Autopilot Features Limited occurs by LAX

Autopilot Features Limited occurs by LAX

I get this alert approximately every 4th time I drive by the North-East corner of LAX right by the intersection of Sepulveda and Lincoln. Right by the radar stations there. Sometimes it resets within a few minutes. Sometimes the error wont reset until the next morning, even if I try restarting the screen or powering the car down. Anyone else have a commute that takes you past that intersection? Do you get the error? I would also like to hear if you drive by there every work day and do not get the error. I don't get the error at random times... I only get it there.

inbox4ag | 2019年3月5日

I had same thing happen to me today in the morning. Same spot, Sepulveda and Lincoln, heading north. The warning stayed on until I reached my destination. Warning was gone when I was driving back in the evening. I took same route, but didn't have warning message popping up this time.

Overall, I drove by this intersection probably 3 times last week and didn't see the message. Never had this warning showing up before. Will post an update if I will see the same behavior again.

rxlawdude | 2019年3月5日

I've had the same (with lowly AP1 on my '15 S70D) symptom but at another location: the HOV flyover lane from NB I-5 to SB SR-55. Hasn't happened in a while, but in my case, TACC and AP come back after about 5 minutes. Was a once-every-two-month phenomenon. Now that I think about it, it has not happened at all in the M3, which has been my daily commute drive for three months.

pmagid | 2019年3月21日

I would get this one in every two or three drives. Completely gone away with 2009.5.15. Something was done to fix this issue.

jvliii | 2019年3月21日

Yeah, I used to have the same issue. The parking lot of my office is right next to an air traffic control radar. I assume the ATC radar was using the same frequency band as the radar sensors in my Model 3. I hadn't correlated it but, I think it did get a bit better after my last software update. It doesn't happen every day anymore but it still happens occasionally.

Tesla2018 | 2019年3月21日

Wonder if it is an airport thing with radar or any type of radar. . Anybody have a radar jammer on another one of their cars that can can turn on when they are driving next to their Tesla to. see what happens? This could mess up FSD in the future if radar can mess up the cars ability to tell if other cars are in the area.

pmagid | 2019年3月22日

I take back what I said about this being fixed. It just happened. So instead of 1 in 2 or 3 drives it now has happened 1 time in 11 drives. Definitely better, but not fixed.

jvliii | 2019年3月22日

I am an engineer who works with radars. They all work at different frequencies. I haven't researched the frequencies that Tesla uses. In the case of the issue being described in this forum, all the issues are related to air surveillance radars that are located at every major airport. The radar's in question is likely an ASR-11. They work from 2.7-2.9 GHz. I am assuming some of the sensors in the Tesla use that same frequency range. These radars are high powered. So, if your car is close enough to the radar, it is essentially jamming the sensors in your car. Once you are outside the high energy area near the radar and the car can reset itself, everything goes back to normal.

pmagid | 2019年3月22日

@jvliii the key problem is that the car most of the time does not "reset itself" when you are outside the area of the interference. It only resets immediately like this about 10-20% of the time. About 40% of the time it resets after that particular drive ends and you step away from the car and it locks. The remaining 40% of the time it cannot be reset with a power down or screen reboot. Basically the car has to go to sleep overnight to reset. This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

I am also an engineer but not of the microwave or radar variety and I was honestly not holding out too much hope for this to be solved properly and completely via software. This looks to me like either a design flaw in that the operating frequency needs to be changed or something is not properly shielded. Granted, I am guessing at what is going on but hardware bugs like this (in general) are not properly fixed with software. Software fixes usually are kludges full of compromises. The only way to fix this properly is to replace the buggy hardware.

rxlawdude | 2019年3月22日

When it happens to me, it resets after about 5 minutes. But again, this is with a MS with AP1.

Have not experienced it in the M3, but sounds like a pain.

kevin_rf | 2019年3月23日

Could be a harmonic of the frequency, but based on a quick math and and even quicker internet search 77Ghz is the 5th of 2.4Ghz which is outside of the radar in questions frequency band.

It just might not be able to filter the high power radar out.

pmagid | 2020年2月25日

Would you look at that, it has been exactly one year since I made the original post.

Over time Tesla improved the handling of this issue in the firmware to the point where you could still tell a failure happened but the system was resilient enough to gracefully fail and restart itself. The only way I could tell that a failure had happened is that my auto high beam icon would go away and I could only toggle the high beams on manually. This too would go away after a few minutes when the restart completed. A much better situation than the original failure mode.

Even better than that is that since I got my FSD HW3 upgrade I have not even had this (more convenient and resilient) failure in over a month. I drive by the LAX radars almost daily and have had no issues since upgrading from HW2.5 to HW3.

Hardware problems require hardware solutions.... (Most of the time)