2019 SDG&E Electric Vehicle Climate Credit

2019 SDG&E Electric Vehicle Climate Credit

The application period opened today and will run through May 31, 2019. Program information and a link to the application can be found here:

This is the last year of the program. The 2017 bill credit was $200 per qualifying vehicle. Last year was $500 per qualifying vehicle. No telling what it will be this year, but it's worth the few minutes it takes to apply if you live in the SDG&E service area and own a qualifying vehicle.

sbeggs | 2019年3月1日

Thanks, @stevenmaifert!

michellerowe | 2019年7月1日

Just got word from SDG&E that the credit is $850 this year!

sbeggs | 2019年7月2日

I applied several months ago, received a confirmation number, but no credit yet. When do you expect it to be applied?

rxlawdude | 2019年7月2日

Unfortunately, they get that money back in your rates, the highest on the continental 48!

JustSaying | 2019年7月2日

Also this is the last year for the rebate.

stevenmaifert | 2019年7月3日

Last year, the bill credit was applied to my June statement received the first week of July. The 2019 credit hasn't hit yet but should soon. If you have online account access, keep checking daily. It will show up in your Current Balance.

stevenmaifert | 2019年7月13日

It hasn't hit my account yet, but the SDG&E Website confirms the 2019 EVCC is indeed $850.

"How much is the credit?

Each year, the amount varies based on the number of EVCC participants. In 2017, 7,000 customers received a $200 SDG&E bill credit, and 13,500 customers received a $500 bill credit in 2018. 2019 EVCC participants will receive $850. 2019 is the final year this credit is available."

rxlawdude | 2019年7月14日

I'm sorry, but I have to crack up (and thank the stars I no longer live in SDGEland) at people being happy to get $850 back, but pay twice as much as other IOUs in California.

(IOU = Investor Owned Utilities)

nothotpocket | 2019年7月14日

@rxlawdude Not sure if you wanted an answer, but here goes -

A lot of us San Diego Tesla owners have solar, pay a quite reasonable rate for off-peak charging, and are pleased that 45% of the energy generated for SDG&E comes from renewable sources. Because of the mild weather, monthly utilities aren't really that high for many of us. The $850 credit will cover my bills for a long time to come.

rxlawdude | 2019年7月15日

@nothot, yes, with solar it is much cheaper. That notwithstanding, the cheapest per kWh super off peak SDGE rate is $.19 (peak on that plan is $.57!!!!) (TOU-DR1). With no high usage penalty (TOU-DR2) super off peak is $.23/kWh (no "super off peak offered).

Yikes! And remember that the peak rates have been gerrymandered into the waning hours of solar intensity. I do see an EV-TOU-5 plan that in offers a super off peak rate of $.09, but in summer peak is $.53, and off peak $.29. You'd have to have a pretty big solar array to cover enough credit to overcome those rates.

You can compare those with SCE or PG&E for yourself. Point is, a bigger rebate doesn't equate to money in the pocket if rates are unreasonably high, as SDGE is wont to do.

nothotpocket | 2019年7月15日

@rxlawdude Indeed your numbers are correct. But those high rates are flowing off your panels into your account during the day and trickling out at night while charging your car at a cheap rate (just switched to that TOU-5 recently). For example, we have a fair sized tract home with two EVs and a smaller panel setup (3.45 kW). This ends up using a little over 200 kWh of SDG&E energy per month and our bill averages under $40.

Those EV owners who drive a lot and don't have solar are singing a different tune, I'm sure. Though gas prices are none too cheap down here either :-)

stevenmaifert | 2019年7月17日

Agree, SDG&E are thieves when it comes to their rates in general, but for a service fee of $16/mo they offer an EV-TOU 5 plan to charge your car overnight for as little as 9¢ kW/h from midnight to 6 a.m. That's not a bad deal for folks who do most of their charging at home. Over the three years of the SDG&E EVCC program, my electric bill has been credited a total $3100 for my two EVs. I'm happy.

rxlawdude | 2019年7月17日

@stevenmaifert, SDGE is the only utility to have a mere 6 hour super off peak rate. It's not unheard of for our cars to take longer than that window to charge.

SONGS really caused SDGE to screw the pooch. And the consumer.

sbeggs | 2019年7月17日

Always appreciated your letting us know when to apply for the credit these past few years. Thank you!

dahn2000 | 2019年7月24日

Has anyone seen the credit on their account yet? I keep checking everyday and nothing so far

stevenmaifert | 2019年7月29日

Hi all. The 2019 bill credit hit my SDG&E account this morning. Check yours!

Xerogas | 2019年7月29日

@dahn2000: "Has anyone seen the credit on their account yet? I keep checking everyday and nothing so far"
I got an email today telling me the rebate will come in a couple months.

stevenmaifert | 2019年7月30日

@Xerogas - I got the same email, but when I checked my account yesterday morning, the credit was showing. If you have online access to your SDG&E account, see if it's already there.