"Due bill" service scheduling?

"Due bill" service scheduling?

When I picked up my 3 back in September, there were some minor issues I pointed out (misaligned door handles and a few small paint blemishes). They told me someone would reach out to schedule a service appointment with me, but over 4 months later and I haven't heard anything yet.

Was I misinformed and should I be setting up a service appointment myself? I've got some travel coming up and if I could manage to schedule service for when I'm out of town anyway, seems like a double win.

jimglas | 2019年1月31日


yudansha™ | 2019年1月31日

You were supposed to report all issues within 72 hours. Do you have anything in writing listing issues?

CST | 2019年1月31日

It took 5 months before I was contacted for my paint issues. Then it took two attempts to do it correctly, but they gave me an S loaner and made sure to do it right (except for the swirls they added to the newly painted area, I'll buff those out).
Call and make sure you are in a queue - they called it a "virtual queue" when I was in it.

rmlee | 2019年1月31日

I was contacted three days after delivery for my due bills... this was in late Dec

rmlee | 2019年1月31日

I was contacted three days after delivery for my due bills... this was in late Dec. For my minor door ding they provided me a letter to take to a certified body shop and loaner... easy.

gmr6415 | 2019年1月31日

@tanya, That must depend on the service center. I documented issues over the first three months or so using time stamped photographs, made an appointment online with the local service center describing the issues, was given a date within a few days, and they fixed everything with no argument.

Dirt under the clear coat on the front bumper - removed and repainted the front bumper
Misaligned trunk lid - realigned trunk lid
Chip in the edge of the back window right next to the trunk lid - replaced rear window

I was never told I only had 72 hours and they said nothing about a "due bill". They gave me a loaner for a week while they made the repairs and they paid for the gas.

skrauss | 2019年2月1日

Any information about Model 3 Performance badging and spoiler due bill items from anyone? I'm still waiting on mine almost 5 months later.

skrauss | 2019年2月1日

Nevermind - I see an applicable thread.

yudansha™ | 2019年2月1日

Quick search results in multiple entries about 72 hour period. See some examples below. However, based on my experience they will fix issues if they appear to be factory defects, but if you rims have scratches and rashes after delivery nobody is going to fix them for free.

gmr6415 | 2019年2月1日

@tanya, yes I've probably read every one of those links at least those here on the Tesla forum. I'm simply speaking of my own experience and no one said a word about a 72 hour reporting limit when I took delivery.

Where did I mention anything about rim rash? That said, I did take pictures of my rims and the piano black areas of my console before dropping my car off at the SC just in case they damaged them while working on the car.

pilotsmith69 | 2019年8月6日

Did you get it fixed? I am having the same issue

lilbean | 2019年8月6日

Really? I had no idea.