I’ve got my TapTes working with a hub. Charge speed seems slow. Got about 3% in 10 minutes on an iPhone Xs. Is that normal?

lbowroom | 2019年4月24日

What's the phones normal charging speed expressed as percentage per 10 minutes?

Effopec | 2019年4月24日

I sent an email to Taptes requesting the splitters a few weeks ago and was told that Telsa has implemented a solution so it won't be needed. I'm still on 8.5 now, which is where the problem started, so hopefully it will be fixed with the next update.

johntran | 2019年4月24日

@lbowroom Our charging speed is a bit faster than Taptes. You can get about 5% per 10 mins with ours charger. Sometimes, when the condition is right, you can get even more. By conditions I mean weather hot/cold, how much is left in your phone battery, etc. There're a few things that effect charging speed.

TimHyatt | 2019年5月9日

@johntran what's the price? how's the fit? I'm having a taptes and sometimes can get more than 5% per 10 mins. Just like you said, the speed is affected by weather, etc.

thedrisin | 2019年5月10日

@johntran. My Taptes charging speed is excellent, charging as fast as my indoor wireless charger. What is a "bit faster?" Do you have objective measurements to make that statement? What is the power output (Watts)?

RickM3 | 2019年5月10日

@Effopec I had the same problem with the Charger on Version 2019.8.5, Upgraded to version 2019.12.1.2 Friday last week and the charger is working fine since.

geedub1023 | 2019年5月10日

I just ordered one of these last night (Thursday) using Amazon for $47 and some change. Delivery is projected to be next Tuesday. No mention of needing splitter(s) so 2019.12.1.2 must of corrected the problem. I'll know next week!

srogge | 2019年5月10日

These are great chargers and much better service than Jeda. DO NOT BUY JEDA! They are scammers. Will not offer refunds and nearly impossible to communicate with.

3218315981 | 2019年5月10日

@srogge I had a jeda too. The pad is too thick. I couldn't close the cover when charging my samsung note . I asked taptes customer servive and they said they have tested their charger with samsung note 9 and there is no problem with closing the cover. So I ordered one from them. The taptes charger works great with my phone. It is much thinner which, I assume, may allow more room. This is good for large phones.